Tips to place your mandir at home according to Vastu Shastra


A house temple is a sacred place where we worship God. So of course it should be a positive and peaceful place. The temple area, when placed in accordance with Vastu Shastra, can bring health, prosperity, and happiness to the home and its occupants. Although the ideal would be a separate puja room, this is not always possible in large cities, where there is a space crisis. For such homes, you can consider wall hanging mandir or small corner mandir depending upon your requirements. Here are some tips to place your mandir at home according to Vastu Shastra. When it comes to building a temple, don't place it directly on the ground or the floor. Instead, keep it on a raised platform or base. The temple must be made of marble or wood. Avoid glass or acrylic temples. Don't clutter up the structure. Make sure there are no multiple idols of the same god or goddess, either sitting or standing in the temple. Parmar suggests that the idol or images placed in the temple should not be cracked or damaged, as they are considered sinister. These tips of  place your mandir at home according to Vastu Shastra will keep your surrounding positive. One should be able to perform puja wherever the temple is. During the special puja, the whole family tends to pray together. Therefore, make sure there is enough space for the family to sit and pray. A good and healthy energy flow is necessary for the mandir area. So, keep it clean and tidy, free of dust and cobwebs, and avoid filling the space with too many accessories. A feeling of serenity and calmness is what a mandir should have. mandir room according to vastu shastra

Design ideas for puja mandir in small flats

The pyramid-shaped gopura roof of the temple will be a good design for your puja room. Positive energy is attracted with the pyramid shape. 

Puja room in entertainment unit or living room

For small apartments, the best place to keep a puja unit is in the living room. If you have empty shelves in the entertainment unit, you can decorate a small corner for a space dedicated to puja space. However, privacy and focus are still an issue for people who like to spend a lot of time meditating and praying.

Puja room in kitchen cabinet

You can customize a kitchen cabinet to function as a mini mandir. The cabinet door may have carved edges and graceful holes on its surface, to disperse smoke when lit in days and incense sticks.

Dining room corner

You can transform an empty corner of the dining room into a puja space by placing a set of elegant pedestals so that the idols are several inches above ground level. You can also place small lights above or below the idols to illuminate the area and also store puja essentials. To keep the mandir out of view a person can add a curtain or a cloth to cover the mandir for privacy and out of view.

Open shelf corners

If you have open shelves, you can easily organize a small bidding space to place idols. For small houses, the built-in metal shelves in the corner of the house make the puja area trendy with different idols on each shelf and space for lamps and incense sticks. Credit- Also, read- Tips to Buy your dream home with a single income