10 Mandir Designs For Home - Elegant Home Temple Designs for a Beautiful Decor 2024


Having a temple within the confines of your home is deemed auspicious for both the household and its inhabitants. However, designing a mandir for home can pose challenges. While having a spacious bungalow allows for a separate room dedicated to the home temple design, not all homes have this luxury. Nonetheless, the mandir design for home doesn't necessarily require a standalone room; it can be incorporated into another area of the house.

Home Temple Designs For Home 

Here are 10 mandir designs to take inspiration from. Read on to know more: 

1. Glass Cubicle Mandir Design For Home

Mandir Designs

Perfect for a luxurious house, this glass cubicle mandir design for home is everything functional, stunning, and divine. Build this mandir in the foyer area of your home and let it shine in all its glory. While the transparency of the glass adds a welcoming touch to the ambience, the wooden frame lends a sense of privacy to the space - making it a great mandir design for home. 

Decorate with a tall idol in brass taking centre stage, include lights, and add a traditional backdrop, as seen in the image above, to complete the look. 

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2. Wall Mounted Wooden Temple Design For Home

Mandir Designs

In instances where space is limited for a pooja area, opting to establish a worship space within the living room or family room is recommended. In such scenarios, it's advisable to opt for a wall-mounted mandir design for home. As depicted in the image above, you can opt to craft a wooden frame housing an idol and illuminated by lights inside. Incorporate a jaali design on the door to impart a traditional touch to the cabinet, and utilize the lower portion for storing prayer books, incense, and other essentials.

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3. Granite Home Temple Designs For Home

Mandir Designs

Who said the mandir area needs to be off the theme in your contemporary home? To match the overall avant-garde aesthetics of your house, go for a mandir design for home in granite, like in the image above. 

An elegant grey mandir design that exudes refined taste. Incorporate traditional intricacies into the long granite slabs, and pay attention to brass detailing that complements a central statue. To harmonize with the accent wall, opt for a shrine with storage in simpler-toned stone and yellow focus lights - resulting in a mandir that epitomizes sophistication.

4. POP Wall Sculpting Mandir Design For Home

Mandir Designs

If you have a medium-sized room available as a temple space in your home, go for a design like the one showcased above. Use one wall as an accent wall and get some POP sculpting work done in a design of your choice. The image above has a Ganesh-Om, some feathers, and flowers; you can even opt for a traditional Diya or a Radhe Shyam up on the wall. 

Since the wall will have a divine symbol, you can choose to have small idols and traditional diyas. Complete this mandir design for home with a small bell and soft LED lights in yellow that accentuate both the idols and the wall sculpture. 

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5. Wooden Mandir Design For Home 

Mandir Designs

An amalgamation of traditional and contemporary elements, this jaali and wooden mandir design for home is ideal for small spaces seeking an elevated aesthetic. As illustrated in the image above, you can infuse the space with traditional charm through lattice interiors, while the wooden panel and shrine design introduce a modern touch. Select from various patterns for the panel or opt for a finely-grained wooden panel in teak, mahogany, or cherry wood to allow the space to make a statement. The marble shine with its step design is both practical and elegant.

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6. Vintage Home Temple Designs For Home

Mandir Designs

For traditional residences boasting expansive courtyards and ample space, this vintage-style mandir design for home offers a splendid option. Craft a serene and beautiful space where your family can commune with their spiritual energy, as depicted in the image above.

Opt for soft-toned colors on the walls, reserving an accent side with a brighter tone for the central piece of your temple. Utilize the other walls for inbuilt shelves to display additional idols. Enhance the space's allure with striking tiles on the floor, aligned with the room's theme. Ornate decorations doubling as functional items in the temple, such as a tiered Diya stand, an Urli adorned with flowers, and a bell, contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal.

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7. Marble Temple Design For Home 

Mandir Designs

Enhance your existing temple with a chic and elegant marble mandir design for home. Drawing inspiration from the image above, opt for white marble to design the entire mandir. Choose a Calacatta white variant for the walls and Blanco Ibiza for the wall behind the shrine to add visual interest.

Coordinate the seating color with the streaks on the marble and introduce the earth element to the space with wooden storage. Hanging lamps and an Urli with floating diyas add refinement to the details of this mandir.

8. Wooden Temple Design For Home With Elevated Floor

Mandir Designs

Enhance your temple space with a wooden mandir design for home, elevating it both literally and figuratively with elegant raised flooring, as depicted in the image above. Opt for dark wood for the temple floor, creating a panel-like effect on the actual floor to honor the significance of the temple, especially when it shares space in another room. Utilize a complementary shade of wood for the shrine and other detailing, resulting in a temple that becomes a topic of conversation.

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9. Modern Mandir Design For Home 

Mandir Designs

Ideal for incorporating a mandir into a corner of your bedroom, this design maximizes space while adding a touch of elegance to the area. A contemporary mandir design for home, as shown in the image above, reveals intricate details such as a black glass backdrop featuring a traditional print, a wooden shrine with a marble top, and a silver idol. The theme revolves around chic black, white, and gold accents, with particular admiration for the wooden partition adorned with small hanging bells.

10. Home Temple Design For Home With Floral Background

Mandir Designs

For a more modern mandir design for home, you can opt for a floral backdrop behind the shrine-like showcased in the image above. The floral design can be embossed on glass or intricate carvings in wood. Depending upon the work, you can choose the shade of the walls and the flooring. While white walls work great with a glass backdrop, you might want to choose a more creamer tone with a wooden framework. 

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Mandir Designs for Home – Right Idol Placement

While doing the mandir design for home, one of the crucial aspects that you take into consideration is the right placement of the idols. Take a look at the tips that will help you have a balanced mandir space :

  • Avoid placing the idols in the north or south direction and keep it in the east or west. 

  • As per Vastu, you can place multiple idols in your mandir but do not have more than one idol of the same god.

  • It is advisable not to keep the idols in your mandir facing each other. 

  • It is considered auspicious to keep chipped statues in the mandir. Do remove it if you have any.

  • Do not place photos of the deceased in the mandir.

  • The images or the idols should be kept on a hardwood platform as per Vastu Shastra principles.

How To Decorate Mandir Design For Home? 

  • Decorate Home Temple With Flowers: The easiest and most beautiful way to decorate the mandir design for home is to decorate it with fresh flowers. Fresh flowers have the quality to uplift your mood and create a positive ambience instantly. You can even decorate the mandir design for your home with flower garlands.

  • Paint the mandir design walls: Paint your mandir design for home to create a subtle statement. You can opt for a light shade of orange or yellow to make your home temple appear spacious and nice.

  • Opt for a pooja door design: Create a statement entrance of the mandir design for the home by adding a distinguishable mandir door design.

  • Add Effective Lights: Decorate the home temple design with LED lights or add string lights to highlight the mandir design. 

Vastu Tips For Mandir Design For Home 

  • Mandir design for home should not be in the basement or the higher floors of the house, but instead on the ground floor.
  • All storage space should be below the place for idols or photographs of Gods in a mandir designed for the home.

  • Mandir design for home should have a clutter-free layout, and there should be plenty of light in this space.

  • Opt for light colours on the walls in your mandir design, as dark colours tend to waver focus during prayer.

  • Mandir should not be in the bedroom area of a house. 

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Best Practices to Maintain Mandir Designs for Home  

Redecorating your mandir is of no use if you don't maintain it regularly. Cleaning the mandir, especially the idols, requires you to be extra careful. You must also use the right cleaning products to ensure the mandir decor stays beautiful. Here are the best practices for maintaining mandir designs at home:

Idol Cleaning: Idols get covered with grim, dust and stickiness if not cleaned regularly. We suggest using some vinegar or salt with a slice of lemon to clean them. If you use lemons, apply salt on each half of the lemon and clean the idol. If you prefer vinegar, mix some drops of lemon with salt and use the paste to scrub the idols. Once done, use warm water to clean them. 

Cleaning Silver Utensils: Most mandir design ideas are incomplete without a silver idol or utensils. To clean those, you just need to apply a dab of toothpaste. If it's a single item, rub it using a toothbrush. However, if you have multiple silver utensils, fill up a pot with boiled water, and add a tablespoon of baking soda with a scrap of aluminium foil. Drop the silver utensils in the pot, leave them for 10-15 seconds and the utensils will regain their natural shine. 

Marble Floor Cleaning: Maintaining your pooja room's marble floor may seem tedious, but it isn't. You only need to mix baking powder and lemon juice. To remove stains from your mandir's marble flooring, you may also use a blend of baking powder with your dishwasher liquid in warm water. 

Cleaning Idol's Clothes: The soft clothing we wrap our mandir's idols with also requires regular cleaning. Hand washing these clothes with water and plain soap is the best way to clean them. Since these clothes are made of soft cotton, please avoid using any harsh detergents to wash them. 

Mandir Door Cleaning: When using our mandir, we touch its door the most. Prone to dust, grim and stickiness, cleaning it is vital. Wipe the door using cotton balls and dipping them in olive oil. It will clean the door instantly and give your mandir an extra shine. 

Summing up Mandir Design for Home 

A mandir or pooja room design in your house brings peace and calm - it is a place for worship and prayer, making it a sacred space. Therefore you must give this temple room the respect it deserves and decorate it with as much enthusiasm as you would the rest of the house. Which of the above mandir designs for home did you resonate best with the most? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. A wooden mandir design for home is considered to be the best and most auspicious.

Ans 2. Experts tell us that while a mandir can share space in another room in the house like the family room or living room, it should always have doors to keep the space sacred.

Ans 3. It is advised to have a small dome especially if you have a wooden temple mandir design for home.

Ans 4. Mandir design for home can be in the living room or kitchen especially in case of small houses.

Ans 5. Yellow is considered the best colour for the pooja mandir room since it is the colour of sun symbolising power, happiness and optimism. Besides, orange and other light colours such as white, lavender and light blue are considered ideal for home temple.

Ans 6. Among all the wood types, Sheesham wood is the best for wooden mandir designs for home.

Ans 7. You can decorate the home temple with garlands made of fresh flowers to create a divine ambience. You can also add some planters on each side of the home temple design.

Ans 8. As per Vastu, you must not keep the mandir in the bedroom. However, for some reason you have to place it in your bedroom then ensure that your feet do not point towards the mirror.

Ans 9. In your mandir design for home, the god should face either the east or north-east direction in the house. The mandir should be placed in such a way that the god faces towards the west direction.

Ans 10. While the ideal direction for a mandir at home is the northeast or west, the right shape is a pyramid to draw positive energy.