20 Wooden False Ceiling Design Ideas for an Apartment you should check

‘False ceilings’ are artificials. Previously False ceilings were mainly used to cover or hide unattractive ceilings, while today False ceilings are used as a design option to decorate the fifth wall of your room. Wood false ceilings designs give you countless design options to choose from. You can carry out carpentry work on the entire false ceiling or on a specific part thus creating a focal point on the ceiling. To add to the splendor of your home décor, here are 20 ideas for your own wooden suspended ceiling design.

Decide and define the Space for False Ceiling Design

decide and define the space Use wood paneling on your ceiling to create a more defined space. Decide where to install the wooden false ceiling and use it to evoke the most suitable aura in the surrounding space. Part of the wood paneling in the bedroom or dining room ceiling looks cozy and gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.

An eye-catching lattice

An eye-catching lattice Get intricate latticework on a wooden false ceiling design. Also insert suitable subtle lighting into it, to create an amazing textured wooden ceiling, this decorative wooden suspended ceiling style can easily blend into the bedroom, hallway, or living room aesthetics.

Rafters look cool

Rafters look cool In general, rafters refer to the rafters that form the inner frame of a roof or ceiling. Adding wooden beams as decorative design pieces to your suspended ceiling adds a traditional touch to your apartment. You can extend it all over the ceiling or choose to place it on a specific part of the ceiling. They look elegant and make the space feel cozy and warm.

Accentuate with metal

Accentuate with metal Decorate your false wood ceilings with decorative metallic accents. They will create a point of interest on your ceilings and draw attention to them. Hanging pendant lights above the dining room table are a great way to accent the dining section of your apartment.

Get a groovy wooden false ceiling design

Incorporate a wooden false ceiling into a slot in a POP false ceiling. Use cave lights on the ledges of the pop-up drop ceiling to decorate it. This creates an amazing layered suspended ceiling design for your apartment.

Loosely-suspended  ‘islandic’  look

Loosely-suspended  ‘islandic’  look Within the popular ladder look of your false ceiling, include a loose board to give an "island" look to your suspended ceiling design. This is the center of attention in the false ceiling of your apartment.

Traditional patterned woodwork

Traditional patterned woodwork Create an artistic expression by incorporating traditional Indian patterns into the joinery of your suspended ceiling design. It works very well, especially for rooms where you do puja-Archana.

Use glass in the suspended ceiling

Use glass in the suspended ceiling Get stained or patterned glass inside a wooden frame on the suspended ceiling. Decorate with recessed or covered lights and you are done with the beautiful ceiling that is the center of visual interest in your room.

Tray false ceiling

Tray false ceiling The edges of the roof should be slightly lower than the inside. This creates a hanging edge a bit like a "tray" on the suspended wood ceiling. This is a very popular style and can be worn in many ways.

Groove fascinating shapes

Groove fascinating shapes Round false ceilings with exquisite geometric shapes to make the ceiling look more attractive and decorative. Use cave lights and recessed lights to decorate the figures.

Create layers

Create layers Create multiple layers with your POP and wood false ceiling to make the ceiling look more interesting, layered, and fresh. Layer your suspended ceiling to make the apartment look more luxurious and spacious.

The chequered pattern on the ceiling

The chequered pattern on the ceiling Place joist-like wood beams in a suspended ceiling. Cross the rafters to show a checkered pattern of rafters in the false ceiling. The pattern looks attractive and affects the atmosphere of the surrounding space.

Flaunting the skylight

Flaunting the skylight You can have a wooden ceiling suspended around an elliptical glass ceiling that acts as a skylight in your apartment. This structure beautifully frames part of the day or night sky and looks unusually attractive.

Circular trays

Circular trays Replacing rectangular trays with round or oval trays is a great way to break up the usual style of suspended wood ceiling design. Round trays look great and can be creatively incorporated into suspended wood ceilings to enhance the beauty of your home décor. Also, Read - 15 Latest Floor Tiles Designs For Your Home With Pictures In 2021 

Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceiling A group of sunken panels or "cabinets" form a coffered ceiling. They add visual weight to a space. The rack of ceiling cabinets looks great for a temple or pooja room in your apartment.

A taste for texture

A taste for texture Enrich your false wood ceilings by adding a textured look. You can use wood paneling to achieve this look. You can also incorporate the wood partition into a groove in a POP drop ceiling and create a more layered and finished look for your apartment ceiling.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting When the lights are installed inside the suspended ceiling, we call it suspended lighting. They illuminate the space nicely and adequately. In addition to lighting, they make wooden suspended ceilings look sleek and modern.

Cove lighting

Cove lighting When the LED lights are placed in the recesses of the false ceilings, on the edges of the stairs, or in the appearance of the false ceilings, the lighting pattern is called Cove Lighting. The lights from the cove create a soft, diffuse light and help create a relaxed atmosphere.

Use pendant lights

Use pendant lights Pendant lights hang from suspended wooden ceilings like chandeliers and create a focal point on the ceiling. It can be used as a single piece or it can be installed in a group. It looks amazing as well as brilliantly lighting up the space. Pendant lights add to the interior décor.

Embellish with a chandelier

Embellish with a chandelier Hang a decorative chandelier from the suspended wooden ceiling. It looks real and brilliantly illuminates the surrounding space. It is invaluable to incorporate a chandelier into your wood suspended ceiling design because the chandelier magically elevates the splendor of your interior ceiling design I hope we've gathered enough inspiration to get you started with a wooden suspended ceiling design for your apartment! Also, Read - 15 Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas To Decorate Your Dream House