Granite Stone- Types, Cost, & Uses in Home Interior


When it comes to choosing materials for residential and commercial structures around the world, granite is a tough and popular option. Granite stones have distinctive designs that are entirely natural, which adds to their appeal.

Do you know how granite forms in the natural world? Granite is a rock that forms from the combination of two substances, quartz and feldspar, beneath the earth's surface. The way these two materials are joined and combined determines the distinctive designs and colors.

Granite is utilized both indoors and outside when it comes to constructing construction because of its durability and resistance to scratches. Additionally, granite is a really beautiful stone to look at. When finished and polished, it looks wonderful and complements the majority of interior designs beautifully.

Depending on the quality, grains, and durability of the stone, the price range ranges from INR 60 per square foot to INR 2000 per square foot.

Types of Granite Stone with Uses & Price

You have access to a wide variety of investments. To help you make an informed choice, we cover the various varieties on the market, along with their features and prices, in this article.

  1. Black Granite Stone

Right now, black granite is very popular in the Indian market. This is due to the fact that black complements the majority of other interior decor choices and is a very adaptable color.

Black granite makes sense because it doesn't readily show stains or dust, which is another reason why people use this variety of granite for both commercial and domestic purposes. There are several subtypes available. It is sturdy and remarkably resistant to fluctuations in the weather.

Some variations are:

  • Telephone black
  • Pearl black
  • Rajasthan black
  • K black
  • Kosh black
  • Coin black

Uses: Kitchen islands, countertops, bathrooms, floors, wall coverings, fireplaces, patios, backsplashes, etc.

Price range – The price ranges between INR 90 and INR 500 per sq. ft.

  1. White Granite Stone

For their homes, many homebuilders and homeowners chose this as one of the most popular styles. White is a timeless color that can amplify the appearance of a room.

For countertops in kitchens and baths, white granite is frequently used. It is simple to maintain and aids in keeping the surfaces clean.

The different types are:

  • Pearl white
  • Colonial white
  • Aster white
  • Alaska white
  • Cera grey
  • Sahara white

Uses: Kitchen counters, floors, stairs, backsplashes, tabletops, etc.

Price range – The price ranges between INR 70 and INR 900 per sq. ft.

  1. Brown Granite Stone

Some people choose hardwood furniture and home furnishings because they enjoy having brown tones in their houses. Brown granite is the ideal option for them.

The very subtle brown granite style is suited for outdoor and highly-lit environments. Additionally, it works well for backsplash areas. Surfaces made of brown granite can be easily cleaned and maintained. This option could give the impression that your area is smaller. Decide on the remaining wall colors in that light.

There are various subtypes of this variation, just like there are for white and black. Following are a few of them.

  • Tan brown
  • Icon brown
  • Cherry brown
  • Brazil brown
  • Baltic brown

Uses: Kitchen countertops, window sills, vanity tops in bathrooms, exterior & interior flooring, worktops, etc.

Price range - The price ranges between INR 150 and INR 550 per sq. ft.

  1. Green Granite Stone

Although this variation is less common than the others, it can nonetheless look really lovely when applied properly.

Darker emerald and bottle green tones look excellent as granite flooring or kitchen counter surfaces, while very bright green may not be the ideal choice.

Using green granite as a backsplash material in kitchens is also extremely appealing.

The following common versions are offered on the Indian market:

  • Kuppam green
  • Pista green
  • Green pearl

Uses: Kitchen countertops, flooring, tabletops, cabinet tops, window/door frames, wall cladding, etc.

Price range – The price ranges between INR 130 and INR 550 per sq. ft. The more complex the pattern is, the more expensive this would be.

  1. Grey Granite Stone

This variation is among the most widely used styles. This is also frequently used for bathroom and kitchen design. Designs with light grey floors appear quite lovely and can help expand the area. The smart blending of white and black patterns in grey also helps to hide dust and stains.

Types available in the Indian market are:

  • Alaska grey
  • Bordeaux grey
  • Irish grey
  • Milano grey
  • Adhunik grey

Uses: Flooring, kitchen countertops, wall cladding, decks, patios, tabletops, backsplashes, etc.

Price range – The price is quite affordable and ranges between INR 80 and INR 250 per sq. ft.

  1. Red Granite Stone

Red granite is a rich, striking color that looks best when the rest of your home's interior decor is restrained and subdued. Despite being referred to as red, granite also occurs in significantly darker colors of maroon, brick red, and brown.

Due to its exceptional durability, the red variation is also utilized for outdoor seats and kitchen surfaces. This is also a terrific color choice if you want to have a granite display wall as part of your interior design.

Some variations are:

  • Imperial red
  • Lakha red
  • Ruby red
  • Alaska red
  • Mungeria red

Uses: Feature walls, vanity tops, kitchen islands and countertops, floors, window sills, bathroom tiling, exterior & interior wall cladding, etc.

Price range – The price ranges from INR 80 to INR 300 per sq. ft.

  1. Gold Granite Stone

Gold is such a luxurious color to use in residential and business structures. Gold interiors are popular because they add to the luxurious atmosphere and give the spaces a beautiful finish.

A room with black granite can instantly become more cheery.

Brown, grey, or red grains are frequently found in gold granite. There are various types dependent on the color and finish. Among them are:

  • Ivory gold
  • Sivakasi gold
  • Malwa gold
  • Colonial gold

Uses: Backsplashes, patios, walls, kitchen & bathroom countertops, tabletops, etc.

Price range – The price ranges from INR 70 to INR 900 per square foot. Understandably, the more sophisticated the grains and colours are, the more expensive the blocks would be.

  1. Luxury Granite Stone

In other words, premium granite is referred to as luxury granite. As the name implies, these granite blocks are of a higher caliber and are consequently more expensive than granite patterns from the commercial category.

Commercial range designs have more consistent grain patterns and fewer color variances. You can enjoy premium colors found nowhere else and incredibly distinct and well-formed grain patterns with luxury granite designs.

The following are a some of the most popular luxury designs in the Indian market:

  • Green pearl
  • Imperial gold
  • Blue pearl
  • Volga black
  • Volga blue

Price range – The price of this variant starts from INR 200/sq. ft. and can go up to INR 2000 per sq. ft. The price you pay is for the unique grains, colour, and finish of these granite blocks.

Conclusion to Granite Stone

Several aspects of building construction employ granite. Depending on your needs, you can choose granite stones for both interior and exterior buildings. The appearance of the house can be significantly altered by granite designs. You can utilize granite stones in the bathrooms and puja rooms, despite the fact that most homeowners exclusively use them for their kitchen counters.

Granite flooring are easy to clean, smooth, and cool in the heat. Include granite in your designs if you're planning to build a home or make interior modifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Black granite is often considered the strongest type available in Indian markets right now. There are different types of black stone granite available.

Ans 2. This stone is formed naturally under the earth's crust. It is formed due to magma and lava cooling and solidifying over centuries.

Ans 3. Using bleaching agents or harsh chemicals to clean a granite floor would ruin its smoothness and damage the finish. Using plain water is prudent. You can also use water with extremely diluted floor cleaning solutions to mop.

Ans 4. White granite kitchen countertops are quite strong. They get a value of 7 on the Mohs scale, which is quite impressive.

Ans 5. The different designs that you see are known as granite grains. The more unique these grains are, the more expensive the granite is going to be.