Feng shui for bedroom: Best feng shui tips for bedrooms

Feng shui for bedroom: Best feng shui tips for bedrooms

The bedroom is a welcome retreat from a stressful world for many reasons. It gives comfort, warmth, and familiarity in the face of severe stress, hard labour, and tiredness. You must optimise the feng shui potential of this sacred place because you spend more of your time there.

Before getting on the journey of arranging feng shui for bedrooms, get rid of the negative energy by quick cleaning. To clear the room of bad energy, consider burning sage, palo santo, or cedar. It will guarantee that the chi in your bedroom is built on a solid foundation (life force energy).

Here are some of the critical feng shui rules for bedrooms that you can follow to attract love, passion and good luck. These feng shui ideas are simple to implement. These fundamental recommendations include feng shui rules for ideal bed location, colour, mirror placement, etc.

Bed placement as per feng shui for bedroom

The bed is an essential piece of furniture in your bedroom because it reflects you. You spend most of your time in the bedroom, usually resting or sleeping. You are in a passive ‘yin’ position when sleeping, making you more vulnerable to the energy surrounding you. As a result, your sleeping position impacts both your conscious and unconscious moods.

So placing your bed in the correct position is essential according to feng shui for bedrooms. Here are some of the best feng shui tips to arrange your bed.

Bed placement as per feng shui for bedroom

As per feng shui, you must place your bed in an authoritative position. Place your bed to see the bedroom door from the bed. But, do not place it where you stand immediately in front of the door. According to a decent rule of thumb, the bed should be diagonal from the entryway.

If you can't be in the commanding position, use a mirror to adjust the bed. Place a mirror to see the reflection of the door from the bed.

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Aside from the dominating position, there are other considerations to keep in mind for feng shui for bedrooms. Any doors that open directly onto any section of the bed should be avoided. Keep your feet from pointing straight to the door. It is also known as the ‘coffin posture.’ You can hand a faceted feng shui crystal ball between the entryway and the bed if it is directly in front of a door.

Put the bed head against a solid wall to support your back. Instead of keeping the bed in the middle of the room, place it against a concrete wall behind you. Moreover, keep windows away from the head of the bed. It is preferable to have a firm barrier behind you.

Avoid placing your bed’s head against the toilet wall, which means avoiding putting your bed against a wall with a toilet on the opposite side. If that is not practicable, use a mirror above and behind the bed to widen the room's perspective beyond. It will also eliminate the toilet.

Having free space on the left and right sides of the bed is ideal for adults. 18 inches on each side is the minimum requirement. The area on both sides helps you balance your yin and yang and provide each couple with their own space (or future partner).

The space above your bed should be devoid of beams, soffits, or slanted ceilings for the optimum feng shui location. These architectural characteristics above the bed might put unnecessary strain on the body.

Best colours as per feng shui for the bedroom


As per feng shui, some colours are supposed to encourage maximum sensuality and serene vibes in the bedroom and comfortable sleep. Here are a few examples of the best colour scheme to attract good feng shui for bedrooms.

Green, blue and teal are excellent bedroom colours, as they represent a connection with the wood element, denoting growth, vigour, and new beginnings. These colours of nature, such as in plants, the water, and the sky, maybe quite relaxing.

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Pink is a soothing, feminine colour linked to the Kun section of the feng shui Bagua map, which represents relationships. Pink is a terrific hue to become more comfortable, generate gentleness in an existing relationship, or attract a new partner into your life. Peach is a particularly effective colour to entice a spouse.

White is a popular choice for house decor, particularly for walls. White symbolises purity, simplicity, and new beginnings. When used in significant numbers, white may be harsh, so it's preferable to pair it with softer hues. If you like the colour white, off-whites and ivories might be a smoother and relaxing option.

In feng shui, colours like brown, orange and earthy yellow are linked with the earth element and are associated with anchoring, stability, and nutrition. It makes them excellent bedroom colours, especially if you are feeling disoriented.

Purple consists of two colours - a cold, tranquil blue and a flaming, passionate red - and is a calming hue, making it ideal for the bedroom. Purple is also associated with the Xun (Wealth) section of the feng shui Bagua map, associated with prosperity, wealth and self-worth. For more outstanding balance or to increase emotions of worthiness, try adding soothing lavender tones to your bedroom.

Grey is associated with the Qian section of the Bagua in feng shui, associated with helpful individuals and travel. It offers a balanced and tranquil impact since it is made up of black (yin) and white (yang). You may also blend grey with another hue to support the other colour's goal.

Black is associated with the water element, and it has a lot of depth. Add an adequate amount of black but not too much. Instead of painting your bedroom walls black, add a pop of colour with a picture frame or throw cushion. Alternatively, you may place a piece of black tourmaline beneath each bed corner to help build a protective grid and absorb bad energy.

Dark blue and navy are associated with the Bagua's Gen region, also known as the Knowledge area. Dark blue is an excellent choice for a bedroom, especially if you want to relieve stress or focus on self-cultivation.

Mirror placement as per feng shui for bedroom


Placing mirrors in bedrooms may be a problem for fostering good feng shui and preventing evil chi flow. Despite their popularity as a bedroom adornment, mirrors aren't a natural fit for excellent feng shui. There are several feng shui bedroom mirror regulations to consider.

DO NOT place the mirror in these positions as per Feng Shui for bedroom:

  • Directly across the bed

Placing mirrors in the bedrooms can disrupt the chi energy by throwing it out the window. The chi bounces off any reflecting surface, causing chaos by jumping about the room or bouncing back out. Cover the mirror with a simple cloth before going into bed, or move it to a less-problematic area in the room.

  • Facing door 

A mirror facing the bedroom door risks redirecting the room's beneficial chi flow. The only way to solve this problem is to move the mirror to no longer directly across from the entrance.

  • Above the bed 

It is not an intelligent feng shui move to hang a mirror over your bed. Negative chi is created by having a big mirror or artwork over your head, and it can bounce good energy over you, which may disrupt your sleep.

Tips to promote money/success in feng shui for bedroom

  1. The ideal location for the bedroom is the room farthest from the house's main entrance door.

  2. Place a money tree plant in the corner of your bedroom to prevent energy from stagnating there.

  3. Place the bed as far away from the entrance as possible, avoiding a straight line.

  4. Place paintings or other artefacts that signify the Year of the Tiger 2022 in your bedroom.

  5. In Feng Shui, lighting is essential. Use blinders that open in the morning to let in natural light and close quickly at night to keep out the darkness.

  6. Avoid keeping a workstation in the bedroom.

  7. Don't put any clutter, especially work-related materials, below the bed.

  8. In feng shui, water has a significant impact on professional advancement. Avoid placing water features in the bedroom since they create too much yang energy.

  9. Use green and yellow colours. Green is a tranquil hue, whereas yellow is a vibrant colour that keeps your head engaged.

  10. Red, purple, and gold are all colours associated with prosperity. These hues, however, are bold and deep and should not be utilised in excess.

Feng shui for bedroom to promote love

  1. Replace any images/paintings of lonely individuals with sensual, romantic artwork and photographs of happy couples.

  2. Mirrors should be placed in a more indirect area.

  3. Make your bed more welcoming with soft linens, plush pillows, and a rug in smouldering earth tones.

  4. Place the bed in the middle of the room, against the wall, to create a romantic atmosphere.

  5. Do not overcrowd your space with electrical devices.

  6. Rose quartz and amethyst, two gemstones linked with love, can be used to foster romance.

  7. Keep metal items away from the bed.

  8. Avoid placing your bed immediately in front of a doorway.

  9. Make a clear mental picture of the type of connection you desire.

  10. Avoid hanging photos of parents, children, and other family members.

Things to avoid in feng shui for bedrooms

  1. Avoid technology such as devices, televisions, appliances, and phones from the bedroom so that they do not emit any energy.

  2. Don't keep mirrors in front of the bed as it attracts a third person into the marriage. They also reflect energy throughout the area, disrupting sleep.

  3. Avoid huge paintings because they emit intimidating and weighty energy as a beam or window. Hang a light, flowing tapestry with a pleasing design instead.

  4. Do not keep sharp-cornered nightstands. Use round nightstands and keep them low and away from the heads of the sleepers.

  5. Avoid towing furniture as it may make you feel suffocating when lying in bed.

  6. Do not keep or avoid too many plants in the bedroom. Their energy is too powerful and growth-oriented, which might interfere with the calm atmosphere you are trying to create.

  7. Avoid placing water features such as fountains or paintings depicting boats on the ocean, rivers, or ports.

  8. Avoid clutter under the bed as it might cause extra tension and headaches.

Wrapping up feng shui for bedroom

A bedroom is the most used place in your home. So, keeping a flow of positive and good energies is very important. While having a room full of the stuff of your desires is nice, it's even more crucial to handle the feng shui aspects of your bedroom. The arrangement of specific goods, beds, colours, and even materials may make a considerable impact on the condition of your personal affairs. Individuals who understand how to use feng shui for bedrooms in practical ways get the benefits.

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