Plus-minus POP Design: 10+ Ideas to Jazz up Your Home Interior in 2024


For an extended period, POP design was predominantly employed in office spaces, shops, and commercial establishments, with its usage limited to such environments. However, contemporary POP design ideas have successfully shattered this stereotype. Presently, POP finds its primary application in the realm of home design and decor. In this discussion, we will explore intriguing new ideas for modern POP plus-minus designs to enhance the aesthetics of your home walls and ceilings.

New Modern POP Plus Minus Design Ideas 2024

Learn below about some new modern POP plus minus design ideas for your home:

1. A Film Roll New Modern POP Plus Minus Design

POP design

Creating a serene ambiance in your lounge is essential for relaxation, especially during activities like reading books or watching movies. A film roll POP design on the lounge area's ceiling would be an ideal choice. This design not only adds a stylish touch but also signifies your passion for films in a unique and fashionable manner.

2. Brick Wall New Modern POP Plus Minus Design

POP design

Achieving a rustic touch in your contemporary home becomes effortless with the application of this modern POP plus-minus design. A brick wall, featuring a textured surface crafted with POP, effortlessly captures the attention of your visitors. Integrate this design into your living room wall to impart a splendid and captivating look.

3. A Yin and Yang New Modern POP Plus Minus Design

POP design

Ensuring a modern home embraces global aesthetics is essential. The Yin and Yang POP design can exude extraordinary beauty on your living room ceiling. We recommend adopting a monochromatic look to preserve the symbol's inherent beauty.

4. Guitar New Modern Pop Plus Minus Design

POP design

With POP design, the realm of possibilities expands limitlessly. For those with a musical inclination or a passion for music, consider adorning your bedroom ceiling with a guitar-inspired POP design. Incorporate a ceiling fan within the guitar's hollow to create a modern and statement-worthy overall appearance.

5. Floral New Modern POP Plus Minus Design

POP design

Undoubtedly, a wall adorned with a floral POP design exudes luxury. Elevate the modern aesthetic by incorporating pastel colors on the ceiling. This POP design will impart a luxuriously modern look to the walls of your apartment.

6. Simple Layout New Modern POP Plus Minus Design

POP design

If your room is already well-decorated, incorporating an excessive POP design on the ceiling is not recommended. Instead, opting for a simple POP design layout can assist in toning down and balancing the overall beauty of your room decor.

7. Rectangular New Modern POP Plus Minus Design

POP design

The pop design featuring rectangular blocks is an excellent option for compact spaces. Creating a rectangle along the border of your room with pop not only adds a stylish touch but also imparts a sense of spaciousness to the room.

8. New Modern POP Plus Minus Design 8: A swirl on your modern ceiling

POP design

An extravagant addition to a modern ceiling is the swirl POP design, especially striking when colored in white or off-white tones. For a vibrant appearance, opt for colorful lighting instead of using vibrant paints.

9. Om New Modern POP Plus Minus Design for Puja Room

POP design

When decorating your home, ensure not to overlook the puja room. A divine POP design featuring an Om on the wall behind your idol placement adds a spiritual touch. This design will not only impress you but also garner approval from your Vastu expert.

10. Tray New Modern POP Plus Minus Design for Living Room

POP design

For a medium or large living room, a tray POP design stands out as an excellent choice. Elevate the luxurious ambiance of your home by incorporating an extravagant chandelier onto the central layer of the POP tray ceiling.

11. New Modern POP Plus Minus Design 11: Tropical leaves on boho interior

POP design

Initiate a tropical leaf POP design from the top of the wall, extending it gracefully towards the center of the ceiling. Paint this design with a boho tropical green color for added flair. Replicate the same design on opposing walls or extend it from one ceiling corner to another. Any of these options will impart a chic and stylish look to your room.

12. New Modern POP Plus Minus Design 12: Murals on the corner for luxurious ceiling

POP design

Achieving a luxurious ambiance is attainable by styling your ceiling akin to a palace. Enhance the grandeur by incorporating murals in each corner, complemented by straight lines. This timeless design, though rooted in antiquity, reigns supreme among the new modern POP plus-minus designs, ensuring your home exudes a stunning aesthetic.

Benefits of POP Plus Minus Design 

Here are some of the benefits of POP design for home. This will also help you decide whether you should get a POP design in your home or  not:

  • Plaster of Paris has a low thermal conductivity

  • It is highly durable and light in weight

  • Fire-resistant in nature, it is an excellent heat-insulating material

  • Plaster of Paris can easily be moulded into any shape

  • It neither develops cracks nor shrinks while heating or settling

  • It gives a fine, decorative interior finish

  • It forms a thick surface and, thus, can resist usual knocks after drying

Summing Up: New Modern POP Plus Minus Design Ideas

These 12 contemporary POP plus-minus design ideas are tailored for your home. We trust that these innovative POP designs are suitable for your ceilings. Whether you opt for a modern and sophisticated POP design or a more traditional one, customization is key to aligning it with your preferences. Feel at liberty to experiment and acquire an impressive POP design for your bedroom. Additionally, ensure the utilization of the finest materials for crafting a POP design in your home to enhance durability and achieve a timeless finish.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Plus-minus POP is also called gypsum plaster, and it is a highly versatile design. You can customise the modern POP plus minus design for any space in your home and can create the perfect layout for it.

Ans 2. The full form of POP is Plaster of Paris.

Ans 3. POP is a highly durable material and can stay for many years. You can mould it in any design, unlike gypsum boards. In addition, POP is cheaper than gypsum boards.

Ans 4. POP designs cannot be used in a location with a humid climate since they are not ideal for moist situations.

Ans 5. Gypsum ceilings made from high-quality POP stay for over two decades if maintained under nomal conditions. However, if the ceiling is kept under harsh conditions like continuous water leakage, its life decreases.

Ans 6. False Ceiling Cost for 10x10 room PVC false ceilings are very affordable, and their average cost for a 10x10 room is Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000. POP ceilings are more expensive than most materials and can cost up to Rs 15,000 for a 10x10 room.

Ans 7. Gypsum False Ceiling Design Gypsum False Ceiling Design Cost The cheapest material in the market, gypsum is readily available and is ideal for creating an illusion of an airy vibe. Made from calcium, these false ceilings are made in the form of boards that are light weighted and hung from iron or wooden frameworks.