Naksha 15x30 house plan


Naksha 15x30 house plan 2bhk with car parking 2 bedrooms 1 big living hall, kitchen with dining, 2 toilets, etc. 750 sqft best house plan with all dimension details.

15x30 house plan

Let's explore this stunning home. As you approach, you'll notice a spacious two-car garage on the right side, and on the opposite side, there's an additional garage for a third vehicle. You have added security doors leading to the side of the house from the main entrances. In the second garage area, there's an additional steel access door that leads to the auxiliary kitchen space.

Now, let's step inside your beautiful home. The living space welcomes you with high ceilings and large windows that extend to the second level, allowing plenty of natural light to flood in. You'll also find a large sliding door that offers access to the side of the house and features easy-to-operate blinds. Additionally, there's a solid wood door with a Samsung automated lock for added security.

The feature wall in the living space also serves as additional storage with well-designed shoe racks that stretch even higher, maximizing the use of space.

Moving on to the ground level, you'll find a well-thought-out layout. The living area, dining space, kitchen, and a study area that leads to the pool are all seamlessly integrated.

Starting with the dining area, it's brightly lit thanks to the large sliding door that leads to the side of the house. A supporting column provides a subtle division between the dining and main living spaces. A beautiful lighting fixture is suspended over the table area, which can comfortably seat six to eight people.

Now, let's explore your main kitchen.

15 by 50 ka makan ka naksha

Now, let's delve into the details of this space. In the kitchen, you'll find an L-shaped layout with a kitchen island. It's equipped with a marked oven cooktop, and there's also a range hood. The design is well thought out, as this is where your fridge is located. The island countertop is spacious and already has electrical outlets, making it a convenient spot for tasks like blending smoothies, without cords trailing to the sides.

From here, you have easy access to the utility kitchen. This area serves as additional support, offering more storage space and an extra sink for heavy-duty washing. On one side, there's a door leading to the garage area, and you'll find the maid's room with a bathroom adjacent to it. The fact that this service area is covered is a thoughtful touch, as it keeps these areas discreet, unlike some homes where the service areas are exposed outside the main house. 

There's also a room dedicated to housing the pool equipment. 

Moving on from the main kitchen and dining area, there's an additional nook space. The architect behind this house has a keen eye for design, evident in the well-crafted feature wall. It's a great spot for a large widescreen television and serves as an additional entertainment area. It opens up to a lovely lanai and porch area with a beautiful pool. 

This private family recreation space is perfect for gatherings. You can set up tables and chairs and enjoy the lounge plunge pool, which has a depth of about four to four and a half feet. 

There's also a relaxing cabana space with water-resistant furniture and a ceiling fan. You can set up a table for serving drinks or even an extra sofa for lounging. Imagine sitting here and unwinding while enjoying a great view of your pool in the afternoon. 

Additionally, there's a sophisticated shower space right next to the cabana, ideal for freshening up after a swim. 

One exciting design idea is to add a waterfall feature here in the future, which would further enhance the space. You may also consider trimming the plants to create a more spacious look.

Now, let's proceed to the main bedroom of the house from the pool area.

Naksha 15 50 house plan 2bhk

The main level of this house serves as an additional living space, offering discrete access through a sliding door to the pool area. This spacious area is designed to accommodate a large bed and additional furniture, including a widescreen television, making it a versatile space for relaxation. There's also a feature wall with pin lights and built-in cabinetry. The room has an en-suite bathroom with elegant tiles and a glass-enclosed shower enclosure.

Moving on from the main bedroom, there's a powder room for guests and extra storage space under the stairs. Now, let's head up to the second level, where you'll find three bedrooms. 

Before we explore the bedrooms, there's a unique space you can use for storage. This recently expanded area allows you to add extra shelves and create additional storage space.

On the second level, you have a vantage point overlooking the living space below. This is ideal for those times when you want to welcome guests as they arrive. Additionally, you have access to a spacious balcony from this area, which is perfect for gatherings and doesn't require guests to pass through the bedrooms. 

Now, let's explore the three bedrooms on this level, starting with the main bedroom. The main bedroom is equipped with a split-type air conditioning unit. It features a well-designed feature wall where you can place your TV and offers a fantastic view of the pool area.

15×50 house plan 2bhk

15×50 house plan

Additionally, you have a vantage point overlooking the cabana area. Now, let's explore the master walk-in closet and bathroom. The closet features sliding doors with ample storage space and includes a full-length mirror. The bathroom is equipped with a glass-enclosed shower stall. 

Heading upstairs, you'll notice a security camera that provides communication with the main floor. Here, we have the third bedroom. This room faces the east side of the property, offering a great view of the pool. It also boasts a beautiful feature wall with textured wallpaper, adding character to the space. Integrated into the wall are functional cabinets for storage, and you have your own ensuite bathroom.

Now, let's move on to the fourth bedroom. This room is located on the opposite side of the property, and it benefits from a cool, shaded environment with no direct sunlight. It features windows that provide both ventilation and natural lighting. The room's highlight is the elegant interior design installation with a suspended bay lighting design, and it already has an air conditioning unit in place. Wiring is also provided for your choice of lighting fixtures. There's additional storage space in this room. 

The bathroom in this room features a unique design with white and green tiles that complement each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. 15x30 House Design | 15x30 House plan | 450 sq ft House Design | 15*30 House Plan | 15 by 30 House.

Ans 2. Surface Area = 15 ft. x 30 ft = 450 sq. ft.

Ans 3. The length and breadth of the land is measured at first and the results are multiplied. The product of the length and breadth of the land is the area of the land.

Ans 4. 450 square. feet Multistoried 15X30 House Plan A space totalling 450 square. feet does have constraints when it comes to designing a comfortable living space. You can add floors to your design if you have a small plot and want to build a bigger house.

Ans 5. In Nigeria, a standard plot of land is 60ft x 120ft, which is equivalent to 18.288 meters by 36.576 meters or 669.79 square meters. However, there are variations in the size of plots in different parts of Nigeria. Square meters: Square meters are the metric unit of measurement used to measure land in Nigeria