Boost Positive Energy at Home with this 12 Tips on Vastu Construction


Positivity is a great source of motivation and one can simple make like changing decision once that are in the right atmosphere. It is important for any man for that matter should in a positive mind set at all time. So this positivity will make sure there are no mistakes done due to anger or regret of any negative feelings or effects. As we all know of the phrase “good things start at home” one has to keep his place especially their home in a positive vibe. This will help them to carry forward that positivity to what so ever places they might go.

Here are few tips on making sure that positivity is filled in you homes at all time:

  • Sun light: it is important that sun light fills your home as much as it can. As well all know that sunlight in filled with vitamin D. what this does is that it helps reduce the stress in a person. Once the stress built up is reduced it by default clears the minds of the person and makes them calm and composed.
  • Sun light is also rich in UV rays that help kills most of the germs so the chance of illness is reduced in the house. Where there is no illness there no sadness and sadness is missing there will be more positivity.
  • Nature: make sure that nature becomes a part of your home. Try your at most to make sure nature is part of the family in your home. If you have any open area plant more trees, take good care of them and grow them with you. Place a bird feeder in that area it brings in birds. Birds and plants are one good way to bring nature in to your home.
  • De-clutter: keeping tidy is one of the best train a man can have. Keeping their place is even more precious. What it does is that it makes you forget how dirty those places used to be and how good it looks like once it has been properly cleaned. This visual treat is sure to put a smile on your face and everyone who sees it. When there is smile there will be no room for negativity. This means the positivity of the house is at its best.
  • Colors: make sure that the rooms are painted according to your likings. It is important that the one who lives there should be comfortable and happy seen the color they like surrounding them at all time. This lightens up the mood of the people in the room. If possible there are colors that have been scientifically proven to be helpful in bringing peace to the mind and calm your minds. Make sure you take a look at them when choose the color for the room of you house.
  • Constant repainting: This may seem like such a silly thing to do to bring positivity to the house. But, this has proven to be effect too many a times. Humans are always fond of new things and that puts a glow on their faces. Just so repainting the house every few years will bring back the glow in that house that was takes away by time. This new feeling of glow makes you believe that they are always new beginnings. The thought of having something new will increase you happiness and well as positivity of the house.
  • Lighting: lighting is the most important if you are going for the theme of positivity in your house. A dark room is gives the mind a dull effect. This will in turn reflect on the behavioral and mood swing of the people of the house. Lighten up the room makes sure the room is as bright as possible at all time. Add more lights if needed. After all being happy and staying positive more important at the end of the day. Not just that, dark rooms are where germs grow a lot, so by increasing the lighting of the room you improves the health standard of the living. So, it is a win – win situation at all ends.
  • Open doors and windows: it is important that the doors and windows of the house are kept open as much as possible. This brings in a lot of good value in the minds of the living in the room. The fresh air that comes in through these doors and windows brings in positivity along with them. The fresh air reduces anxiety and helps reduce blood pressure so there are some health benefits as well. Open arms are always a good sign of moving forward and so are open doors and winds that help boost the positivity of the house.
  • Decorate your house with plants and flowers: we all love to live in a meadow of colorful plants that blooms the best flowers in the world. Just the thought about this would bring in joy to one’s face. So, decorate your house with as many natural plants and flowers as possible. The sight of flowers and lush green plants will brighten the minds and make them fresh as they are. This may seem like a little bit of work but the result is worth it.
  • Art works: every person is interested in one form of art or the other. Pick something of your choice and make sure they are placed at the right places at your house like places where you would look at the most. When a place where you spend most of your time is filled with your favorite art works it helps make you feel better. We all like to look at things that amaze us. This will make sure that we are happy and at the moment at all time.
  • Scents: through many studies it has proven that aroma has the power to make a person happy. It brings in joy to the people of the house. Filling the room with a light tinge of your favorite smell will help make you feel happy of comfort you when you are feeling a bit low. Home is always comfort when that home has a scent you prefer that is heaven. A positive home is what makes you feel heaven after a hard day’s work

All these are ways that one can use to help boost the positivity in the house as well as for them. There are a lot more ways to make you house have a more positive vibe. But, at the end of the day it is all in the heart.