Bathroom design ideas for small and big homes


If you are looking for the perfect bathroom design, we have compiled a list for you, plus tips to help you design this space in a way that provides comfort and style. The ideal bathroom areas share some things in common: comfort, space, elegant appearance and design. However, before completing the bathroom design, homeowners must ensure that the design fits the space they have in the house. We have assembled some bathroom designs for small and large homes to help you choose the design that best suits your needs.

Bathroom designs for small homes.

Most homes in cities have small bathrooms. This does not mean that you cannot transform it into a charming space. Light colours are ideal for small homes and it is best to avoid the dark shades that give the space a small look. The accessories and health products you buy must have a clean, compact and comfortable design. Bathroom Design

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Ensure that there is adequate ventilation so that whenever you need fresh air, all you need to do is open up a window. This will also ensure plenty of natural light, which is good for your bathroom. The good bathroom design should allow for a window, even if it means that you may have to opt for small windows rather than large ones.

  Bathroom designs

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For fittings, opt for the best brands, if you can afford the same, as it will remain intact for a long time. After months of planning the bathroom design, you would not want to end up choosing low-quality fixtures that may lose colour or break in no time.

Choose convenient designs for the bathroom. Suppose you have only one bathroom and two to three people with clashing routines. In this case, you can opt for two washbasin bowls.

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Bathroom design

Fixtures and fittings should not touch the ground. This will make it easier to clean the bathroom surface. Also ensure that there is space for everything, right from your bathroom slippers to your towel.

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Bathroom Design

Bathroom designs for big homes

Owners of spacious homes can experiment with a variety of bathroom designs, ranging from modern to traditional-looking. The example below has a countryside look in a compact, yet lavish space, with ample lighting.

Bathroom interior design

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The next example is a spacious Balinese design that allows you to move about easily. The outside is peaceful and the grey walls add to the modern, yet soulful look.

bathroom design

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Cabinets are essential in large bathrooms, to organise things properly. Here is a bathroom with brown cabinets and a standalone bathtub. You can also make space appear more spacious, with mirrors.

Bathroom design

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