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Virat Kohli remains India's most valuable celebrity - The Statesman

Virat Kohli's house (Gurugram)

Virat Kohli is possibly one of the most famous cricketers around the world and has become a household name that tends to attract unparalleled attention, especially in India. While his consistent performance on the field continues to help the India team, his success makes him a "wet dream" for a brand to endorse. He ranks among the highest-earning athletes worldwide and is a proud owner of luxury cars and houses. The Indian captain, Virat Kohli spent most of his time in the Uttam Nagar area in western Delhi, growing up before seeing his success in cricket and moving to posh cities. Virat Kohli's house was in the residential settlement of Paschim Vihar, Meera Bagh, until his family moved to a luxurious bungalow in Gurugram, Haryana. While Kohli created a sensation after buying a luxury house at Worli House, a bungalow floating in the sky leaving the Indian cricket wallet lighter by Rs 34 crore, little is known about Virat Kohli's house in Gurugram, Haryana. But not anymore. Here is a look at King Virat Kohli's luxurious home in Gurgaon Eye-Catching Structure

Amazing structure

Getting away from the streets of Meera Bagh, Kohli and his family moved to this beautiful home in DLF Phase 1, Gurugram. At first glance, the house looks like a group of boxes connected to each other. But when you start paying attention, you'll notice that this beautiful home is actually a 3D abstraction of an interlocking geometric structure. The Indian cricketer is believed to have spent Rs. 80 crore for this luxurious bungalow. What Makes Virat Kohli

Drawing Room

What Makes Virat Kohli What Makes Virat Kohli The Indian captain kept the drawing-room very simple. The dark-colored wall ideally balances wooden furniture, including the giant lamp, in the visible space. There is a glass wall overlooking the alley, which makes the space clearly attractive. A beautiful round candle holder is also shown.

Well-Connected Pathways

What Makes Virat Kohli What Makes Virat Kohli Spread over 500 square yards, the beautiful house features carefully designed paths to keep every area Virat Kohli's house in good contact. The placement of light also appears to be deliberately designed to avoid too much glare while illuminating paths.

Quaint Bar

What Makes Virat Kohli For someone who pays special attention to his physical condition, Kohli, understandably, has gone beyond drinking days. However, due to his success, the Delhi cricketer often finds himself amusing guests as this picturesque strip starts to run. From dark-colored walls, matching marble cover, and hanging wooden stools, this bar is all you need for an immersive drinking session.

Living Room

What Makes Virat Kohli Moving to the Bungalow Gurugram in 2015, Kohli held a private party for his fellow Indian teammates where the big shots were seen. Indian cricketers, who are a big fan of console games, definitely liked Kohli's living room, which offers excellent seating space and a large TV to quench their thirst for games. With the beautiful roof pattern and perfect vertical gardening across the room, your gaming experience couldn't be any better.

Hanging Pool

What Makes Virat Kohli What Makes Virat Kohli For its amazing price, Virat Kohli's Gurugram Residence is an ideal example of a modern mansion. It goes without saying that everything in this stunning house speaks of luxury and elegance. If sumptuous interiors, exquisite floors, and a carefully crafted structure aren't enough to attract you, the fact that there is a unique hanging block that acts as a hidden pool is sure to impress everyone. Just across the sprawling garden, tiles show the path to a rustic wooden staircase, which in turn leads you to a raised platform where the wooden floor welcomes you for a quick dip in the pool. Wasting money is one thing, but creating artwork is a completely different ball game, something Kohli did with Gurugram Bungalow. img source: the statesman, mensxp article source: mensxp Also Read: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas house in Beverly Hills, USA