How to paint appliances to match kitchen decor?


You may question whether it's possible to paint your appliances to coordinate with the new decor when updating or rejuvenating your kitchen. The positive update is that indeed, you are able to paint your kitchen appliances to match your kitchen's design effortlessly. This article will help you with painting your appliances by explaining how to pick the right paint and the steps needed for the process.

Choosing the right paint

Choosing the correct paint type is crucial for a successful appliance painting project. Appliances require a tough and heat-proof paint that can withstand the demands of kitchen use. Search for paints specifically made for appliances or cars, as they are created to endure high temperatures and regular use. These paints have different looks like matte, shiny, and soft, so you can choose the perfect one for your kitchen.

Preparing to paint

Before you start painting, preparation is crucial. Here’s how you can prepare:

  1. Clean the appliance: Ensure the surface of your appliance is clean and free from grease and dirt. Use a degreaser or a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to thoroughly clean the surface.
  2. Sand the surface: Lightly sand the appliance’s surface to help the paint adhere better. Use a fine-grit sandpaper and gently buff the surface.
  3. Tape off areas: Use painter’s tape to cover any parts of the appliance you do not want to paint, such as handles or logos.
  4. Prime the surface: Apply a good-quality primer designed for metal surfaces. This will help the paint stick better and provide a smoother finish.
Painting your appliances

Now that your appliance is prepped, it’s time to paint:

  1. Apply the paint: Use a spray paint or a roller designed for smooth surfaces. Spray paint generally gives a smoother, more professional finish. Apply the paint in thin, even coats, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.
  2. Be patient: It can be tempting to use the appliance immediately, but patience is key. Wait at least 24 hours before using the appliance to ensure the paint is completely dry and cured.
  3. Apply a sealer: For extra durability, consider applying a clear sealer over the paint. This will protect the paint from chips and scratches.
Considerations and tips
  • Ventilation: Make sure your workspace is well-ventilated when painting. Appliance paints can emit strong fumes.
  • Temperature: If possible, paint in a warm, dry area to ensure the paint dries evenly and quickly.
  • Professional advice: If unsure, consider consulting a professional. They can offer advice specific to your appliance and the type of paint required.

Let your appliance match the glow of your fresh renovation with a new layer of paint.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Appliance paint can be applied different ways, but spray versions tend to work the best. Semi-gloss paint is another option, but it should only be used on items that don't get too hot, such as your refrigerator. To update your appliances using paint, make sure they're unplugged and pulled away from the wall.

Ans 2. Matching or mismatching your appliances can affect the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, thereby making a significant difference in how you feel about the space. From a functional standpoint, it is not important for appliances to match in terms of brand and colour.

Ans 3. Apply primer: Apply a thin coat of primer specifically designed for appliances. Allow the primer to dry completely. Apply paint: Apply thin, even coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. It's generally better to apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat.

Ans 4. When spray painting kitchen appliances, opt for heat-resistant paint. And even better yet, make it food-safe too. 'Do select your spray paint carefully,' Pat says. 'Make sure it's suitable for the surface.

Ans 5. Painting Your Stainless Steel Appliances With a primed surface, you're good to go! I would highly recommend using the Alkyd Solutions from Behr Paint, in a colour to match your kitchen. Or don't match, go for contrast – it's up to you