Mandir for home: 7 best Temple designs for your living room


If you're looking mandir for home that can fit into any living room, then you've come to the right place. From complex jaali designs to modern chucks designed to fit compact spaces, we have it all. Whether you like simple or ornate divine corners, your living room can easily accommodate them. Take a look at these great ideas!

# 1: Mandir for home with Jaali

Jaali design imgs source: livespace Do you like the idea of ​​having jaali panels for your pooja unit? So this idea is perfect for you. Although this design fits perfectly in any living room, it is ideal for people with a wood finish TV stand. Since the trellis is best seen in laminate or wood, this unit of white wooden temple has a high aesthetic value. The drawers can also be used to store the pooja samagri .

# 2: Wooden design mandir for home

Mandir", "temple", "alter', "hindu alter", "Custom built Wood ... If you have an area in your empty living room, it's time to use that space. Arrange a compact mandir unit with beautiful wooden work and a traditional feel. Make sure you have a soft focusing light inside that lights up every corner. It will look tremendous.

# 3: Mandir for home modern design

Clean and neutral mandir img source: homify So you have a modern living room with Scandinavian design and elegant furniture, do you think that a pooja unit might not be suitable here? Well think again! You can transform a wall niche into a mandir, with a base unit and pretty lights like this. Be sure to stick to the clean lines and choose from neutral colors according to the aesthetics of modern design.

# 4: Wall mounted temple for home

Brown Wall Mounted Wooden Temple, for Home, Rs 10000 /unit M.K. ... img source: indiamart Most of the time, we all have at least one wall in the living room that is not in use. It is your best bet to place your divinity. Take a look at this wonderful design that has a simple, low base unit with drawers and bells that add sparkle to this are of this house.

# 5: Mandir Designs for Hall

Pooja Room Designs in Hall Great designs img source: homemakeover A pooja room inside the living room, someone? If you have a separate section in your living room that you can turn into a mandir then you're in luck. A beautiful pooja unit with matching dividers is perfect for this configuration. This will give you the feeling of having a partial pooja room while having an open design.

# 6: Mandir design for small homes

mandir for smal homes img source: urbanclap You can use the corners of a living room to arrange a pooja space. Here is a beautiful way to decorate this space by having a small temple in your house. Make sure to highlight this area with focus lights and beautiful bells. You will soon receive distinctions from friends and family for this.

# 7: Mandir design with door

How to Ace-Up Mandir Design And Pooja Rooms – Design&Lifestyle_Blog The pooja corner of your living room doesn't have to be open at all times. It's a wonderful idea for anyone who likes to have an elaborate pooja room. You can add colored glass doors as well as a wooden door with bells to close it. Also read: Vastu for Bedroom: Tips to increase positive energy in home