The Ultimate Guide to Home Flooring Tiles: Types, Top Companies, and Price Comparisons


Flooring tiles have become a ubiquitous feature in contemporary homes. They come in a diverse range of materials, such as ceramic, limestone, and granite. These tiles are not only suitable for indoor spaces but also for various outdoor settings. You can explore a variety of options featuring eye-catching hues, diverse dimensions, and intricate patterns when choosing flooring tiles.

In this discussion, we focus on highlighting prevalent types of flooring tiles and spotlighting leading tile companies while providing insights into their pricing, offering you a comprehensive overview for making informed decisions.

Tiles design

Appreciated for their exquisite finish and intricate patterns, ceramic tiles have the ability to breathe life into any environment, imparting a distinctly modern touch. These tiles offer a vast selection of designs and colors, providing versatility in aesthetic choices. Consider employing matching ceramic tiles for both flooring and wall applications to enhance the overall interior aesthetics. Additionally, ceramic flooring tiles seamlessly complement walls adorned with textured paint, creating a harmonious and visually appealing ambiance.

Tiles design

In vogue for over a century, cement tiles effortlessly complement both traditional and modern decor styles. While commonly found in shades of grey, brown, and white, these tiles are also available in a diverse range of colors. The beauty of cement tiles is further accentuated by the array of captivating patterns they come in. However, it's crucial to note that regular resealing is necessary to prevent discoloration and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Tiles design

Porcelain flooring tiles come in a variety of tones and designs, seamlessly complementing diverse interior styles. Suitable for various spaces, including rooms, entryways, and balconies, these tiles also make an exceptional outdoor choice, given their durability and resistance to fading and cracking. Their popularity stems not only from their appealing aesthetics but also from their low maintenance requirements.

Tiles design

Tiles design

Opting for limestone tiles can be a suitable decision to cultivate a rustic ambiance. These tiles come in various patterns and colors, with natural shades particularly enhancing the rustic appeal. Despite their unique aesthetic, it's important to note that these tiles necessitate diligent maintenance, as a lack thereof can lead to cracks. Using proper cleaning products is imperative to ensure they remain in good condition over time.

Tiles design

Mosaic tiles come in a variety of intricate patterns and beautiful colors. Although predominantly favored for walls, they can also serve as an excellent flooring option. However, this is contingent on your willingness to invest time and effort in their maintenance. It's essential to note that over time, they may appear too vibrant or fall out of fashion.

Tiles design

Admired for its natural flecks, granite finds widespread use in homes, offices, and malls as a flooring material. Known for its scratch resistance and heat resilience, granite offers a diverse range of hues and designs. Moreover, there are four alternative finishing options available for your granite flooring: polished, flamed, brushed, and honed.

Tiles design

Marble flooring tiles stand out as a distinct class, elevating the ambiance and instantly imparting a positive aesthetic. With a variety of textures and colors to choose from, they tend to be pricier compared to tiles made from alternative materials. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to preserve their appeal over time.

8. Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Tiles design

Available in an extensive range, these budget-friendly flooring tiles offer versatility. Options include flexible vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, and waterproof variants. Typically colored and polished to mimic various materials like ceramic, wood, and stone, they are both easy to install and maintain.

Top Companies in India for Flooring Tiles

Many companies in India offer flooring tiles made of different materials. They offer a wide variety to choose from. The top ones in the business ensure high quality and exquisite appearance. Here is a look at some of the leading companies in India offering flooring tiles:

  • Asian Granito India Ltd
  • Bajaj Tiles
  • Orient Bell
  • Somany Ceramics Ltd
  • Simpolo Vitrified Pvt Ltd
  • Asian Granito India Ltd
  • H&R Johnson Ltd
  • HSIL Hindware
  • Cera Sanitaryware Ltd
  • Kajaria Ceramics Ltd
  • NITCO Ltd

Price of Flooring Tiles

The price of the flooring tiles varies based mainly on the material chosen. It also differs from company to company and is based on the design selected by you. We’ve provided you with a comprehensive overview of the pricing for various flooring tiles. Keep reading to learn more! 

  • Typically, ceramic tiles begin at INR 40 per square foot, potentially reaching INR 200 or more, contingent on your preferred quality and design.
  • The price of granite, marble, and limestone tiles usually starts at INR 50 per square foot. Depending on the design, it goes up to INR 150 per square foot or beyond.
  • The price of porcelain tiles ranges between INR 50 and INR 300 per square foot. Opting for intricate patterns in premium-quality porcelain tiles may incur additional costs. 
  • Glass and mosaic tiles are priced between INR 100 and INR 300 per square foot. They come in a wide range of vibrant designs, and the price differs vastly based on your chosen pattern.
  • Consider vinyl tiles, starting at approximately INR 30 per square foot, for a cost-effective choice.

You may contact some companies listed above for precise pricing information on various tiles. You can also do your homework and look at other manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers offering these options. But you should make a final call based on your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Conclusion to Flooring Tiles

A variety of flooring tiles are readily available in the market, with ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, and porcelain being among the most popular choices. These tiles come in numerous shades, sizes, and designs to cater to diverse preferences. When selecting flooring tiles, it is advisable to take into account not only the aesthetic appeal but also the durability, all while staying within your budget. Numerous companies in India offer a range of flooring tiles. It is recommended to compare rates and evaluate the quality provided by a few reputable firms before making a final decision.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Some popular flooring tiles are vinyl, marble and granite. Other popular ones include limestone, cement, mosaic and porcelain tiles.

Ans 2. Porcelain tiles usually have a much lower water absorption rate than ceramic tiles, making them more frost-resistant, although not frost-proof. Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and have more damage resistance than ceramic tiles, so they should be suitable for almost any indoor residential application.

Ans 3. Ceramic, vitrified, granite, and marble floor tiles are the best for hall flooring.

Ans 4. Top 10 Tile Companies in India – New of 2023Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.Somany Ceramics Ltd.Asian Granito India Ltd.HSIL Hindware.H&R Johnson (India)Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.Nitco Ltd.Simpolo Ceramics.

Ans 5. Porcelain tiles are not only denser and stronger than ceramic but are also scratch and stain resistant. For a seamless finish, opt for rectified or joint-free porcelain tiles. Use epoxy grouting to impart a neat look. Vitrified tiles are strong, durable, stain and moisture resistant.

Ans 6. Also, porcelain tiles usually come in very basic designs while ceramic tiles are legendary for their variety. However, ceramic tiles are cheaper and can only be used indoors, while porcelain, being hard wearing, can be used in outdoor spaces as well”.