10 Latest & Best POP Ceiling Designs With Pictures In 2024


If you're aiming for a stylish false ceiling, look no further than POP Ceiling Designs! With a variety of materials to choose from based on your desired outcome and budget, Plaster of Paris (POP) stands out for its elegant appearance, affordability, and simple installation process. POP Ceiling Designs are renowned for their trendy and chic aesthetic, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

POP Ceiling Designs

This article serves as a mini-guide to understand the major advantages of Pop false ceilings, along with trending ideas and a list of FAQs to clear all your questions.

What Is Pop Ceiling?

In the realm of POP Ceiling Designs, "Pop" refers to Plaster of Paris, a dehydrated variant of Gypsum. It comes in the form of a dry powder that requires mixing with water to form a paste. This paste is then shaped to craft various types of false ceilings such as Recessed, T-bar, Suspended, etc., tailored to meet specific preferences and needs.

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What Are The Advantages Of Pop Ceilings?

So, why are Pop ceilings more popular than other materials? Because of the numerous advantages offered by Pop, these roofs have the upper hand in the false ceiling industry. Some of their major benefits include:

  • Lightweight material which can be easily installed.
  • Versatile for shaping and creating unique structures.
  • Lends a smooth finish for further colouring or painting ideas.
  • Gives acoustic protection and increases energy savings.
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your interiors and adds more value to the property.

Best Pop Ceiling Designs In India:

Scroll down to explore 10 simple and modern Pop false ceiling designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Pop Ceilings for Bedroom:

POP Ceiling Designs

This exquisite POP Ceiling Design ensures an unparalleled sleeping experience in your bedroom. The sophisticated T-bar, suspended ceiling accentuates the bed while providing protection from direct lighting. Incorporating LED bulbs offers an ideal solution for bedtime reading. Opt for a colored feature or maintain it in white for enhanced brightness.

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2. Pop Designs for Hall:

POP Ceiling Designs

Make a stylish statement as you welcome guests with this magnificent POP Ceiling Design. The Suspended T-bar style Pop roof mirrors your individuality and preferences. Rather than leaving the central element plain, light fixtures are incorporated to illuminate the space post-sunset. This concept is perfect for small square-sized rooms, and the colors can be selected to complement the interior color scheme.

3. Living Room Pop Ceiling:

POP Ceiling Designs

Discover this contemporary POP Ceiling Design that infuses elegance into your room. The four corners of the ceiling feature Pop suspended designs, while a hollow T-bar graces the center. Enhance the open space with wallpaper, textured finishes, or colored lights to illuminate the ambiance.

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4. Kitchen Pop Design:

POP Ceiling Designs

Transform your kitchen ceiling from dull to chic with this sleek approach. Begin by suspending a metal framework from the main roof and inserting Pop sheets into it. Depending on the room's height, you can customize the distance between the two layers. Prepare in advance to accommodate bulb fixtures, exhaust vents, and fire detectors within the design.

5. Pop False Ceilings For Dining Room:

POP Ceiling Designs

In apartments and smaller homes, carving out a separate dining area can be challenging. A smart approach to delineate this space is by incorporating a ceiling variation. Rather than simply extending the living room ceiling, consider employing a distinct concept, such as this Pop and wooden ceiling, for clear demarcation.

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6. Pop Design for Office Ceiling:

POP Ceiling Designs

When envisioning a new office space or refurbishing an existing one, it's crucial to consider ceiling designs. Regardless of the interior scheme's beauty, it's the ceiling that can truly enhance it. Here's a sophisticated concept featuring the popular Pop. The extended element in the lobby area stands out, while contrasting color accents adorn the rest of the space.

7. Pop Ceiling for Living Room:

POP Ceiling Designs

Simple and stylish, are the two words to describe this Pop ceiling. The Cove lighting roof is the best way to keep it pretty, without much ado! It creates a spacious and airy feel, along with visible brightness. Adding small LED bulbs in the corners give you control of the lighting, and the centre of the roof is left for decorative elements like a chandelier or a fan.

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8. Bathroom Pop Ceiling Designs:

POP Ceiling Designs

Presented here is a unique ceiling concept for your bathroom. If your residence occupies the top floor or lacks any floors above, consider this exposed ceiling design. The primary roof is crafted using Plaster of Paris, leaving an empty center. A glass panel is incorporated, serving a dual function of harnessing natural light and enhancing your bathroom ambiance.

9. Pooja Room Pop Ceiling:

POP Ceiling Designs

In Indian households, the Pooja room occupies a sacred significance, imbued with divine elements and positive energy to instill a sense of tranquility and serenity. Here's a ceiling design that complements the room's theme seamlessly. Utilizing Pop elements such as Swastika, Omkara, or other divine symbols can be incorporated to uphold the spiritual ambiance.

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10. Shop Pop Ceiling Design:

POP Ceiling Designs

One of the best ways to attract customers to your shop is to go for a beautifully done décor. Part of the credit goes to this spending ceiling design, which also adds to the overall functionality. The high-low ceiling creates different sections of the same store, without the need for a physical wall. Bright LED lights and AC vents in strategic positions offer an enjoyable retail experience.

Innovative Pop Ceiling Painting Ideas:

If you always thought that Pop ceilings are exclusively made in white, you are so wrong! You can go for colourful interiors which can brighten up the environment and give you a lively atmosphere. Here are a few colour schemes and painting tips to try:

  • Bright Colors: Green, Orange, Dark Blue etc, serve as a perfect contrast for a white ceiling. If you want to use them all over the roof, then keep the crown moulding in lighter shades, preferably white or metallics.
  • Light Colors: Pastel colours are perfect for any season. They don’t overwhelm your eyes and keep your interiors look soothing. Try pinks, light yellow, pale blue etc, either as monotones or in colour block styles.
  • Dark Colors: Who says you cannot use black and brown for a ceiling? You are free to use these shades with light-coloured walls and suitable furniture. Make sure the rest of the room is not dramatized further.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Yes! Plaster of Paris ceilings is always in demand because – they are affordable, easily available and versatile. You can experiment with any design of your choice using this material. While it has uncompromising looks at a pocket-friendly price, maintenance is a major issue. Pop is mixed with water and applied as a paste. With time, it gets dehydrated and develops cracks. That’s the sign that it’s ageing and needs a repair or replacement.

Ans 2. The cost factor entirely depends on the quality of the material, size of the room and the complexity of the design. Prices usually fall in a range of 60 INR – 100 or higher. Again, these slab rates may vary from city to city and hence it’s better to check with your local designer.

Ans 3. Cleaning a false ceiling is very important to decide its longevity. Leaving it dirty can take away the shine and beauty of the surface, along with making it look shabby. The best way to clean a Pop ceiling is to use a vacuum cleaner, with a smooth brush and gently suck all the dirt and cobwebs. Using a wet cloth or abrasive brushes can damage the texture of the wall.We hope this collection of Pop ceilings has inspired you to try them. As Pop is a commonly found material, there is no dearth of designers in the market. Make proper analysis in finding out a skilful person and go for a suitable theme for your room. Once done, it’s important to take proper care and regular maintenance to make the ceiling last long and worth the investment!

Ans 4. The thickness of plaster of Paris should not exceed 15 mm. The thickness of the base coat varies from 10 mm to 12 mm. The thickness of finishing coat varies from 3mm to 8 mm.

Ans 5. POP CeilingsYes, POP is made from the heating of Gypsum. POP (Plaster of Paris) is a powder that solidifies when mixed with water to form a desired shape. These are applied to chicken meshes, fibre boards or wooden boards to form a particular design and shape. Once dried, they are fixed to ceilings.

Ans 6. 9 Plaster of Paris Colour Combinations to Brighten Your HomeShades of Blue: Blues are the perfect way to create a calming atmosphere in any room, especially as a PoP design colour. ...Shades of Green: ...Neutral Tones: ...Classic White & Black: ...Shades of Grey: ...Pink & Orange: ...Purple & Yellow: ...Teal & Mustard Yellow: