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Top 10 Luxury Apartments in the World

After taking a peek at the homes of billionaires on this list, here’s a look inside the homes of the world’s top ten billionaires. The high price of these apartments gives you some great features like a 25-seat cinema and a 75-foot swimming pool. Whoa, can you believe that?

Check them out below:

1. One Hyde Park, London

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$9,906 

Penthouse: US$226.9 million 

One of the most discussed apartment buildings, One Hyde Park is one of those places where there is a lot of entertainment for the residents, such as a golf simulator, private theater, and squash court, to name a few.

2. 432 Park Avenue, New York

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$6,742

Penthouse: US$95 million

432 is the tallest residential building in New York. Your attic consists of six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a library. You can also have a winery, 75-foot indoor pool, spa, and gym here at 432.

3. One57, New York

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$6,000

Penthouse: US$90 million

With 95 apartments and amenities like a yoga studio, craft workshop room, and pet grooming room, One57 is a great place to live.

4. South Bank Tower, London

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$3,300 

Penthouse: US$90 million

It is a 41 story building consisting of 191 luxury apartments. It was built on the River Thames and overlooks the infamous London Eye. Your attic is a trio with two roofs.

5. Tour Odeon, Monaco

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$8,900

Top Apartment: US$65.7 million 

At over 550 feet, Tour Odeon is the tallest building in Monaco, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It features 70 luxurious apartments with large windows. The Sky Penthouse occupies the top five floors of the building and also includes a private infinity pool.


6. Opus Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$10,740 

Top Published Price: US$58.6 million

An apartment on the eighth floor of this skyscraper holds the record for being the most expensive apartment sold in the city. In addition to many amazing amenities, it also has rainwater recycling to charge electric cars and irrigation systems.

7. 56 Leonard, New York

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$6,000

Penthouse: US$47 million

This beautiful building is constructed almost entirely of cantilever glass. His penthouse is one of the most expensive homes sold in Manhattan. It also houses a 25-seat theater and a 75-foot indoor pool for its residents.

8. Clermont Residence, Singapore

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$2,360

Penthouse: US$47 million

Above the 290-meter-high Tanjung Pagar Center is Singapore’s tallest building, the Claremont Residence. The building, which will be completed in 2016, will include 180 apartments as well as penthouses of 14,500 square feet.

9. One Thousand Museum Condos, Miami

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$1,100

Penthouse: US$45 million

With two floors of wellness and spa facilities, a sundeck, and a private helipad, the Thousand One Museum is simply stunning.

10. One Madison, New York

Average Price Per Square Foot: US$5,000

Penthouse: US$43 million

One Madison is a slender 60-story glass tower that offers amenities like an indoor pool with marble walls and butler service. This place is home to many famous people, such as Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen.

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