10 Innovative Main Gate Design Ideas for 2023

We look at some of the options available to homeowners for their main gates, the typical materials used for gate grill design, and Vastu principles for gate grill design. The design of the main gate in a home should exude warmth and hospitality. In addition to serving as a security feature, the design and structure of the main gate and doors contribute to the unique character of a house, regardless of whether it's an apartment or a standalone dwelling. Grill gate designs have advanced over time, encompassing aspects of both aesthetics and security.

Main gate design trends 2023

A stainless steel front gate adds an elegant touch to the external appearance of your home. When it comes to iron gates, the options for carvings and color combinations make it a top choice for main gate design ideas. In 2023, one of the prevailing trends in main gate design is simplicity and minimalism. Small iron gate designs are particularly well-suited for Indian homes. Complementing the modern gate design, you can also consider adding a grill wall. Enhancing the overall aesthetic can be achieved with a brick wall pattern. These gate designs have continued to be popular into 2022. Additionally, for a touch of style, you can opt for a sliding front gate. You have the choice of sliding doors with either horizontal or vertical designs. Swinging entrances remain a favored option among homeowners when it comes to designing the front gate of modern homes.

Gate design: Materials used

Front gate grill designs are crafted from a range of materials, including iron, steel, aluminum, and brass. These various materials offer both security and aesthetic enhancement to the entrance area. Below, we delve into the different types of materials commonly utilized for grill designs:


Iron is a heavy metal and widely used for main gate designs. Since it can easily rust, the cost of maintenance is high. Loha grill gate or iron main door gate design can be shaped for elaborate decorative designs. Cast and wrought iron are both used for grill designs.


Aluminium grills as door gate designs are a strong, lightweight and a highly durable material that is resistant to most outdoor weather conditions. These main gate grill design can be powder-coated in various colours. However, aluminium is not suitable for coastal areas, as it may become discoloured. Aluminium grills are light and go well with wooden structures as compared to structures.


Mild steel is stronger than wrought iron and cast iron is the strongest. As for rust-resistance, mild steel is less rust-resistant than cast iron but more rust-resistant than wrought iron. Steel gate design for main door is strong, maintenance-free, and does not rust, as it has a top coating of chromium oxide. They look sophisticated and have a superior finish.


Brass grills also look classic and are durable and resistant to rust.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is another popular material, which is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is inexpensive than metal doors. The main gate design should reflect the overall style of your home, in terms of theme and colour and blend with the exterior décor. Nowadays, gate grill design can be done in many ways.

Front gate designs for houses

Mentioned below are front gate grill design images for houses that you can evaluate.

Main gate design with folding pattern

Folding gate designs serve as excellent choices for main gate grill designs, particularly in homes, apartments, or bungalows with limited entrance space. These folding front gate designs can be crafted from metals or wood. Typically, they consist of multiple doors connected with hinges, allowing individual panels to fold into each other. This type of grill gate design for the main door is a cost-effective option and particularly well-suited for smaller houses. main gate

Gate grill design with floral patterns 

Floral patterns can be creatively incorporated into gate designs, featuring a wide range of motifs from small to large. These patterns can be adorned with beautiful colors in the case of a small gate design. Depending on the chosen material for the home gate design, options include an antique finish, elegant creeper styles, intricately laser-cut floral designs, or welded flower patterns for the main gate grill design. main gate

Sliding grill gate design 

Sliding gate designs operate along a rail that is typically installed on the ground. These grill gate designs are excellent choices for making the most of available space, moving horizontally through either manual sliding or automated systems. Unlike traditional gates, these sliding gate designs smoothly slide along a rail, avoiding obstruction of the pathway, as depicted in the grill gate photo below. These sliding gates can feature various designs, ranging from simple and sleek to funky or magnificent, whether made of iron (loha grill gate) or wood. They are suitable as simple gate designs for small houses. main gate

Main gate grill design for home: Spanish-inspired 

Spanish-inspired entrance gate designs represent a harmonious blend of style and security. These grills are meticulously forged and shaped in a manner inspired by Spanish architecture, imparting a nostalgic charm. As illustrated in the grill gate photo, these gate designs are predominantly crafted from wrought iron and can exhibit intricate decorations featuring scrolls, ball castings, and spear toppers, or opt for a simpler aesthetic with squared or crossbars. The primary color combination for these iron gates often includes classic black and golden accents. main gate

Artistic grill gate design 

Main gate grill designs can be adorned with customized castings and elegant intricate patterns featuring various motifs like Ganesha, lotus, sun, Warli designs, geometric patterns, ornamental details, and laser-cut designs. The choice of the main gate grill design can be aligned with the overall theme of one's home, allowing it to make an artistic and thematic statement, similar to the example depicted in the grill gate photo below. main gate

Grill gate design: Partly designed

A combination of half-wooden and half-grill gate design (jaali) can create a captivating look. In this type of main gate grill design for doors, the upper half of the door features metal jali in intriguing designs such as spiral, classic wave, honeycomb, and more. Meanwhile, the lower half of the grill gate for the main door can be made from plain painted metal sheet, wood, or paneled wood. This not only adds a stylish and modern touch but also maintains the privacy of the home. main gate Additionally, crafting a main gate design that combines wood, glass, and grillwork can lend an elegant appearance to your entrance. The gate design may consist solely of metal, or you can merge a metal grill with wood or glass elements. For instance, you can incorporate a glass panel adorned with intricate floral or geometric patterns alongside the main door. Another option is to introduce a wooden panel to embellish the main door and employ glass alternatively to create designs on the wooden panel. Choosing stained or frosted glass can enhance privacy, allow light, and contribute to the overall style. main gate

Moroccan inspired main gate grill design 

In this particular main gate design, metallic bars are skillfully crafted to form a floral and mesh-like pattern reminiscent of Moroccan-style motifs. These main gate grill designs seamlessly blend the aesthetics of old-world geometric patterns with contemporary fabrication techniques, featuring intricate metal inlay work and exotic gate painting designs. Moorish-inspired main gate color combinations often include shades of blue, yellow, and brown. main gate

Vintage main gate design 

Brass doors and grill gates have maintained their popularity in front gate design, dating back to the Victorian era, owing to their elegant characteristics. If your home follows a vintage theme, consider integrating the design of the security gate to harmonize with it. Brass offers various finish options, such as polished brass, gunmetal brass, standard brass, and anodized brass, which can be chosen to align with the overall theme of the house gate design, adding a touch of opulence. main gate

Stainless steel main gate design

Steel gate designs for the main gate offer a modern appearance and can be designed with various operating models, including swinging and sliding house gate designs. These steel gate designs can be adorned with decorative patterns or ornamental elements, increasing their aesthetic value. Whether you choose vertical or horizontal bars, intricate laser-cut designs, or painted finishes, a steel gate design can be customized to fit the style of your house. Incorporating decorative motifs and patterns on the steel grill adds a unique touch to your home's exterior.

Main gate grill design with metal mesh

Metal mesh can be an excellent choice for the main gate, especially when painted in colors like black, brown, blue, beige, or white. These durable metal fences and railings provide safety without obstructing views. Materials such as steel (stainless, powder-coated, or galvanized) and aluminum are popular and long-lasting options for mesh designs. By incorporating decorative geometric grillwork, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the main gate while also preventing insects from entering the house.

Main gate grill design with golden elements

Integrating golden elements into your doors can elevate the visual allure of your house gate. Select the golden color to enhance the beauty of these intricate patterns, making the entrance area more inviting and appealing. main gate

Low-cost simple main gate designs

Here's a budget-friendly approach to installing a main gate. Opt for iron as the gate material, offering various affordable customization options. Iron gates allow for intricate metalwork without breaking the bank. However, it's important to note that iron is susceptible to corrosion. To ensure longevity, select appropriate paint coatings for the material.
main gate

Main grill gate design with a pergola

Enhancing the visual appeal of your home can be achieved by adding a pergola to the front gate area. You have the flexibility to design the pergola with a frame that complements the traditional theme of your house, incorporating elements like red clay tiles. Alternatively, you can opt for a pergola constructed from materials like metal, stone, glass, or reclaimed wood to align with the main gate's design. Installing lights on the pergola frame can create a bright and inviting entrance. You can choose between an open or closed pergola design or select a design with light and transparent materials that both protect and adorn the main gate area.

Main gate colour combination 

The main gate's design offers a range of color possibilities, including options like black, brown, silver, gold, blue, white, red, and more. It's advisable to select a main gate color combination that complements your home's façade, walls, and overall exterior design. To ensure a good paint finish, start by applying a metal primer to the gates. Prior to painting, remove any rust that may be present. When choosing paint, consider the type of metal used in the gate's construction. For wrought iron gates, opt for oil-based or alkyd paints, as they provide a durable finish and water resistance. In the case of galvanized metal grill gates, avoid using oil-based primers and paints. Instead, choose acrylic primers and paints specially formulated for use on galvanized surfaces. It's essential to periodically repaint a metal gate to prevent rusting and peeling of the paint.

Main gate: Cost considerations 

The cost of standard gates can be impacted by various elements, including the material chosen, the gate's size, its design intricacy, and the selected color and paint. Below, you will discover price ranges for different gate types. However, it's crucial to note that these are just a few examples, and actual prices may vary depending on factors like local market conditions, regional disparities, and other factors.
Gate type Price
Stainless steel main gate design Rs 750-850 per sqft
Premium stainless steel swing gate Rs 1,850-1,950 per sqft
Contemporary stainless steel swing gate Rs 650-750 per sqft
Swing steel gate Rs 1,800 per sqft and upwards
Iron MS sliding gate Rs 950 per sqft and upwards
Contemporary cast iron gate Rs 1,250 per sqft and upwards

Main gate design: Tips to maintain

  • Security is the most important feature of a front gate design. Hence, ensure that you use good quality, sturdy material for the main gate design.
  • Ensure that the dimensions are properly measured and decide on the design, main gate colour combination, whether it will be sliding or folding, etc., based on the space available.
  • Choose the main gate design, based on your home’s interior. Consider the requirements of small children and pets, if any. Reduce the gaps on the door grill gate or use metal mesh to keep your pets safe within the home.
  • For flats, the safety gate design has to match the main entrance door, to lend an appealing look.
  • Always select good quality locks, latches, hinges and handles. Install a security camera, video doorbell, alarm, spikes, or electric fencing for more security.
  • Usually, it is cheaper to install a manual gate, as compared to an automatic one. Select, according to your budget.
  • Regularly lubricate the metal gate locks and latches, to keep them free from rust.
  • If need be, affix an insect net behind it, to keep pests away.

Main gate design: Vastu tips

  • A main gate design using wood and metal is recommended for the south direction.
  • A main gate design made of metal is apt for the west direction.
  • A silver-painted gate grill design is ideal for the north direction.
  • A wooden main gate design decorated with a metal grill or accessories, is good for the east direction.
  • Do not keep the main entrance gate higher than the compound wall.
  • The main gate should be brightly lit to attract prosperity and positive energy. According to Vastu there should be no darkness in and around the main gate.
  • The main entrance gates should always open in a clockwise direction and open inwards.


Q. Which type of main gate is best?

Steel is a popular choice for the main gate as it gives a modern, sleek look. If you desire design over durability, then, iron is a better option.

Q. How can I decorate the grill gate?

Use door knockers, wind chimes, small metal bells, metallic nameplates, a laser-cut house number, torans, etc., to decorate the main gate.

Q. How to do the estimation of the cost of the grill used for making the main gate?

The cost of the grill is stated on a per sq ft-basis. It depends on the metal chosen, design, style and its sophistication, construction, types of joints, welding, etc.

Q. What is the ideal size of a main gate?

The recommended size for an optimal main gate is at least three feet wide and seven feet tall. This size is believed to invite positive energy, so it's advised to avoid undersized doors.

Q. What is the best colour for a gate?

According to Vastu Shastra, silver, yellow and white are considered some of the luckiest colours for a main gate. The Vastu principles suggest using light colours for the main door.

Q. Which iron is best for main gate?

Cast Iron is often the preferred choice for a main gate, whether for residential or commercial establishments, as it provides excellent protection against burglary activities.
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