10 simple vastu tips for toilets and bathrooms


Vastu Shastra has specific recipes for every area of ​​the house, whether it's a kids' bedroom, home office, meditation room, or kitchen. Not just in terms of room orientation, spacious spaces determine the correct places to place furniture in a home. There are also several bathrooms and toilet tips and tricks regarding direction and location. Toilets and bathrooms tend to be a source of negative energy in a home, as they are often not treated the same way as a bedroom or living room. However, striving to rebuild the bathroom according to the described Vastu guidelines will pay off for you, and may make it your new haven. According to vast expert Ashna Dhanak, founder and owner of Enlightening Lifestyle, the ancient scriptures of Vastu Shastra specifically refer to adhering to the meticulous cleaning rules that must be maintained in every corner of the home, especially where you bathe and clean yourself daily. Here are Vastu's top 10 bathroom and toilet tips.

Key Vastu Tips for your Bath and Toilet Areas

Here are some tips that Ashna Ddhannak has described to make your bathroom meet broad requirements:

  1. The best direction for building a bathroom is in the northwest section of the house, as it supports waste disposal.
  2. A good wooden bathroom door should be the first step. A metal door encourages negativity and can have a negative impact on your health.
  3. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times to prevent negative energy from invading your home and creating obstacles in your professional and personal life.Vastu Tips
  4. Do not decorate the bathroom door with ornate statues or religious idols.
  5. According to Vastu, the toilet should not share a wall with the bedroom, pooja room, or kitchen, among other things, as it can create a negative environment in the home. A bed that shares a wall with the toilet can give you nightmares.
  6. The sink and shower area should be in the east, north, and northeast of the bathroom according to the Vastu.Vastu Tips
  7. The correct wide direction for the water outlet and drainage in the bathroom and toilet is north, east, or northeast. The bathroom floor should slide in the same direction so that the water drains in the same direction.
  8. Special attention should be paid when placing the toilet seat inside the bathroom. It should be placed in a west or northwest direction, as it prefers to eliminate waste and toxins from the body.
  9. The exhaust fan or bathroom window should be facing east or northeast to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter. Ventilation is important because it kills bacteria inside the bathroom.Vastu Tips
  10. According to Wusto, the best colors for the toilet interior are brown, beige, cream, and other earthy colors. Avoid black and dark blue.

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