Crystal Tree Benefits According to Vastu: Direction and Advantages

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Across diverse cultures, crystal trees are revered for their believed healing attributes, recognized for fostering positive energies. According to Vastu Shastra, these trees are associated with stability, growth, and abundance. Renowned for their distinctive trunks and aesthetic appeal, crystal trees are said to enhance positivity, cultivating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

What is a crystal tree and what crystal tree benefits?

A crystal tree, also referred to as a gemstone tree, is a crafted tree structure adorned with healing crystals or precious stones. These trees have been utilized for centuries due to their spiritual and therapeutic advantages. By positioning a crystal tree in your home or office, it generates an energy field that can harmonize the energies within the environment.

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Crystal Tree: Significance
The crystal tree symbolizes life, representing growth and resilience.

1. Personal development: Placing the crystal tree of life in your meditation or personal space acts as a constant reminder of growth and self-betterment.

2. Meaningful gift: Offering the crystal tree as a gift signifies life's preciousness, conveying wishes of prosperity and wellness to the recipient.

3. Decorative touch: Utilize the crystal tree as a decorative element to elevate the spiritual atmosphere within your home.

crystal tree benefits

History of Crystal Trees

Crystal trees have roots tracing back to ancient times. Across various cultures, trees held sacred significance, symbolizing life and stability, while crystals were esteemed for their healing abilities and energetic qualities. Both Feng Shui and Vastu highlight the significance of seven chakra crystal trees in attaining harmony, abundance, and prosperity.

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Types of Crystal Trees

Crystal trees are available in all shapes and sizes:

  • Wealth tree: A green tree adorned with jade leaves and citrine stones symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Placing it near doorways or entrances attracts wealth and success.
  • Seven chakra crystal tree: This tree serves as an energy balancer, featuring stones representing the body's seven chakras to maintain harmony within energy centers.
  • Rose quartz tree: Symbolizing love and compassion, the rose quartz tree fosters self-esteem, nurturing energy, emotional healing, and healthy relationships.
  • Red jasper tree: With its grounding qualities, the red jasper tree brings balance, stabilizes emotions, and stimulates creativity.
  • Amethyst tree: Renowned for its calming properties, the amethyst tree blocks negative energies and promotes tranquility in a space.
  • Green aventurine tree: Attracting success and prosperity, the green aventurine tree reduces stress when placed in bedrooms or living rooms, facilitating communication among family members.
  • Red carnelian tree: Denoting courage, strength, and protection, the red carnelian tree creates a harmonious environment and enhances focus and goal achievement with its grounding energy.
  • Clear quartz tree: Boosting energy and concentration, the clear quartz tree amplifies the power of other crystals, clears mental fog, and sharpens thoughts.
  • Citrine crystal tree: The citrine crystal tree attracts wealth, prosperity, and success, inviting positive vibes, financial abundance, and new opportunities.
  • Gomti chakra tree: Drawing good luck and fortune, the gomti chakra tree features spiral shells from the Gomti River, symbolizing prosperity, protection, and positive energy.
  • Labradorite crystal tree: Known for its healing properties, the labradorite crystal tree transforms negative energies into positive ones, enhancing psychic abilities and intuition.
  • Evil eye tree: Warding off bad luck and inviting positive energy, the evil eye tree features multiple eyes to repel external negative influences.
  • Black tourmaline tree: Protecting against negative energies and purifying the environment, the black tourmaline tree safeguards against negativity.
Crystal Tree Benefits

Abundance and prosperity: A gemstone crystal tree attracts wealth, prosperity, and new opportunities.

Health and well-being: The crystal tree enhances health and well-being, keeping individuals energetic and focused.

Shield from negative energy: Acting as a barrier to negative influences, the crystal tree fosters a positive and secure environment.

Positive emotions and relationships: A crystal tree cultivates positive emotions like love, happiness, and joy, while also strengthening relationships.

Self-assurance and bravery: By having a crystal tree, individuals gain confidence and courage to confront challenges.

Promotes mental clarity: Symbolizing wisdom, knowledge, and intuition, the tree encourages mental clarity.

Increase inner strength: A crystal tree enhances inner strength, power, and motivation.

Crystal Tree Vastu
  • According to Vastu Shastra, a crystal tree can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office or workstation.
  • One should place the crystal tree on a table, desk or shelf. Make sure there are no obstacles and the tree is visible.
  • A crystal tree can be positioned near windows, doors and mirrors to boost positive vibrations.

When positioned correctly, the crystal tree promotes prosperity and harmonizes the five elements of nature. It's best to place the crystal tree where its healing energy can have the greatest impact. For instance, locating it in the wealth corner (northeast) can draw in finances and abundance. A gemstone tree with energy-purifying properties is ideally situated in the center of the building.

Aquire News Viewpoint

Crystal trees are highly endorsed in Vastu as a solution for dispelling negative energies and fostering positivity and prosperity within the household. They serve as a means to establish harmony and equilibrium and can be strategically positioned in homes or offices to achieve these desired outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. It is said to attract success and prosperity, as well as reduce stress levels when kept in the bedroom or living area. This type of crystal tree also helps open up communication between family members, making it ideal for large households.

Ans 2. Amethyst & Clear Quartz Crystal Tree (Calming & Stress-Relief) ₹999.00. ₹599.00.

Ans 3. The living room, dining room, and office are some of the ideal spots for placing your Feng Shui crystal tree. Placing it near the entrance of your home can also attract positive energy as it enters your space.

Ans 4. Crystal trees, also called gem trees or crystal bonsai, are decorative pieces of gemstones or crystals artfully arranged to resemble miniature trees. These crystals form the 'leaves' of the tree, while the trunk and branches are typically made of a metal wire that is twisted and shaped to create a tree-like structure.

Ans 5. To enhance your health, you should keep it in the East sector of your home or office as the East sector of your home deals with Health, the Tree works best in this sector. If you suffer from nightmares or anxiety, place the gemstone tree by the side of your bed to help you have a good night's sleep.