Things You Need to Know about Noida-based Property


What you need to know about real estate based in Noida

India is experiencing a boom in real estate and an area like Noida is one of the best locations. Noida Sector 150 is an impressive location which is why real estate agents are interested in it. It is an area that is developing faster than usual. Because of this continuous development, connectivity in the region is rapidly improving. The district is connected to the rest of the state via the Greater Noida Expressway. So, let's get into the detailed features of the property in Sector 150 Noida so that you can buy your dream home there.

Noida property features

As per the survey conducted in Noida Sector 150, the average homeownership rate is 5,685 rupees per square foot. However, the price could go up to 13,888 rupees per square foot. The price of the project depends on the type of property with the amenities you buy. Apart from that, the price also varies depending on the brand of the real estate developer. The area is witnessing some exciting projects from some of the top real estate agents in the country.


According to a survey, there are about 1,500 units in the area that are opting for resale. Of all the properties, 50% of the properties are ready to move in. You will find 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments. The properties are included in the Noida 2031 Master Plan. Of all the properties under development, 80% are 600 acres. If you are looking for luxury apartments, you will get great amenities like a garden, jogging area, community room, gym, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and many more. For a luxury resort, approximately 42 acres of land are set aside for gardens and other recreational activities.

Noida Based PropertyStunning Landscape

Sector Noida 150 is located at the confluence of the Hendon and the Yamuna River. Then you can buy an apartment with a river view. Other than that, the lush green landscape is pleasing to the eye.

Social Infrastructure

The social infrastructure is also great. It is indeed an IT hub and the area is surrounded by famous schools and universities. On the other hand, there are many hospitals and clinics nearby.

Connectivity of the Area

Noida Sector 150 is a location with excellent connectivity in every way. The area is connected to the Noida Expressway. The highway connects the area to Greater Noida and Delhi. You can also travel to Faridabad via the surrounding eastern highway. On the other side, you can connect to Ghaziabad and Palwal via highway. The best part about the location is that it has a great metro connection. Therefore, it is clear that if you find a property for sale in the 150th Noida sector, you can definitely consider it. You will be able to enjoy all the above-mentioned functions. You will get the property of your choice because real estate agents develop projects for the regular income category. There are properties of different ranges which is why you can get from luxury apartments to luxury villas for sale. Essential Tips to Buy a Property While you are buying a property in a particular place, you should know the area. Therefore, it is suggested that you do your research before entering into the deal. You should inspect the property to see if the amenities on offer meet your needs. The price of the property depends on several factors and the main factor is the current market situation. Therefore, you should have an idea of ​​the current market price for that particular area. You will get information on the Internet. If you follow the tips, you will get a return on your real estate investment. Also Read - Ancestral Property: All you need to know - Aquireacres