Landowners to get 500 sqft flat in Kamathipura redevelopment

The Maharashtra state government issued a government resolution (GR) on July 2, 2024, detailing compensation for landowners in Kamathipura as part of the redevelopment of dilapidated cess and non-cess buildings. According to the GR, landowners with a 50 sqm (539 sqft) plot will receive a 500 sqft flat each. Those owning 51 to 100 sqm will be given two 500 sqft flats, while owners of 151 to 200 sqm will receive four 500 sqft flats each. This compensation is in accordance with 33(9) of the Development Control & Promotion Regulation 2034, ensuring fair and transparent land acquisition and compensation distribution.

Kamathipura, located in South Mumbai and spread over 27.59 acres, is set for transformative redevelopment. The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (Mhada) serves as the nodal agency for this project. The area comprises over 943 cessed buildings with approximately 8,238 tenants and 349 non-cessed buildings. It also includes 14 religious structures, two schools, and four reserved plots. The redevelopment plan is modeled after the successful redevelopment of the BDD chawls in South Mumbai. 

Incorporating an orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls can add vibrancy and warmth to the new flats provided as part of this redevelopment project. This pairing is versatile and suitable for modern interiors, enhancing the overall appeal of the living spaces.

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