Welcome Positivity With These 8 Easy Vastu for home Secrets

To attract success and fortune into your home, use these vastu for flat tips. From where to put what to how to modify the direction of your flat's dosh. These vastu for flat suggestions will improve the atmosphere in your home. Vastu   The vastu for flat principles may not always be followed when you purchase an apartment in a building. A house might have some bad luck due to site or direction, which could be bad luck for the family living there. What then should one do in this circumstance? Given that vastu has a remedy for every issue of this nature, you could seek the advice of a vastu professional to handle it. However, if you discover that there are only a few tiny vastu problems, you can resolve them on your own. When you build a home as per vastu principles, you invite home good luck and fortune. Therefore, it is important to follow vastu for flat. Read these tips and make sure your flat is vastu compliant.

Assess complete Vastu for flat before buying

In most cases, whenever people come across an apartment having a north facing entrance, they get over excited and jump into buying it. However, seeing the other zones of the flat is also important. So, before you buy a particular property, see whether at least 18 out of the 32 zones matches. Vastu

Keep the north east side open

Always let in air and sunlight enter through the north eastern side of your flat. According to Vastu, the health of all family members will remain unharmed if you have the door facing the north eastern side of the flat. If you do not have this, then make sure you have a window, or even a small hole on that side.


                                                   Let the air and sunlight in from the north east

Keep a coin owl showpiece

In the south eastern corner of your home, place a ‘coin owl showpiece’. Keeping this at home, transforms all negativity into prosperity and positivity. This showpiece with an owl sitting on a heap of coins symbolizes that goddess Laxmi herself is on guard of your wealth.


                                                               A Vastu coin owl attracts wealth

Focus on the entrance

Main door Vastu for flats is an important factor you should consider to make your home flourish. It is a firm belief that your main door of the house should be the largest among the rest of the doors. It brings good luck and positive energy through the main door and always keeps home abundant with wealth.


                                                                        The main door theory

South eastern kitchen Vastu for flat

The best side to cook is the south eastern corner of the home. Cooking while facing any other direction is considered harmful for the health of the chef or the owner of the home. One must face towards the east while cooking to have a healthy life ahead.


                                                                          Cooking corner guide

Add plants on the east

Balconies in the eastern side of the home are considered very lucky according to Vastu. If you have a balcony in the east direction, then place lots of plants on the balcony. As the first ray of sun falls on the plants, it radiates rejuvenation, which is believed to be auspicious for home.


                                                                         Plants have positivity

Mirrors, never opposite to your bed

Mirrors reflect whatever it comes in acquaintance with it. We leave all our stress and unwellness on the bed while sleeping. If you place a mirror opposite to your bed, it will reflect back to you all the negativity you left on the bed. So, never place a mirror facing your bed.


                                                                             The mirror story 

Face the idols toward west

While you are praying, you must always face the east side or the north-east side. Hence, you have to place your idol on the east wall of your puja room and the idols must face the west side. This principle of Vastu for pooja room in flats is very effective to bring affluence in your home and keep the negative eyes away.


                                                                           Tips for the room

Vastu for flat is very important as it can determine the overall well being of everyone residing in the house. If you do not follow that vastu principles while designing your space, you may have a vastu dosh problem.

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