Top 10 property deals: Here’s a look at what Bollywood actors bought and sold in 2023

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Bollywood celebrities were on a property buying and selling spree. This year they invested in real estate for leasing as the annual rental yield was high

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Ans 1. Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan Superstar Shah Rukh Khan owns a uber-luxurious, five-bedroom bungalow, Mannat, in Mumbai' Bandra. The mansion is spread over an area of 27,000 square foot (sqft), featuring spacious living rooms and bedrooms, a library, a gymnasium, a personal auditorium and other amenities.

Ans 2. World's richest actors: Shah Rukh Khan, sole Indian in top 5 ​Jami Gertz​ Richest actor in the world with a $3 billion net worth, according to World of Statistics. ... ​Brock Pierce​ Net worth: $2 billion. ... ​Jerry Seinfeld​ ... ​Dwayne Johnson​ ... ​Shah Rukh Khan​ ... ​Tom Cruise​ ... ​George Clooney​ ... ​Robert De Niro​

Ans 3. No introduction is needed for Bollywood's King Khan's mansion, Mannat. Shah Rukh Khan's house 'Mannat' overlooks the Arabian Sea in Bandra, Mumbai. The lavish bungalow covers an area of 27,000 sq ft and features multiple bedrooms, a library, a gym, a personal auditorium, and many other amenities.

Ans 4. Ans. Shahrukh Khan. The king of Bollywood also has the biggest celebrity house in Mumbai. Mannat is now a famous tourist spot with fans from all over the globe coming over to watch Shahrukh Khan live.

Ans 5. Topping the list of richest Indian actresses is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Her net worth of Rs 800 comes from films, brand endorsements (like Longines, Cadbury, Kalyan Jewellers, Lodha Group, TTK Prestige group, Titan Watches, De Beers Diamonds, among others), real estate investments, and other areas.