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Designing a shop according to Vastu Shastra principles can bring success and prosperity to retail businesses. Vastu offers specific guidelines for the shop's layout, entrance, exteriors, and space arrangement to attract more customers and profits while ensuring peace of mind for the owners. Here are a few tips for setting up the interiors of a shop as per Vastu for shop.

Vastu for shop shape and size

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal shape for a shop, whether it’s a boutique, emporium, departmental store, or showroom, is square or rectangular. The length of the shop should be no more than two to two and a half times its width. For instance, if a shop is 20 feet wide, its length can be up to 50 feet. Irregular shapes are acceptable as long as the northeast or southwest corners are extended. These guidelines ensure optimal Vastu for shop design.

Best direction for shop as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra principles for shop entrances, different types of shops are recommended to face specific directions:

  • For stationery shops, facing west is ideal, as it symbolizes fulfillment and gains, contributing to increased profitability. 
  • For grocery shops, the best direction according to Vastu principles is northeast, though east or north are also good alternatives. 
  • Furniture shops should face south to bring fame and recognition to the brand, attracting loyal customers. 
  • For clothes shops, the ideal direction is southeast, with the entrance preferably facing south or southeast, especially for high-quality and luxurious brands.
Vastu for shop entrance

According to Vastu for shop, it's recommended that the entrance of a shop should face east, north, or northeast to attract more customers. It's important that the entrance remains open and unobstructed by poles, trees, or merchandise stands. Also, ensure that the front of the shop doesn't face any open drain. Unlike in homes, the main entrance door of a shop should not have a threshold, as this can block positive energy from entering. Additionally, avoid facing the slope of the shop towards the main entrance, as it can drain out profits.

If a shop’s entrance is in a direction not compliant with Vastu, then follow these remedies:

  • According to Vastu, for a north-facing shop, the main door should be located at the northeast corner of the north side, extending up to the center of the north side. This positioning is auspicious for prosperity, as Kuber, the God of wealth, governs the north direction.
  • For an east-facing shop, the main door should be placed at the northeast corner of the east side, extending up to the center of the east side.
  • In the case of a south-facing shop, the main door can be situated at the southeast corner on the south side. Additionally, a platform may be constructed at the southwest side, with entrance steps facing the southeast-south direction.
  • For a west-facing shop, the main door should be positioned at the northwest, extending up to the center of the west side from the north, according to Vastu principles.

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Shop Vastu: Which direction is best for cash counter in shop?

According to Vastu for shop, the cash counter suggests placing the cash box (aapana vedika) in either the north or southwest direction. If the cash counter is in the southwest, then the shop's entrance should be in the northern direction. It's advisable to never keep the cash box empty; always ensure there are some loose coins or currency notes inside. Additionally, position the cash box so that it's not visible from areas like the washroom, storeroom, main gate, or staircase.

Vastu for shop counters

According to Vastu for shop, the counter should have a square, rectangular, or angular shape, as a circular counter may lead to wealth loss. For prosperity, it's recommended to place the counter in the southeast or southwest direction. It's important to always keep the shop counter neat and clean to maintain positive energy flow.

Shop Vastu: Tips for placing mirrors

Place mirrors in a shop so that they reflect the positive aspects of the Vastu. Place them in front of cash drawers to amplify and attract cash inflow. One can also keep a mirror inside the locker to reflect the cash kept inside. Clean the mirrors regularly and keep them stain-free. Place the mirrors in a water-element zone like north, northeast, or west. Do not place mirrors in the south and southeast zone as these directions are associated with fire.

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Shop Vastu for stairs

According to Vastu for shop, in multi-storied shops, it's recommended to construct staircases in the south or southwest direction. Avoid building staircases in the center of the shop, as it may lead to financial losses. For west-facing shops, place stairs towards the northwest, while for north-facing shops, steps should be towards the northeast. In south-facing shops, steps should be towards the southeast. Staircases should be painted in subtle colors, avoiding blacks and reds. Vastu for internal staircases suggests that steps should be in odd numbers and should allow the person climbing them to move from north to south or from east to west. Circular steps should be avoided as they are considered negative according to Vastu principles.

Vastu for shop colours

According to Vastu for shop, it's advisable to paint shops in soothing, light colors. The ceiling should be lighter than the walls. Avoid brown, black, or dark blue colors entirely, as they are considered inauspicious. Opt for white, off-white, or silver-white in the north, east, and northeast directions to aid in maintaining financial stability. Walls in the south should be painted with dull red or earthy brown colors, while shades of green can be used on the southwest walls.


Shop Vastu: Tips for mandir

In terms of Vastu for shop, the most suitable direction for a small temple is in the northeast corner, or alternatively, east or north. The west direction is also considered good and can lead to higher profits. It's recommended to include auspicious symbols like a swastika, shubh-laabh, and riddhi-siddhi in the shop. Avoid placing idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to the right of the northeast direction. It's advisable to perform prayers in the morning, light a diya, and burn incense sticks to enhance positive energies in the shop.

Shop Vastu for heavy furniture and showcases

According to Vastu Shastra, the apt direction to keep showcases and heavy furniture is southwest direction. It is auspicious for prosperity in business. Even weighing machines, lathe machines, and stocks should be kept in the south, west or southwest. Keeping heavy furniture or showcases in the northeast direction can cause business loss. South, west, and southwest directions are best suited for storage.

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Vastu for Shop - Seating of The Owner

To harness favorable business opportunities and encourage growth, the shop owner should position themselves inside the shop facing east or north. Avoiding seating arrangements facing south or west is crucial as they may lead to business challenges. 

Additionally, it's recommended that the cashier's station be situated in the southeast direction for optimal financial flow and stability.

Vastu For Shop - Use the Right Colours

Vastu Shastra recommends using soothing and light colors for shops or showrooms. It's advised to keep the ceiling lighter than the walls to create a harmonious atmosphere. Avoid dark shades like brown, dark blue, or black as they are considered inauspicious. Instead, opt for colors such as white, off-white, or silver white, particularly in the east, northeast, and southwest directions of the shop. These Vastu-approved colors contribute to maintaining financial stability.

Vastu for Shop - Gomukhi or Singh-Mukhi 

According to Vastu principles for shops, a Singh-Mukhi layout is considered auspicious. In this layout, the entrance of the shop should be wide and spacious, while the back area is narrower. Conversely, a Goumukhi layout has a smaller entrance width and widens towards the back. For optimal Vastu compliance, it's recommended that the shop faces north, especially if it deals with fashion items like textiles or garments.

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Shop Vastu for lightweight objects

In order to optimise the layout of your store and enhance sales, consider the following placement guidelines:

  • For grocery stores, arrange daily use small items towards the North or East direction to attract positive energy and enhance sales.
  • To further stimulate sales, position regular items in the northwestern part of the store, which is believed to influence customer purchasing behavior positively.
  • Medical shops should place Ayurvedic medicines in the North and East directions to promote positive energy flow and support the efficacy of these traditional remedies.
  • For Allopathic medicines and medical equipment, favor the southern direction, believed to enhance their effectiveness and ensure optimal functionality.
Important Vastu tips for shop
  • Place electronics in the southeast corner to boost sales.
  • Position mannequins in the northwest or north direction.
  • Ensure the shop signboard is well-maintained, properly illuminated, and securely fixed.
  • The main door should open quietly and all doors should open inward to preserve positive energy.
  • Use the northwest direction for promotional displays and announcements.
  • Locate electricity meters and air conditioners in the southeast.
  • Ensure smooth functioning of shutters with regular lubrication.
  • Maintain warm and inviting lighting throughout the store, avoiding dark corners.
  • Avoid creating lofts or attics in the north or east walls.
  • Place plants outside the shop in the east or north direction.
  • Keep the northeast clutter-free or add a fountain for positivity.
  • Orient salesmen to face east or north, and customers to face west or south.
  • Position bathrooms in the northwest or west.
  • Keep the shop centre free of obstacles.
  • Maintain cleanliness and attractive design to draw customers.
  • For jewellery shops, place safes on the south or west wall, opening towards the north or east.
  • Place customer sofas in the north or east for boutiques or jewellery shops.
  • Arrange trial rooms on the western side for garment shops.
  • Opt for marble or wooden flooring instead of granite.
  • Soft background music can enhance the shopping experience.
  • Placing a lucky bamboo plant in the southeast attracts wealth.

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Vastu tip for different types of shops

Every profession has its unique characteristics, and accordingly, Vastu offers tailored guidance. Here are some Vastu tips designed specifically for different types of shops. If you operate any of these businesses, implementing these tips can lead to improved outcomes.

Vastu for jewellery shop
  • For a jewellery shop, Vastu advises a square or rectangular layout for optimal energy flow.
  • Ensure customers are seated facing east or north, aligning with Vastu principles.
  • Position the jewellery safe on the south or west wall, opening towards the north or east.
  • Display jewellery posters or photographs in the northeast area or wall.
  • Optimal placement for jewellery display windows is in the north or east direction.
Vastu for tailoring shop
  • For a boutique shop, Vastu suggests locating the entrance in the east of the northeast zone, south or southeast zone, west of the northwest zone, or north of the northeast zone, avoiding other directions.
  • Mirrors should be placed on the south or west wall according to Vastu recommendations.
  • The boutique's layout should ideally be square or rectangular.
  • Stitching materials like buttons, thread, canvas, and zips should be stored exclusively in the east direction.
  • Position an almirah for stitched clothes in the east direction.
  • Clothes ready for delivery should be placed in the north of the northwest zone, following Vastu guidelines.
Vastu for retail shop
  • Make sure the shop has ample lighting.
  • Ensure the signboard is well-painted, securely fixed, and clean.
  • The entrance door should open quietly and inwardly.
  • Position plants in the east or north direction as per Vastu guidelines.
  • Maintain cleanliness, organization, and a positive design aesthetic within the shop to attract customers.
Vastu for medical shop
  • Position Ayurvedic medicines in the north and east areas.
  • Ideally, the shop should have a north-facing orientation as per Vastu.
  • Place allopathic medicines and medical equipment towards the south.
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Aligning with Vastu principles when designing shop interiors can greatly boost the success and prosperity of retail businesses. Vastu offers precise instructions for shop layout, entrance, exteriors, and spatial arrangement to attract more customers, boost profits, and ensure peace of mind for owners. From considering the ideal shape and size of the shop to determining the optimal direction for the entrance, cash counter, and placement of furniture, Vastu provides comprehensive guidance for creating a harmonious and prosperous retail environment. By adhering to these Vastu guidelines, shop owners can optimize their space, cultivate positive energies, and ultimately achieve greater success in their business endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. According to Vastu Shastra for the shop, the entrance of a shop should be in the east, north, or northeast direction. This attracts more customers. The entrance should be open, and not be blocked with poles, trees, or merchandise stands. The front of the shop should not face any open drain.

Ans 2. The shop owner should sit inside the shop, and should face the east or the north direction. Sitting in the correct place attracts better business opportunities, and stimulates expansion. The owner should never sit facing the south or the west, as it can cause problems in the business.

Ans 3. According to Vastu, the entrance or the main door should be in the North, as it brings more positivity. The owner's sitting position should be either in the East or North Direction. The entrance should be highly important, as this is the first thing that attracts more business.

Ans 4. Keep replacing them periodically. Pyramid shapes: To remove Vastu dosh successfully from home, get a mini pyramid made of glass, metal, cardboard, or stone. Put it at the entrance to counter negative energies. Wind chimes: They are excellent for boosting positive energies at home.

Ans 5. Regularly add money to it, and establish a routine. This will help attract more money into your life. Place a Copper Swastik in the South East direction of your space. This will remove all obstacles in the cash flow and ensure a good cash-in-hand.

Ans 6. Look for a location that's easy to see and find, with plenty of customer parking in the front. Consider how easily vendors can deliver inventory. For example, if you're opening a furniture store, you need enough space for trucks to park and maneuver furniture through a back entrance.

Ans 7. As per Vastu, north is a very powerful and the best direction for a shop's main entrance. It is also the best direction for the opening of the cashbox counter and the direction in which the shop owner should sit. East is also a very good direction for the business as per Vastu Shastra.