The Best Wood Furniture Design for Your Home


The Best Wood Furniture Design for Your Home

Modern wood furniture design can elevate your interior designing game in a fraction of a second. Whether your furniture has an ancient tincture to it or is completely contemporary, it has the power to change the entire look and feel of a place. Indians have been carving one of the best quality wood furniture designs since time immemorial.

With globalization sinking deep into the roots of the Indian designs, the wood furniture design in India has taken an undeniable change throughout the centuries. Nowadays, each Indian household possesses good furniture, or they strive to bring one! Furniture has been an integral commodity of any Indian household - whether rural or urban. They still prefer to have furniture carved from solid food, thanks to its endurance and greater art value.

Indian wood furniture design is either created from hardwood or softwood. Hence the quality differs in terms of strength and density. In this article, we will closely examine different types of wood used to create the Indian wood furniture design, and their various properties of the same. We will also closely understand which type of wood you should invest in for various kinds of furniture. Let’s get started.

Types of Indian Woods and Their Properties

1. Teak Wood Furniture Design


Teak Wood, known as Saagaun in Hindi, is known to be the best type of Indian wood. It is fire resistant in nature and is extremely durable. Furniture created out of teak wood has a mesmerizing grain pattern. It is soft to touch and possesses a rich brown colour after being polished as compared to furniture made out of plywood. Thus, it is naturally the most expensive kind of wood available in India.

Saagaun is known to look extremely mesmerizing after being polished and creates a modern wood furniture design. They are naturally anti-pest and hence, do not get destroyed by ants and other types of bugs. Even due to weather phenomena, teak wood is known to stay as it is; thanks to its high tensile strength. Teak wood of India is found exclusively in the central and southern parts of the country.

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2. Rosewood Furniture Design


Indian Rosewood, popularly known as ‘Sheesham’ in Sanskrit and Hindi, is a touch, well grained and fragmented type of wood. It comes in various sizes and can be used to create unique ornaments, and cabinets. Sheesham is readily available in the Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. Sheesham is usually used to create furniture such as cabinets and storage repositories.
Even a plethora of mathematical devices has been made out of Indian rosewood since ancient times, till now. Sheesham is commonly observed to be used in bathroom furniture, crockery, musical instruments, etc. Typically, Indian rosewood would cost around INR 1,500 to INR 6,000 per cubic metre.

3. Satinwood Furniture Design


Satinwood is a strong and durable Indian wood used extensively in the wood furniture design of India. After polishing, it gets all glossed up. Satinwood is also found in the Central and Southern parts of the country. It is mostly used for laying wooden floors; thanks to its natural finishings. Satin gets worn out over time, hence it is recommended that one must always polish Satin regularly. It is generally used to manufacture decorative pieces and helps in designing a modern wood furniture design. The price of satinwood ranges from INR 1,250 to INR 1,500 per cubic foot.

4. Sal Wood Furniture Design


Sal is an indigenous wood type that is found exclusively in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. It is popularly used to make musical instruments, and flooring; thanks to its super tensile nature. Sal is naturally anti-fungal and comprises anti-pest properties, thus it does not get affected by fungus or any bug. Sal is used to making doors and windows due to its strong nature. The price of sal wood ranges from INR 1,250 to INR 1,500 per cubic foot.

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5. Marandi Wood Furniture Design


Marandi, also known as White Cedar, is found in Malaysia and is extremely light as compared to other forms of wood. It is extensively used in Indian wood furniture design. Being resistant to major bugs and ants, it is extensively used to produce various art pieces and accessories, for instance, chests, drawers, almirah and racks with modern wood furniture design. The average price of Marandi wood in India is INR 900 to INR 1,400 per cubic foot.

6. Mahogany Wood Furniture Design


Mahogany is commonly found in Bengal, Assam and Kerala. It is found underwater, and obtains a darker shade when set to polishing; it obtains a glossy finish in this process - making it an apt preference for making furniture. Being aquatic in nature, mahogany does not decay when it comes in contact with moisture. It is a common wood with high durability. You can use mahogany wood for creating panelling, wooden ceiling and room dividers. Hence, it is used extensively in creating art pieces and is used in wood furniture design. The average price of Mahogany wood in India is INR 850 to INR 2,500 per cubic foot.

7. Mulberry Wood Furniture Design


Mulberry wood on polishing gives a fine-tuned search and can be easily blended to make floor and modern wood furniture design; thanks to its property of being tough and elastic. Mulberry is also known to have a bigger range of colours, as compared to other types of woods used for making furniture.

8. Deodar Wood Furniture Design

C-shaped-sculpture-made-of-deodar-wood Furniture Design                          

Deodar wood is known to be tough, non-rottable, rigidly close-packed and whose polishing is not at all easy. It is generally found in the states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Being a tough wildwood, deodar is insect resistant as well, bringing about higher shelf life. Deodar also possesses the property of absorbing colours in various degrees, making it essential to be used in decorations of the ornaments as well as for creating modern wood furniture design. It has been used to build wooden temples and other important places since time immemorial. The average price of Deodar wood in India is around INR 550 to INR 2500 per cubic foot.

9. Walnut Wood Furniture Design

Wood Furniture Design                          

Walnut is easily found in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh and can be used for creating modern wood furniture design. Being a tight-grained wood, walnut is known to give a smooth finishing touch to the wood furniture design. Being easy to work with can bring about beautiful furniture and pieces. The average price of walnut wood in India is around INR 2,000 to INR 6,000 per cubic foot.

Why Wood Furniture Design is Still in Demand

Going by the latest reports shared by Google, questions about the best wooden furniture are still prevalent in the search queries. Despite the availability of a vast amount of ‘modern’ alternatives in the market, people still prefer to have good wood furniture design for their homes, offices, etc. History stands as a living testimony that designs and furniture carved by the Indian wood furniture design stands firmly in the face of odd times; its legacy and impact simply cannot be created by the modern alternatives.

Our eternal love for traditional artefacts further established the place of wood furniture design eternally within our households. This is largely due to readily available furniture-based logs and trunks of trees from the wild, and their innumerable perks and advantages. Furthermore, wood is definitely more expensive than synthetic alternatives, but it is still not par the budget that an average Indian spends on wooden furniture.

In Sum - Wood Furniture Design

If you want your house to reflect the perfect blend of traditional Indian style and contemporary senses, then you should opt for a modern wood furniture design. There are a variety of woods available in the market at different prices. Depending on your requirement and the aesthetics of your house, you can opt for a wood furniture design and make the interiors of your house more appealing.

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