Vastu Tips for Shops - Guidelines for Attracting Prosperity in a Commercial Establishment


If you own a commercial shop, adhere to these Vastu rules for shops to thrive in your business.

A shop serves as a place where individuals engage in work to earn a livelihood. Frequently, the success of the shop relies on factors like the energy of the space, proper orientations, and good fortune—collectively termed as Vastu. Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural science, imparts specific rules aimed at eliminating negativity and adverse energy from an area, ushering in luck, wealth, and prosperity. 

More often than not, if commercial shops are designed without taking into account Vastu Shastra, the likelihood of achieving success diminishes considerably. To optimize the benefits of your commercial shop, adhere to these guidelines and tips.

Vastu Shastra for Shop - Important Tips For Shop Owners

As the proprietor of a commercial shop, it is crucial for you to be well-versed in the principles of Vastu for shops. Adhering to these guidelines will contribute to the prosperity of your business, eliminate negative influences, and give you a competitive edge over rivals.

1. Vastu for Shop - Appropriate Direction

Effectively managing your business necessitates a suitable orientation for your shop. As per Vastu Shastra for shops, the entrance should face east or northeast. This orientation will assist in drawing more customers to your commercial establishment.

Vastu For Shop

Shop-specific directions as per Vastu

  • Stationery shops: Stationery shops should face the west direction. West signifies fulfilment and gains, leading to greater profits.

  • Furniture shops: Furniture shops should face the south, as this will give your brand fame. Fame and name will enable you to attract loyal customers. 

  • Grocery shops: As per the principles of Vastu, the northeastern direction is the best for grocery shops. As a second alternative, east or north can be considered. 

  • Clothes shop: The ideal direction for clothes shops is the southeastern direction. The shop entrance should be in the southern or southeastern direction if you want to sell high-quality and luxurious brands.

2. Vastu for Shop - Cash Counter 

In every shop, the cash counter is a common feature, and it is advised to position it in a way that it opens towards the north. Vastu guidelines for the cash box in a shop recommend keeping some cash inside it, as an empty cash box is believed to signify hardship. If you choose to place idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh in the cash box or locker, ensure regular worship. If the locker is situated in the southwest direction, the entrance to the room should be in the northern direction.

Vastu For Shop

3. Vastu for Shop - Picture or Location of Deities 

The placement of the pooja room or the positioning of deities in your shop holds significant importance in Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra for shops, it is recommended to place pictures or statues in the northeast direction to invoke strength and spiritual satisfaction. Initiating the day with a prayer and the gentle lighting of incense sticks is advised for cultivating positive vibes.

Vastu For Shop

4. Vastu For Shop - Raw Materials Placement 

Proper storage and careful handling are essential for the raw materials associated with your business. According to Vastu Shastra for shops, it is advisable to place heavy items and raw materials in the southwest direction of the store to invite good luck.

Vastu For Shop

5. Vastu for Shop - Electronic Equipments

The positioning of electronic items in your shop is crucial to avoid hindrances to your business. According to Vastu Shastra for shops, if you need to store electronics, ensure prosperity by placing them in the correct location within your shop's premises. They should be positioned in the southeast corner to boost sales.

Vastu For Shop

6. Vastu for Shop - Main Entrance 

According to Vastu principles, the North is the preferred direction for the entrance or main door, as it brings about a more positive atmosphere. The owner's seating position should ideally face either East or North. Emphasizing the importance of the entrance, it plays a crucial role in attracting more business.

The entrance should maintain cleanliness, be free of clutter, and have a generous width, creating a welcoming appearance for customers. It is advisable to keep the entrance clear of obstructions such as trees, statues, poles, and products. Avoid having drains in front of the entrance, as they are believed to cause financial losses. Additionally, stagnant water or door sills should be avoided to ensure a smooth flow of positive energy.

Vastu For Shop

7. Vastu for Shop - Showroom Shape 

In the realm of professional decision-making, the configuration of a shop holds significant importance. According to Vastu principles, commercial shops or showrooms are advised to have a square or rectangular shape. Triangular or irregularly shaped shops are discouraged, as they may lead to irregular income and financial losses.

Furthermore, the front of the shop should be broader than the rear to prevent potential mental tension and financial setbacks.

It is advisable to refrain from incorporating a slope in the shop, as Vastu Shastra considers it inauspicious for commercial establishments.

8. Vastu for Shop - Placement of Lightweight Objects

For grocery stores, it is recommended that the showcase displaying regular or daily-use small items faces either the North or the East direction.

To enhance sales, it is advised to store regular and daily sales items in the northwestern section of the store.

In medical shops, Ayurvedic medicines are best placed in the north and east directions, while the southern direction is optimal for storing Allopathic medicines and medical equipment.

9. Vastu for Shop - Use of Mirrors

Vastu guidelines for shops emphasize the importance of incorporating mirrors into the interior design. Many commercial shops utilize large mirrors to enable customers to visualize how products appear on them. Mirrors have the effect of doubling the perceived size of the space in which they are situated by reflecting the surroundings. Careful consideration is required when choosing the location for mirrors, as placing them in areas that are already extended may further amplify the extension, resulting in energy imbalance.

Mirrors are symbolic of the water element due to their reflective properties. Therefore, it is advisable to position mirrors in areas associated with the water element, such as the north, northeast, or west directions. Conversely, mirrors should never be placed in fire zones, and the south and southeastern directions should be avoided.

Vastu For Shop

10. Vastu for Shop - Put On Mild Music In Your Store 

In accordance with Vastu Shastra for shops, playing soft music is a beneficial practice to ward off negativity. It contributes to the creation of positive vibes and adds a cheerful atmosphere. It is important to choose songs that are gentle on the ears and not overly loud, as loud music can be distracting for your customers.

Vastu For Shop

11. Vastu for Shop - Keep It Well-Lit

One crucial Vastu recommendation for shops is to ensure adequate lighting. Proper lighting is essential as dim corners and poorly lit areas in commercial shops tend to cultivate negativity.

Vastu For Shop

12. Vastu for Shop - Don't Keep It Dirty 

Keeping the neat and clean is another essential principle in Vastu Shastra for shop. A dirty shop looks bad but also attracts negative vibes, which leads to low sales and reduced earnings.  Therefore, keeping it clean is vital. 

Vastu For Shop

13. Vastu for Shop - Tree or Pole In Front 

According to Vastu Shastra for shops, having a pole or tree directly in front of your store is considered inauspicious. This arrangement can lead to disruptions in your business and sales, so it is advisable to refrain from opening a shop in front of a tree.

Use these fantastic Vastu for shop tips and gain a lot of profits. You won’t face any bad luck or misfortune if you follow the appropriate guidelines of Vastu in your commercial shop. 

Vastu For Shop

14. Vastu for Shop - Seating of The Owner

The shop owner should sit inside the shop and should face the east or the north direction. Sitting in the correct place attracts better business opportunities and stimulates expansion. The owner should never sit facing the south or the west, as it can cause problems in the business. 
The cashier should sit in the southeast direction.

15. Vastu for Shop - Water Fountain Placement

An unconventional method to draw in customers is by embellishing your space with novel and innovative techniques. According to Vastu principles, it is recommended to place water fountains in the northeastern direction. It is crucial to maintain this direction free of clutter, as clutter in this area is considered detrimental to business.

16. Vastu For Shop -  Use the Right Colours

According to Vastu Shastra for shop, the ideal colours for a shop or showroom are soothing and light colours. In a shop, you must keep the ceiling a lighter shade than the colour of the walls. Colours like brown, dark blue, or black are considered inauspicious. You may also opt for colours like white, off-white, or silver white in the shop's east, northeast, and southwest direction. The use of soothing Vastu colour for shop can help maintain financial stability. 

17. Vastu For Shop - Mandir or Temple 

The optimal Vastu orientation for a temple in a shop is the northeast direction, or the east or north corner of the shop. To maximize profits, you may also contemplate the west direction. Additionally, incorporating the auspicious symbol of the swastika with the inscription "shubh-laabh" in the shop is considered favorable. It is important to avoid placing the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to the right in the northeast direction. Every morning, lighting a Diya and burning incense sticks in the shop is recommended to infuse positive energy.

18. Vastu For Shop - How to Purchase 

When acquiring a new commercial space, the initial consideration should be its location. It is advisable to steer clear of a shopping complex or commercial building situated in proximity to a temple, graveyard, hospital, police station, or crematorium. Another crucial factor to bear in mind is to ensure that there is no prominent tree or electrical transformer located in front of the shop, store, or building.

19. Vastu for Shop - Keep the Lawn Clean

According to Vastu Shastra, if there is a lawn outside your shop or complex, it is advised to maintain its appearance as green and beautiful. Ensure that large trees are positioned in the West or South direction, while small plants are placed in the East or North.

20. Vastu for Shop - Top-Selling Items

According to Vastu Shastra for shops, it is suggested to position the top-selling items of your shop in the North-West zone. This direction, associated with God Vayu, is believed to facilitate movement, as per Vastu principles.

21. Vastu for Shop - Extension

When contemplating an expansion for your shop, it's crucial to ensure that the direction is correct. Additionally, the extension of the shop should not be oriented towards any irregularities, as these can bring unfavorable outcomes to the business and lead to financial losses.

Vastu for Shop - Gomukhi or Singh-Mukhi 

In accordance with Vastu principles for shops, having a Singh-Mukhi shop layout is considered auspicious. A Goumukhi shop layout is characterized by having a narrower entrance and a wider space at the back. Conversely, Singh-Mukhi implies that the entrance of the shop should be broad and spacious, with the rear portion being narrower. According to Vastu for shops, it is advisable for the shop to face north, especially if you are dealing with fashion items like textiles and garments.

Vastu for Shop Based on Directions 

Vastu guidelines for a shop vary depending on the direction it faces. Therefore, careful planning of the shop's Vastu is essential. Here are the considerations you must adhere to according to Vastu for shops facing different directions.

Shop Facing North Direction

The Vastu for shops facing North should ensure that the shop's main entrance is mapped in this direction because Lord Kuber, the deity of wealth and prosperity, rules the North. Thus, having the main entrance in this area helps guide positive energy and wealth inside the shop. 

In addition, the cashbox in the shop facing the North should also be open facing the North. The cash box should not be placed at the back in a North direction facing the shop. They should also not be placed near the ventilation opening or a window. Also, you must be careful not to place the cashbox against the corners of the shops as it will lead to the drainage of wealth.

Other General Vastu Tips for Shop 

These general Vastu for shop tips should be followed for prosperity and positivity in the commercial space.

  • The owner should take care to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Any unused or electrical items, like bulbs, machines, and switches that are not working, should be repaired immediately. 

  • The shop can be decorated with small plants, which are considered pleasing and add positive energy to the shop.

  • Vastu Shastra for shop states that shops should not have thresholds. Also, there should not be a downward slope in front of the shop, as this brings inauspicious energy.

  • The shop should be of regular shape and size; irregular shops bring a lot of negativity and loss to the shop.

  • The shops should not have photos of wars, crying women, and violent animals, as this creates disturbance and havoc.

  • The shopkeeper should keep an aquarium with golden fishes and place this in the north or east.

  • If the shop’s shutter is rusted, it should be painted and oiled as soon as possible.

  • The shop floor should always be clean, clutter-free and attractive. A cluttered or untidy floor brings negative energy to the shop. Not keeping the shop floors clean also repels customers.  

  • Vastu for shop suggests using either marble or wooden flooring only and avoiding granite. 

  • To attract money in the shop keep a lucky bamboo in the southeast zone.

  • The centre of the shop or the Brahmasthan must be clear and free of any clutter or hindrance.

  • In a shop, if you want to create a loft or mezzanine, do not place it on the North or East wall. It is highly inauspicious. You can make them in the South or West wall.  

Summing Up - Vastu For Shop

Accumulating wealth and achieving prosperity is crucial for a good and healthy life. Nonetheless, obstacles in business can arise. By adhering to the Vastu tips for shops mentioned above, you can effectively eliminate problems and obstacles in your business. These tips are straightforward, requiring minimal adjustments, yet their impact can be significant. Vastu tips for shops assist in choosing optimal directions, designs, and space arrangements for enhanced business success.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. According to Vastu tips for shop, the head manager should sit in the south or the western direction, as this is most profitable. They should be facing the north or the eatern direction.

Ans 2. As per Vastu for shops cash counter, cash or locker should be installed in the southwestern side of the shop, and the entrance of the locker room must always be in the northern direction.

Ans 3. According to Vastu principles, the shop walls should be painted in light colours, white, grey, or blue.

Ans 4. Mannequins that display products should be kept in the northwestern direction as per Vastu for shop. This zone is said to have good energy that will attract the attention of passersby.

Ans 5. The sign board or banners should have synergy in the colour and direction. If the main entrance is in the northwestern corner, the sign boards should be grey or white in colour. If the shop entrance is in the north, blue, black, or green should be used to make sign boards and banners. Vastu says that the banner colours should be in sync with the directional elements. A yellow colour signage in an east facing shop hinders customers from entering inside.