10+ Clever Smart Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Home High-Tech 2024


Streamlining your time in the kitchen has never been easier than with intelligent kitchen appliances. Each new innovation feels like a peek into a Jetson-like future! Consequently, even the most fundamental items we use daily have evolved significantly and are just a quick Prime shipment away.

A mere few years ago, voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant were not common household items. Now, apps and voice assistants have the ability to control everything from your lightbulbs to your refrigerator. Imagine how a smart device can transform your mornings, remembering precisely how you prefer your coffee. Conversing with your microwave and managing your meat thermometer from your phone are now within reach. Even your beloved Instant Pot can be smarter than you might think, equipped with Wi-Fi capability.

We've compiled a list of our favorite gadgets from top brands like Samsung, GE, and Ninja, as well as other innovative names that seamlessly blend connectivity with luxury. Among our favorites are a toaster that reheats your bread if you forget it and an indoor, countertop smoker heralded as a game-changer for smoked meats by our Market Director.

If you've ever dreamed of a life reminiscent of Disney's Smart House, minus the scary malfunctions and glitches, then check out some of the coolest smart kitchen appliances and devices available. Cooking has never been more convenient or connected.

1. Chefman 10L Multifunction Digital Air Fryer

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At 10 liters, this is the ultimate air fryer for family-sized affairs and next-level convenience. With 17 different presets to cook everything from french fries to cake, it's a great supplement to oven during holiday cooking. Make rotisserie chicken that's crispy on all sides without needing an expensive specialty machine. There's even a dehydrator setting, perfect to turn overflow from the farmers’ market into grab-and-go snacks.

2. Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

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This automatic composter reduces food waste and mess to break down food to a tenth of its original volume in just a few hours. The carbon filter lid reduces odors, and with its compact size, you can fit it anywhere in your kitchen. The wastebasket is dishwasher-safe It even has a quiet cycle!

3. MEATER Plus: Long Range Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

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This high-tech sensing tool is great for any pitmaster's arsenal. This upgrade to the meat thermometer is so helpful for slow-cooked meats, and the long-range bluetooth feature will allow them to check on their precious barbecue from anywhere in the house. It'll send alerts to your phone as it monitors internal and ambient temperature.

4. HOTO Smart Kitchen Scale

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The smart scale with an LED screen is the best tool for precise measurements. It'll read in grams, milliliters, ounces, and pounds, and save measurements so you know you have the perfect balance. A smartphone app makes measuring ingredients in the kitchen so much easier, whether it's the perfect amount of cat food, a balanced pour-over coffee, or a fresh loaf of bread.

5. Cosori 5.8-Quart Smart Air Fryer 

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It seems like no kitchen is complete without an air fryer these days, so you might as well have one that makes your life as easy as possible. Reviewers love the lack of guesswork with all the presets and its large crisper drawer. This air fryer champions hands-free control, with both an app that monitors cooking time and voice control, so you can adjust the temperature through your Amazon Echo.

6. Instant Pot Pro Plus Smart 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker

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It's everyone's favorite small kitchen appliance, totally upgraded. Not only can it do everything a standard Instant Pot can do (remember: It's already a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, cake maker, and warmer in one, and you can sauté in it, too!), this WiFi-enabled version connects to an app with step-by-step recipes. You can even steam release from the app, so no more panic about when to flip the switch.

7. Samsung Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

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This is but one of Samsung's line of smart fridges equipped with Family Hub and Alexa compatibility. Family Hub is basically like having a tablet screen built into your fridge door that also works as a memo board, and you can all access it from your phones. Plus, the fridge has a built-in camera, so if you're ever out at the grocery store wondering if you have enough eggs at home, you can just take a peek inside from your phone.

8. BLACK+DECKER bev Cocktail Maker Machine

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If you're used to being the bartender at your dinner parties, hand over the duties to this cocktail maker machine that can craft a delicious drink in three steps! You can choose from over 40 drinks from the Bartesian variety of syrup-based capsules with base spirits (tequila, vodka, rum, or whiskey). What's even better? Feel free to turn on "party mode" for a LED show on your bar cart.

9. Uncommon Goods Automatic Pan Stirrer

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If your recipe calls for constant stirring, this gadget will save your arm and let you step away from the stove. Stop babysitting your roux and free up a hand to prep the other parts of the recipe. Choose between a rechargeable or battery-powered model and get 3.5 to 9 hours of stirring power. You're better off using this with a low-heat liquid, though.

10. Revolution Cooking 2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster

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Yes, smart toasters really do exist! This particular toaster from Revolution boasts being the first-ever touch-screen toaster. Plus, it features smart cooking sensors that perfectly toast bread, bagels, waffles, toaster pastries, and English muffins to your liking. It also has a 15-second reheat function for when your toast gets cold.

11. Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

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Here's a gadget you'll come to over and over whether you're looking for a milkshake, a dairy free treat, or sorbet. You can create your own ice cream flavor and pause the machine to add your favorite toppings along the way. Its technology breaks down a frozen block of your desired base and turns it into a creamy treat with one touch of a button.

12. Coway Aquamea 200C Countertop Water Purifier

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Nothing beats crisp, fresh water. This smart water purifier is designed for quick and easy installation next to any tap. It delivers four, eight or 16 ounces of cold or ambient filtered water with a touch. Plus, it processes through dual carbon filters that remove toxic contaminants like lead and chlorine.

13. Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

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If you've ever wished you could simply talk to your microwave, now's your chance. This GE microwave connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can control it with your voice. It also has scan-to-cook technology that helps cook your frozen food perfectly every time with just a scan of the barcode.

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Ans 2. What is Considered a Kitchen Appliance?Refrigerator. Food storage and preservation are key to making a kitchen work and make the refrigerator the hub of the kitchen. ...Freezer. When it comes to food preservation, the freezer is the most efficient appliance. ...Washing machine. ...Tumble dryer. ...Cooker. ...Dishwasher. ...Microwave. ...Kettle.

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Ans 5. As we head into 2024, contrasting colors combined with neutral tones will likely be an emerging trend in kitchen design." Many of the designers we polled noted penchants for saturated hues on kitchen cabinets, a nod to the burgeoning British-inspired interiors moment we're having stateside.