1kW Solar Panel Price in India with Subsidy (2024)


Investing in a 1kW solar panel system presents an excellent opportunity to begin modestly and explore the benefits of solar energy for your residence or commercial venture. While it's recommended to install as many solar panels as your budget allows and your property permits, opting for a basic 1kW solar panel price is particularly advantageous for smaller homes and budget-conscious businesses seeking to alleviate electricity expenses and reduce energy consumption.

1kW Solar Panel Price

Note: The above prices are estimates and don’t include subsidy adjustments and other factors that might influence the final solar system prices for your home or business.

1kW Solar Panel Price

1kW Solar Panel Price

Note: The approval of your only CFA/subsidy application will depend on the clearance of your RTS plant and the metering system by the inspecting authority.

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1kW Solar Panel Price in India

Note: The cost of solar batteries is not considered in CFA calculations.

1kW Solar System Installation Cost in India

Efficiently setting up a 1kW solar system requires an unshaded rooftop area of 80 square feet. Despite its small size, investing in a solar PV array demands a significant financial commitment and should be handled by professionals to ensure precise and safe installation.

Partnering with a reputable solar energy company ensures a seamless transition to solar power. Their comprehensive and customized solar energy solutions cover the costs of solar components, a personalized mounting structure, and expert services. These companies provide competitive prices for 1kW solar systems in India and adhere strictly to stringent safety standards during every installation.

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Putting up a 1kW solar panel system will offer the following benefits:

Reduced Electricity Bills: Solar PV technology represents an investment rather than a mere cost, offering remarkable returns over 25-30 years. The initial investment in a home or commercial solar system secures a free, clean, and reliable electricity supply generated on-site in an eco-friendly manner. As solar power meets a significant portion of your annual energy needs, your reliance on the grid diminishes, leading to reduced energy expenses. These financial benefits enable your solar panels to recoup their costs within 6-8 years.

Low Maintenance Cost: Rooftop solar panels are devoid of moving components, necessitating only a simple cleaning regimen to maintain peak efficiency. Your solar energy provider should offer regular inspections and maintenance services for your 1kW solar system to ensure optimal performance of its components.

Environmental Benefits: Solar panels harness energy from sunlight in a completely clean and emission-free process. By relying on solar power as your primary energy source, you reduce dependence on conventional energy sources, thereby shrinking your home's or business's carbon footprint.

Different Types of 1kW Home Solar Panel Systems

You can choose from three different types of home solar systems available everywhere in India. Each type of solar system for home prices varies.

  • On-grid 1kW solar system (allows grid export)
  • Off-grid 1kW solar system (includes battery backup)
  • Hybrid 1kW solar system (solar battery storage with grid connection)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. The type of solar panels and efficiency rating dictates the price of 1000-watt solar panels. You can choose between monofaical and bi-facial solar panels. Also, the efficiency rating decides the total energy output and represents the percentage of sunlight converted into energy.

Ans 2. Most 1kW solar systems consist of 3-4 solar panels of 250-330 watts each. A high-efficiency solar panel means fewer panels will be required to create your 1kW solar plant.

Ans 3. On average, a 1kW solar system generates 4-5 kWh of power on a sunny day. Over a month, it can give you 120 units, amounting to 1440 units of electricity in a year.

Ans 4. The daily energy output depends on your location and the amount of sunshine received. Typically, a 1kW solar panel system can give 4-5 kWh of electricity in a day.