9 Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra: Full Details


According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is the powerhouse of positive energy. Nutritious food cooked here disperses that energy to the entire household. When kitchens are built according to the principles of Vastu, this energy sustains the family's health. In this article, we will discuss the best colors for kitchen as per Vastu and their unique significance. 

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Color

Food holds a sacred significance in Hindu culture, and great care is essential in the construction of the kitchen, aligning with Vastu guidelines. Once the construction is complete, it is equally important to choose appropriate colors for the kitchen. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the optimal colors according to Vastu, refer to the information below. Additionally, consulting with a Vastu expert can provide personalized recommendations for your home or kitchen.

Kitchen as per Vastu

Choose the Right Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra 

Choosing the correct Vastu colors for your kitchen can bring about various advantages. Once you understand the orientation of your kitchen and the desired transformation in your life, selecting a color that seamlessly blends with your home becomes a straightforward process.

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Kitchen as per Vastu

List of Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Check out the best colors for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra. You can combine these colors in your kitchen or choose a single shade depending on your taste and preference. 

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Saffron

For individuals embracing optimism and seeking robust relationships, saffron is an excellent option. Ideal for kitchens situated in the east, saffron instills courage and empowers individuals to operate at their maximum capacity.

Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: White

White represents purity and innocence. According to Vastu Shastra, choosing white as the color for your kitchen promotes peace within the entire family. It also contributes to fostering stability and honesty in relationships. Optimal results from painting the kitchen white are achieved when it faces the northwest.

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Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Green

Selecting colors for the kitchen, as per Vastu Shastra, can be difficult. However, you can never go wrong with green. It’s not only a symbol of nature, but it also stands for harmony. Painting your kitchen green can bring out a soothing vibe, allowing you to enjoy the essence of calmness in your life.

Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Pink

Pink symbolizes love, a prevalent emotion in the kitchens of joyful families. If you aim to reinforce the bond with your family, consider painting your kitchen in the color of love. This choice encourages people to come together, fostering shared meals and storytelling during dining experiences.

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Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Brick Orange

Opting for a brick orange color can infuse more energy and stimulation into your life. Painting your kitchen in this shade not only aids in overcoming diverse challenges but also bestows prosperity upon your home. This color is particularly effective for kitchens oriented towards the southeast direction.

Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Brown

As one of the most preferred colors for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra, brown brings warmth and a feeling of contentment to your home. Paint your kitchen brown to create a happy ambience. Brown works well for kitchens facing the northwest direction.

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Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Yellow

Yellow stands out as one of the top Vastu colors for your kitchen, emanating freshness and a joyful ambiance that can uplift anyone's spirits. Incorporating this color into your kitchen promotes happiness in your life. Yellow is especially suitable for kitchens that do not receive direct sunlight.

Kitchen as per Vastu

Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu: Red

According to Vastu principles, the color red is linked to the element of Fire. It is strongly advised to incorporate red and its various shades for your kitchen walls. If your kitchen is situated in the Southeast direction of the house, opting for red-colored walls or its shades can be highly advantageous. Additionally, the red color symbolizes determination and an unwavering attitude in confronting life's challenges.

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Best Colors for the Kitchen as per Vastu: Beige 

Another highly recommended color for the kitchen, according to Vastu Shastra, is beige. It is among the most favored neutral tones for kitchens in Indian households. Vastu suggests that incorporating neutral wall colors in both the kitchen and the home can offer significant advantages to the residents. Beige has gained popularity over the years due to its neutral nature, which simultaneously imparts a warm and inviting atmosphere to the space.

Significance of Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Vastu colors serve dual objectives - first, they channel positive energy in your life, and second, they add elegance and class to your kitchen. Remember to use natural colors over synthetic ones to channel this energy properly.

Kitchen as per Vastu

Kitchen Colour as per Vastu for Platforms 

The platform in the kitchen undergoes wear and tear on a daily basis. Use colours for kitchen platforms that are Vastu compliant and can withstand daily wear and tear. The best colours for kitchen platforms, as per Vastu, are beige or wooden tones. They align with the energy of the kitchen. At the same time, the stones used in the kitchen, as per Vastu, for the platform should be Granite or Quartz. 

Kitchen Colour as Per Vastu for Cabinets

After the platform comes to the Cabinets, based on the theme you are following or the colour combinations you are picking, you must pick the right Vastu-compliant colours. The following are the colours you can pick for your kitchen based on the kitchen's facing direction. 

  • If you have a North Facing kitchen, go for cabinet colours such as blue, green, and brown. However, the blue colour is associated with the element water. Therefore, it is advisable that you should go for lighter shades of blue and green. 
  • For a West-facing kitchen, go for colours such as silver and white. 
  • If your kitchen is in the South and Southeast direction, pick colours such as red, pink, brown, orange, or maroon.

Avoid These Colours for the Kitchen as per Vastu 

Vastu signifies the use of colours and their significance on the energy of the house. While some colours are highly favourable from Vastu's point of view, there are others that you must avoid, as per Vastu. Here is a list of colours that you must avoid for your Kitchen as per Vastu. 

  • Dark Brown 
  • BlackDark
  • Grey Purple
  • Dark Blue 

All the above-mentioned colours are dark colours. According to Vastu, using these colours will make the space look small, cold, uninviting, cluttered, and overwhelming. Also, these colours will make the kitchen space look small and claustrophobic. 

Kitchen Colours as per Vastu for Flooring 

Regarding kitchen flooring, tiles are a popular choice, with ceramic or marble tiles being the most commonly selected options. These materials offer a variety of color choices in the market. However, Vastu encourages the use of warm, cozy, and soothing colors for the kitchen. Therefore, colors like cream, light brown, beige, etc., contribute to enhancing the Vastu of the kitchen.

Summing Up: Best Colors for Kitchen as per Vastu

Having an understanding of the importance of Vastu Shastra for kitchen colors empowers you to make a suitable choice. By selecting a color that complements your kitchen's location and your current circumstances, you can introduce lasting positive vibes. If you have chosen the optimal kitchen colors according to Vastu but are uncertain about the implementation, consider consulting with an interior designer. A professional designer can assist you in navigating the color combination of your preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. White is amongst the most preferred and luckiest colors for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra. It is because white exudes positivity and increases good vibes around your home.

Ans 2. Blue, black, dark grey and purple are not considered good colors for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra. They can affect the positive energies around your kitchen and, more specifically, your home.

Ans 3. Orange, brown, white, yellow and green are amongst the best colors for kitchen as per Vastu Shastra. They bring in a warm and welcoming vibe and are known for stimulating appetite.

Ans 4. Yellow, orange, green and white are the best colors for granite in your kitchen, according to Vastu principles.

Ans 5. Vastu Shastra for kitchen color recommends light colors, such as white, for the kitchen ceiling. It is because white creates balance while darker colors bring bad luck for the homeowners.