Vastu Homes – Consider These Vastu Tips When Moving into Your New Residence.


Starting the process of establishing a new residence is more than just moving from one place to another; it is a chance to build a safe haven that reflects positive energies and peaceful vibrations. As we explore the realms of interior design and home layout, the age-old Indian practice of Vastu Shastra becomes a beacon of guidance.

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and design, has a history of more than 5000 years. Based on the premise that the laws of nature and the universe can be utilized to generate positive energy, living in a Vastu-compliant home can lead to prosperity and happiness. Implementing principles of Vastu Shastra in designing your new home can assist in achieving a harmonious, balanced, and conducive environment for overall well-being.

In this post, we explore the complex realm of Vastu Homes and methods to attract positive energy to your home following Vastu principles.

Why Is Vastu Important?

Vastu Shastra enhances your inclination towards spirituality. The principles of Vastu, a combination of art and science, assist in fostering inner peace and tranquility. Besides that, it can promote collaborative relationships among the individuals residing in the household.

Vastu for Homes emphasizes the orientations and designs of buildings. The room can have shapes such as rectangular, square, circular, and rectangular. The instructions are as follows: South East is known as Agneya, South West is known as Nyruthi, North East is referred to as Eesanya, and North West is called Vayuvya. The design of a structure is planned using 12 principles, including directions, shapes, furniture requirement, circulation, aspect, privacy, roominess, flexibility, economy, elegance, prospect, grouping, and sanitation.

Vastu Shastra links the physical surroundings with the well-being of individuals. Consequently, putting money into Vastu-compliant properties guarantees more than just a building - it offers a balanced environment created to enhance positive energies and general welfare. Tips for a New Home according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips for home

1. Orientation

The direction in which your house faces is crucial in Vastu Shastra. The best location for the main entrance is east or north, as they are linked to positive energy. Entrances facing south and west are believed to be unlucky.

2. Living Room

It is recommended that the living room is situated in the northwest direction because it is associated with wealth and prosperity. Make sure that the seating is positioned in a way that you and your guests are facing north or east while in Vastu homes.

3. Kitchen

The southeast direction is the ideal placement for the kitchen due to its association with fire and energy. This will assist in preserving an equilibrium of elements within the Vastu house. The stove must be placed in the southeast corner, while the refrigerator should be in the northwest direction.

4. Bedroom

The main bedroom needs to be situated in the southwest direction, and the bed needs to be positioned so that you can sleep with your head towards either east or west. Do not sleep with your head pointing north, as it is linked with negative energy.

5. Bathroom

The bathroom should face north-west, and the toilet should face either north-west or north. Make sure there is good ventilation in the bathroom and do not place mirrors in that space.

6. Lighting 

Make sure your Vastu home receives plenty of natural light by having ample windows facing the east or north. It is best to refrain from placing large furniture in front of windows, as it may obstruct the entry of positive energy into the house.

7. Colours

The colors in your house can also affect the flow of energy. Select light and vibrant shades like white, yellow, and green, as they are linked to positive vibes. Steer clear of dark and heavy hues like black and red, as they are linked to negativity.

8. Plants

Plants play a significant role in Vastu Shastra by introducing positive energy into the home. Position them towards the east or north, and refrain from placing them towards the south or west.

9. Water Features

Water elements like fountains can aid in harmonizing the energy within your vastu dwelling. Put them in the northeast direction because it is linked with water.

10. De-cluttering

Maintaining order and preventing clutter in your home is crucial according to Vastu Shastra. Do not pile items in corners, as it may generate bad energy. Instead, ensure that the spaces in your vastu home are spacious and well-ventilated, and refrain from overcrowding them with furniture and decorations.

Implications of Non-Vastu Compliance for Your Home

A home that doesn't follow Vastu principles could face problems with energy flow, which may affect the well-being of those living in it. Failure to adhere to rules can result in a feeling of instability and discord, impacting multiple areas of one's life such as physical well-being, connections with others, and financial success. Typical problems could result in higher levels of stress, tense relationships, money difficulties, and a general absence of positivity. Although Vastu Shastra doesn't ensure a trouble-free life, following its principles in your home is thought to improve harmony and positive energy, promoting a thriving and balanced lifestyle.

By incorporating these Vastu guidelines into the layout and design of your new house, you begin a process of establishing a living environment that emanates positive vibes, promoting peace, harmony, and wealth. Although Vastu Shastra has strong traditional ties, implementing these principles can bring a mindful and harmonious element to your contemporary living area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. North-east (Ishanya) direction The Ishanya (North-east) direction is considered to be the most sacred and auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that the energy flow from this direction helps in promoting wisdom, good health, and prosperity.

Ans 2. North Direction Money Box: Place a white money box or piggy bank in the North direction. If possible, add a picture of a blue lotus. Regularly add money to it, and establish a routine. This will help attract more money into your life.

Ans 3. Commonly known as the science of architecture, Vastu Shastra revolves around five major elements- Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space.

Ans 4. North attracts wealth and success, South is auspicious for the kitchen, East promotes health and happiness, and West symbolizes stability and prosperity. Understanding these directions can enhance positivity and prosperity in our lives.

Ans 5. The most common and simple way to remove Vastu dosh from the house is by placing a pyramid in the affected area. It is said that the pyramid can nullify negative energy and create a positive environment. There are different sizes and types of pyramids available on the market.