Unauthorized structures on Aravali forest land will have to go: SC


The Supreme Court said Tuesday that all unauthorized buildings found on the Aravali forest land in Faridabad's Khori village must go, as the order in the case on the demolition of such buildings is "very clear."

The High Court, which on July 23 granted an additional four weeks to the Faridabad Municipal Corporation for the removal of encroachments from Aravali forest land, was asked by the commissioner of the civil body to present a status report that may also include the result of the protests presented. before him regarding rehabilitation.

Board of Judges A M Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari noted that those who qualify under the policy are likely to be rehabilitated. He pointed out why the state should rehabilitate the unskilled, trespassers, and land grabbers. "Our order is very clear that all unauthorized buildings on forest land must be removed," the board said.

Aravali forest land

Initially, the lawyer representing the municipal body said that the court had last month ordered the completion of the rehabilitation scheme and that the civil body, after considering the proposals, had submitted them to the state government. The lawyer who appeared for Haryana said that the state should request objections and that the policy will be finalized in two to three weeks.

When one of the lawyers who appeared in the case raised the issue of the policy, the board said: "Let the final decision be made. The final decision can be appealed. The fairness of the policy can be proven." The lawyer said there should be temporary shelters with basic facilities so that people whose houses have been demolished can stay in them.

He said that, in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Court, they represented the Commissioner in this regard and were asked to go to the Radha Soami Satsang or Red Cross headquarters. "The state has to do something. They can't wash their hands. There are nursing mothers and babies there. Temporary arrangements have to be made," he said. The lawyer representing the municipal corporation said that arrangements such as beds, bathrooms, and food had already been made.

The lawyer representing the civil body said: "Almost 50 percent of the population was on rent and they have left there. Most have emigrated. In Radha Swami and the Red Cross there are facilities", adding if anyone has any complaint. , they can contact the delegate to solve it. When the lawyer stated that the Radha Soami facility is also located on wooded land, the lawyer representing the municipal company replied "No, that is not true."Although the council indicated that the four-week period granted last month to the civil body would end on August 23, it published the hearing order on August 25.

He said that in order to dispel complaints from local residents and allow them to make use of the facilities available in terms of the directives issued by the Supreme Court, the Municipal Corporation Commissioner may consider establishing an expanded office in the Radha Swami Complex where interested persons have been provided with temporary accommodation and food. The court also heeded a request from those who said they had their own land, which is used to host weddings.

The lawyer representing the plaintiffs previously said that the Supreme Court granted them provisional measures in a separate case against the order of the National Green Court (NGT), but now, the authorities have notified them that their border will be demolished within four days.

"If they are on forest land, they have to comply with our order," the authority said, adding that it is concerned about unauthorized structures found on forest land.

The Supreme Court said it will hear the case on August 6, with pending petitions.

The court informed the lawyer representing the municipal company that if the structures are located on wooded land, it is possible to proceed but if not on forest land, the authority will not be able to move forward until the hearing on the next date.

He said applicants are free to present the material to the competent authority, which issued the notice, so they can consider it.

On July 23, the Supreme Court gave the municipal corporation four more weeks to clear invasions of forest land, after the civic body said unauthorized buildings had been cleared on nearly half of the total 150 acres.

The platform was informed last month that the municipal corporation had launched a planned campaign to remove the unauthorized construction and so far, 74 acres of the 150 acres have been cleared and returned to the possession of the civil authority.

On June 7, the Supreme Court ordered the Haryana and Faridabad Municipal Authority to remove "all encroachments", consisting of some 10,000 apartment buildings, in the Aravalli forest area near the village, saying that "professionals of the earth cannot resort to the rule of law "and speak of" Justice ".

She had issued the June 7 order after hearing a separate petition from five alleged offenders against a campaign to demolish a civic body.

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