Vastu Suggestions and Solutions for a Harmonious Life in a South-Facing House.


South-facing house Vastu pertains to having the entrance of your house facing the south direction. In India, a country rich in diverse cultural practices, Vastu Shastra stands out as one of them. This ancient architectural methodology integrates principles from astronomy, astrology, and art sciences to guide the positioning of various elements within a house. Despite common avoidance of south-directed places, Vastu emphasizes that each direction holds its own benefits.

For those contemplating the purchase of a south-facing house and holding skepticism toward Vastu Shastra, it is advisable to steer clear of prevalent myths. While Vastu primarily revolves around the energies within a house, south-facing Vastu homes are often considered inauspicious.

Let's delve into some factual aspects and what Vastu indicates regarding houses facing the south direction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of South-facing House as per Vastu

south facing house vastu plan

Is your south facing house good or does it have an adverse impact?

There are numerous advantages and related to a house facing south, here are some of them: 


  • Plenty of Sunlight –  One of the biggest advantages of having a south-facing house Vastu plan with pooja room. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, helps regulate positive energy throughout the space and also makes moods happy. 
  • Gardening Benefits – All the credit goes to the increased sunlight, which creates a space that is great for gardening and plantation. Therefore, houses facing south are known for their gardens. 
  • Low Electricity Bills– Who doesn’t love saving bucks on their electricity bills?  It is an advantage for South facing house Vastu homes in colder climates or in the winter months. As the south entrance of Vastu receives plenty of sunlight and heat, it helps heat the interior which helps make the home warmer


  • Due to the increased sunlight on the house, it can get a little uncomfortable for the residents to reside in such a hot environment. it is likely to use AC throughout leading your electricity bills to elevate.
  • Not being able to make an underground water bore well on the front side
  • House South facing create financial and health problems if not constructed with caution. 
  • For sellers, it is a dilemma to sell south-facing houses as people have their mythological beliefs that come in between the process of home buying. 

Vastu Tips for Houses Facing South

Here are some tips that one can incorporate into their house facing south 

  • Remember to compare the wall size and make sure that the walls on the South and the West sides are stronger and higher as compared to the others. 
  • South facing house as per Vastu should be constrained to a rectangular or a square shape, as the shape also plays an essential role. 
  • Septic tanks, car parking, gardens and water pumps should be avoided from placed in the southwestern direction corner. 
  • Trees or large flowering plants should be planted on the Northeaster side of the house to save the house from attracting bad energy.

South Facing House Vastu Plan 

south facing house vastu plan

After a deep look into Vastu tips and its pros & cons above, let us look into the ideal south facing house Vastu planIt is as important to include the principles of Vastu in your home as is. It might be a little difficult sometimes to provide a floor plan for a south facing house Vastu.

A few pointers to keep in mind when designing or constructing a home are the following:

  • East, West and Northeastern directions are the correct ones to place a pooja room Vastu for south facing house. 
  • Place the kitchen in the southeast direction as per Vastu shastra. 
  • Master bedrooms should be placed in the North and East directions, also note to put the headboard towards the east; as it is an ideal sleeping position. 
  • Dining and living rooms spread around the south, south-west and west directions are preferred. 
  • Place the toilet in the North Western direction

These a Vastu constraint plans that can be followed by one when redesigning or building. 

 2 BHK South Facing House Vastu Plan 30x40

south facing house vastu plan

This represents one of the finest south-facing house plans, covering an approximate area of 1170 sq ft. The kitchen is situated in the northwest, while the living or family room is positioned in the southeast.

The master bedroom is found in the southwest, accompanied by the guest room in the northeastern corner, featuring an attached bathroom in the north.

The children's bedroom is situated in the west and comes with an attached bathroom. A staircase runs along the southern part of the house, with an additional toilet beneath it.

The patio is located in the south, offering a view of the road positioned southeast of the house.

This serves as a model plan to assist individuals in determining the optimal directions for placing specific rooms.

Who Will Benefit from a South Facing House Vastu Plan? 

In India, it's a common practice for individuals to consider the direction of their new homes. A south-facing home holds great appeal for many, as the southern direction is bathed in ample sunlight, creating a high-energy zone. This orientation is particularly advantageous for individuals in professions such as public relations, media, and film, where fame and popularity are valued. The house radiates productive energy, fostering a conducive environment for hard work and goal achievement. Professions linked to Mars, such as chefs, property dealers, surgeons, lawyers, and businesses related to arms, ammunition, hardware, furnaces, and fire, can also benefit from a south-facing house. If your horoscope indicates a strong presence of Mars, a south-facing house Vastu plan is deemed ideal. Those with specific zodiac signs or rashis can consider a south-facing house, but it's essential to adhere to the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra during construction and relocation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. South facing house is generally considered bad luck as it is considered to be the direction where Yuma or the god of death resides.

Ans 2. For the south entrance Vastu, it is recommended to install the door wither in the centre or a little towards the left. As it is considered bad to have an entrance door that opens to the south direction.

Ans 3. South-facing home Vastu plans are good for Aries or Mesh Rashi people.

Ans 4. South direction Vastu of a house is considered bad luck and inauspicious. Wisdom decreases and affects the residents in the house.

Ans 5. The south is unlucky and the weather conditions have to do something with it. The house usually is prone to strong winds, sunlight and rain.

Ans 6. Re-locate the main door to either the centre or the left side of the entrance and avoid creating an entrance towards the right side to attract good feng shui.

Ans 7. The main advantage of having a south-facing house Vastu is the abundance of sunlight the house gets. Plenty of Vitamin D and good energy from the sun.