Boost Your Office's Success with These 6 Paintings Approved by Vastu


Picture entering a workspace that not only shows professionalism but also emits positive vibes, promoting productivity and success. In Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, the impact of our environment on our health and happiness is significant. One aspect that is frequently ignored is the influence of art, specifically paintings, on the flow of energy in a workspace. In this investigation, we examine Vastu-compliant paintings and explore how these artistic enhancements can act as effective catalysts for success in your workplace.

Harmony in Communication with ‘Ganesha Symbolism’:

Ganesha ji image vastu tips

Start your path to achieving success in the workplace by incorporating a Vastu-certified painting that promotes harmonious communication. Select a piece of art representing the symbolic meaning of Lord Ganesha, who is known as the obstacle remover. Place it strategically in the central communication hub of your office, promoting a workspace where obstacles are easily surmounted and communication is seamless.

Financial Abundance with ‘Goldfish Wealth’:

Goldfish image vastu tips

To achieve financial success, display a Vastu-certified painting of goldfish. As per Vastu principles, goldfish represent riches and abundance. Position this artwork in your office's financial department or by the entrance to draw in financial abundance. It is thought that the painting's depiction of fish moving gracefully symbolizes a steady stream of wealth and good luck.

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Career Growth through ‘Green Bamboo Harmony’:

Green Bamboo images vastu tips

Foster your career advancement by adding a Vastu-approved painting featuring green bamboo. Symbolizing adaptability and strength, bamboo represents the characteristics required for progressing in one's career. Put this artwork in your work area, specifically in parts related to decision-making and leadership. Allow the green bamboo to act as a visual cue for the resilience needed to maneuver the professional terrain.

Creativity and Innovation with ‘Peacock Feathers’:

Peacock Feathers image vastu tips

Encourage creativity and innovation in your workplace by decorating the walls with a Vastu-approved painting showcasing peacock feathers. Peacock feathers are recognized for their bold colors, representing creativity and artistic expression. Place this artwork in areas specifically designated for brainstorming and generating ideas, promoting a setting conducive to the growth of creative powers.

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Positive Energy with ‘Sunrise Serenity’:

Sunrise image vastu tips

Bring positive energy into your workplace by hanging up a Vastu-approved painting that depicts the peacefulness of a sunrise. Place this artwork in spaces where staff congregate for meetings or work together on projects. The calming ambiance of a sunrise-themed painting can foster positivity and teamwork among team members.

Leadership and Authority with ‘Galloping Horses’:

Galloping Horses image

To foster leadership traits and command in the workplace, think about incorporating a Vastu-endorsed painting showcasing horses in full stride. In Vastu, horses symbolize strength and speed, which are important qualities for successful leadership. Place this artwork in your workspace or meeting area to inspire a feeling of power and foster achievement in your career.


In the complex interplay of Vastu principles and business prosperity, incorporating Vastu-compliant paintings strategically proves to be a powerful asset. Every artistic stroke full of symbolism has the potential to greatly affect the flow of energy in your work area. As you begin the path towards improving your office's success, may these paintings not just decorate your walls, but also imbue your workspace with positive energy, promoting prosperity and health for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Business owners should sit facing the east or north directions. Also, there should be a solid wall behind the seat and not a wooden divider or curtain. Managers, directors and executives should sit in the south-west, south or west corner of the office.

Ans 2. North or East Direction: It's often advised to sit with your back to the east or north. The good energy of the early sun is welcomed by the East, encouraging a new beginning. The north represents expansion and prosperity, which is in line with professional goals.

Ans 3. Answer: According to Vastu, the suitable colour for office spaces varies based on the direction and purpose of each area. Generally, shades like white, light green, and yellow are considered auspicious for fostering productivity and positivity in office environments.

Ans 4. Money Plant: Money plants are highly regarded in Vastu as they are believed to bring financial prosperity. They have heart-shaped leaves and can be placed on the office desk or in the wealth corner of the office.

Ans 5. Lucky Bamboo This is one of the best lucky plants for home and office. It is a harbinger of good luck and fortune. The vibrant green leaves of the lucky bamboo plant make this an excellent addition that will liven up the aura of that space. Feng Shui talks highly about the significance of Lucky Bamboo for good fortune.