How to select auspicious house names according to Vaastu principles?


The ideal layout and arrangement of items within a room are determined by the ancient Indian architectural theory known as Vaastu Shastra, which promotes positive energy flow. According to Vaastu, choosing a house name will bring success, pleasure, and harmony. This article provides advice on how to choose a house name that complies with Vaastu and presents names that are auspicious and auspicious.

Why do people name their house?

The naming of a house has great cultural importance. Giving your home a name brings prosperity, good fortune, and great energy. A home name adds a personal touch that goes beyond spiritual meanings, creating a stronger emotional connection and a cozier atmosphere. According to Vaastu Shastra, a fortunate house name promotes the owners' spiritual well-being by harmonizing with the cosmos.

Significance of house name in Vaastu Shastra

A wide range of principles are covered by Vastu Shastra, one of which is the frequently disregarded impact that house names have on the general energy and atmosphere of a house. Vaastu principles emphasize that a house's name can have a substantial impact on the well-being, happiness, and wealth of its occupants because they acknowledge the power of words and sounds in conveying energy. Important house name considerations according to Vaastu are as follows:

  • Reflection of the home environment: According to Vaastu, a house name should mirror the characteristics of the home environment. This encompasses physical attributes like the presence of a garden or a scenic viewand the emotional atmosphere cultivated by the inhabitants.
  • Balance and harmony: Vaastu establishes balance and harmony. A house name aligned with these principles contributes to a peaceful environment, enhancing the overall well-being of the
  • Compatibility with life goals: Considering the compatibility of the house name with life goals and aspirations is advised by Vaastu. A house name that aligns with and supports these goals can have a positive impact on the lives of the inhabitants.
  • Personal values and beliefs: Vaastu encourages the selection of a house name that resonates with residents’ values and beliefs. This fosters a strong emotional connection with the home, promoting a sense of belonging and contentment.

How to choose a lucky house name as per Vaastu?

When choosing the perfect house name aligned with Vaastu principles, consider the following tips:

  • Directional influence: The house direction is crucial in Vaastu. Each direction is associated with a Vedic deity, influencing Select a name, invoking the deity’s energy, corresponding to your house’s direction.
  • Numerology: Vaastu suggests using numerology to choose a powerful house name. Each letter has a numerical value and a name’s total can offer insights. Opt for a name with a numerological value, resonating with your personality and beliefs.
  • Cultural and spiritual significance: Choose a name with cultural or spiritual significance to deepen the connection with your home and roots. A name reflecting your beliefs fosters a harmonious environment.
  • Phonetic energy: The sound of a house’s name influences its energy. Select names with uplifting and harmonious phonetic energy to ensure a positive atmosphere.
  • Language: The house name should be easily understood and pronounced. While any language is acceptable, the name must be accessible and meaningful.
  • Simplicity: Opt for a simple, short and easy-to-remember name for a lasting impression. Choose a name with depth and significance, yet straightforward and memorable.
  • Positive meanings: Select a name with positive meanings, evoking joy, positivity and abundance. Nature-inspired or spiritually meaningful names attract positive vibrations.
  • Avoid negative associations: Steer clear of names with negative associations to prevent attracting unwanted energies. Names linked to sorrow, violence or conflict should be avoided.
  • Elements and sounds: Vaastu emphasises the significance of the five elements– earth, fire, air, water and space. Choose names with sounds related to these elements to create a balanced and harmonious environment.

Lucky house names in Hindi

Explore these popular Hindi house names that align with Vaastu guidelines, revealing their meanings and the corresponding aspects in Vaastu.

House Name Meaning Vaastu
Sri Nivas House of wealth Attracts wealth and energy. Maintain a clutter-free entrance to enhance the energy flow.
Anand Bhawan House of happiness Invites positive energy, fostering a joyous atmosphere for harmonious living.
Prem Kunj House full of love Infuses relationships with love, creating an atmosphere that attracts love and harmony.
Ashirwad Blessings Invokes divine protection and grace, aligning with the spiritual aspect of Vaastu.
Ashiyana Home or shelter Promotes a safe environment, creating a sense of protection for peaceful living.
Shanti Niketan Abode of peace Encourages harmony and balance among residents, fostering well-being.
Swarn Mandir Golden temple Signifies spiritual and material wealth, attracting prosperity and abundance.
Surya Kiran Sun rays Invokes the energy of the Sun for growth and prosperity, suitable for east-facing houses.
Prakash Kunj Abode of light Embraces natural light, promoting positive energy, happiness and good health.
Aarohi Ascending Symbolises progress, growth and higher aspirations.
Vrindavan Named after the sacred town associated with Lord Krishna Signifies a spiritual connection and an environment of devotion and love.
Dhanvantari Named after the Hindu god of medicine and healing Focuses on health, well-being and nurturing the body and mind.
Mangaldeep Auspicious light Illuminates positivity and good fortune, attracting auspicious energies.
Jeevan Anand Life’s bliss Promotes happiness and contentment within the home.
Uday Villa Sunrise Villa Symbolises hope, optimism and renewal, particularly suitable for east-facing houses.
Kailash Named after the sacred abode of Lord Shiva Spiritually connected, seeking divine guidance and fostering peace and tranquillity.


Lucky house names in Tamil

In South India, individuals are meticulous in their name choices, whether for people, organisations or houses. According to Vaastu, selecting a beautiful Tamil house name can bring luck to the residents.

House Name Meaning Vaastu Aspect
Iraiyasi Home with God’s blessings Creates a blessed environment, making residents feel loved and protected.
Anbukkudil House of love Attracts love and harmony in relationships, effective in resolving conflicts and fostering love among family members.
Magizhvagam Home of happiness Infuses joy and laughter, inviting happiness into the home.
Anand Nilayam Home of great joy Creates an atmosphere of joy and harmony in the house, leading to a positive shift in the overall ambience.

Popular celebrity house names

Celebrities often impart distinct names to their homes, infusing them with a personal touch and cultural significance.

  • Ramayan: Owned by veteran actor, Shatrughan Sinha, this abode symbolises the cherished tales and memorable experiences of Ramayan, capturing the essence of the epic of Ram.
  • Mannat: Shah Rukh Khan’s residenceholds a profound meaning of ‘prayer’ or ‘vow’. It signifies a deep spiritual connection and the fulfilment of desires, aligning with Vaastu principles that attract prosperity and foster a spiritual bond with the home.
  • Jalsa: Amitabh Bachchan’s vibrant home name means ‘celebration’. This choice reflects the energetic personality of the legendary actor, making the house synonymous with joyous occasions.
  • Galaxy Apartments: Salman Khan’s residenceembodies a vast and expansive space, reflecting the limitless potential of its residents. This name aligns with the Vaastu principle of providing ample room for growth and the pursuit of aspirations.
  • Omkar: Home of Indian cricket star, Virat Kohli, the name represents the sacred sound of the universe, Om. This choice reflects a connection to profound spiritual elements.
  • Prateeksha: Amitabh Bachchan’s other residencemeans ‘anticipation’ or ‘hope’ and embodies optimism and positive expectations. This name aligns with Vaastu principles, nurturing a positive mindset and attracting good fortune.
  • Aashirwad: The former residence of Bollywood’s first superstar, Rajesh Khanna, the name means ‘blessings’, signifying a place filled with divine favour and positive energy.
  • Whitefield: Priyanka Chopra’s homename signifies purity, serenity and simplicity. This choice aligns with Vaastu principles, creating a clutter-free, minimalist environment that promotes peace and tranquillity.
  • Casa Del Sol: Hrithik Roshan’s residencename means ‘House of the Sun’ and symbolises vitality, warmth and positivity. This name aligns with the Vaastu principle of harnessing solar energy, creating a vibrant and energetic living environment that promotes well-being and success.
  • Krishnaraj: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s residenceattracts peace and love, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and affection.
  • Gulmohar: Aamir Khan’s home, named after the beautiful flowering tree, signifies beauty, grace and an appreciation for nature. This choice aligns with Vaastu principles, creating a harmonious connection between the home and its natural surroundings and fostering an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.
  • Raj Mahal: Shilpa Shetty’s residencename means ‘Royal Palace’ and signifies opulence, grandeur and luxury. This name aligns with the Vaastu principle of creating a space that reflects the aspirations and values of its
  • Capri Heights: Deepika Padukone’s residencename is inspired by the picturesque island of Capri and evokes serenity, charm and relaxation. This name aligns with the Vaastu principle of promoting a peaceful and stress-free living environment that nurtures the well-being and happiness of its residents.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. While not mandatory, seeking advice from a Vaastu expert can provide valuable recommendations when selecting a house name that aligns with Vaastu principles. Their expert knowledge can ensure that your home’s name promotes harmony and prosperity.

Ans 2. Vaastu principles play a significant role in the selection of names based on numerology, positive meaning and other essential elements to foster a harmonious environment.

Ans 3. Yes, incorporating the name of a deity or a religious figure in your house name aligns with Vaastu principles and is considered auspicious. Such names carry positive vibrations, contributing to a spiritually uplifting atmosphere within your home.

Ans 4. Certainly, you can add a Swastika symbol next to the house name following Vaastu principles.

Ans 5. To select unique house names aligned with Vaastu guidelines, consider the name’s meaning and symbolism. Ensure that it resonates with Vaastu principles, such as positivity, balance and growth.

Ans 6. Lucky house names are an ancient Indian tradition that is prevalent and followed in modern times.

Ans 7. While there are no specific name recommendations for south or east-facing houses, it is advisable to choose names that resonate with the energies associated with these directions, such as growth, prosperity and new beginnings.