How to decorate your home -12 Tips for Home Decor Or Interior Design


How to decorate your home - Tips for Home Decor Or Interior Design

When it comes to home decor, it feel like home, there's more to it than meets the eye. Putting together a room and changing the features to make it functional, stylish yet homey is usually not an easy task. From deciding which paint works best in different rooms and lighting options to where to place furniture, there are many elements to consider. This is where the help and expertise of an interior designer becomes invaluable. Whether you're renovating an entire home decor, decorating a kitchen, or adding a splash of color to refresh a living room, these helpful DIY and decorating tips are not to be missed. Leading interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnot shares her tips and her secrets designed to gain insider knowledge to transform homes like a pro.

12 of the best home decor interior designing tips

  1. Make it your Own home decor

Remember that it is your house. “There are no mistakes or mistakes in interior design, everyone has the ability to design their own house,” says Vanessa Arbuthnot. "It's just a matter of monitoring. Remember that you are in control, being aware of the latest trends is helpful, but always put your personal paper on something to make it special. Your home is where you spend most of your time, so that the space should reflect your personality".
  1. Seek design inspiration for a mood board

"Turn your interiors from tired to airy by collecting inspirational photos from magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, etc," advises Vanessa. "Once you have a solid platform, you'll start to see the look you want to achieve. Creating an inspiration board is a great way to use your creativity to unleash any subtle design inspirations you may have unconsciously spotted." Explaining how she does it, Vanessa continues, "Buy a large foam board and staples at your local art or stationery store and collect swatches, photos, fabric swatches, wallpaper, furniture, and flooring that you want to use. This way you can see how they will all sit together inside the room". Emphasize It is important to add texture through flooring, rugs, and fabrics such as velvet, wool, and tweed. Set the mood board in the room and coexist with it for a while."
  1. Consider colors and fabrics for home decor

 Consider colours and fabrics "Start focusing on the colors you want to use: for painted walls or wallpaper, furniture, curtains, and drapes. The third color can be an accent for pillows, lampshades, comforters, and accessories like a tablecloth or even a painting. Vanessa offers this great advice: three colors are always better than two: use these colors throughout the room.
  1. Try before you buy paint and paper

Try before you buy paint and paper “Remember that colors can change depending on lighting, so buy pot and paint samples,” Vanessa warns. "Paint at least A2-size patches of paint, on the lightest and darkest walls in the same room, to see how natural light affects the shadow." This is especially effective for finding the best white paint, because it often changes with the light. Same goes for wallpaper: "Samples of adhesive wallpaper on walls and hang large, returnable swatches over existing furniture or affix to existing blinds and shutters. Stand back and see what you think!"
  1. Turn the old into the new

Transform old to new "If you have a blank canvas this is easier, but a lot of times we have to work with existing sofas or rugs etc. Take a close look at the rug and see if it can work with the interior colors. Maybe you can reupholster your old favorite sofa To give it a new lease of life Decide if you like patterns or plains, traditional or contemporary and look at the color wheel or nature itself to see which colors go with what eg pink and red with green, orange with duck eggs, yellow with gray and blue.
  1. Measure the size of the furniture

 Size up the furniture Decide what furniture you want in your room for home decor. Think about the scale, in a large room you need a large sofa and a footrest, advises Vanessa. "Most designers recommend that even small rooms have a large piece, even if it's a headboard in the bedroom. Balancing large and small pieces will create an inviting space."
  1. Analyze the appearance and take your time

Analyse the look and take your time "Collect the pieces whenever you find them, so you will buy things that you fell in love with. Instead of settling for what is available in specific stores or online at the moment you need something, these are the wise words of Vanessa. Pass the time analyzing the look and colors of your room using accessories The longer you take to add things to your home, the more your knowledge of interior design will expand as you will be able to understand what works best for certain features on home decor. Read More - Updates On Trending Designs in Home Décor – Aquireacres
  1. Order returnable samples

"Once you've narrowed down your selection straight away and have a good idea of ​​what you might want, ask for some returnable samples," Vanessa reveals. "This is a half meter fabric that is best placed on chair backs and adhered to curtains and studs. The test will determine if you are still happy with them after a few days. This is also a great way to see what the fabrics look like against the colors of the paint.
  1. Be bold with paint ideas

Be bold with paint ideas Gone are the days of strict painting rules, and the key to today's interior design is embracing the paint idea that works for you. There are no longer any rules for painting door frames, baseboards, and ceilings gloss white; in fact, some of the best interior designers are opposed for this home decor! Kelly Hoppen's advice for painting dressers is a game changer, as she explains how painting the edges the same color as the walls can help make a room appear larger.
  1. Remember that measurement is key

10. Remember measuring is key "Decision time is when you measure your windows." Make sure you have the correct measurements before considering ordering curtains or blinds in certain rooms.
  1. Add the finishing touches

"Finishing touches are fun!" Vanessa yells. "Lamps, rugs, pillows, pictures and plants can make a difference, but sometimes it's hard to choose until the walls are painted or wallpapered and the curtains are hung. Even the colors on the backs of books in a bookshelf, a throw on the back of a sofa, or on kitchen ware, tablecloths, create opportunities for colorful accents.
  1. Fill the room with a special aroma

12. Fill a room with a signature fragrance Pay attention to the hotel style and give your home decor a distinctive scent, it's amazing how much this can change your home. Luxury hotels with the selected main scent are everywhere, which is then associated with this place; Embrace this by choosing the signature scent of the house to draw the viewer in. There's no place like home, so be sure to engage all your senses to feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. Wear your best home fragrance with scented candles, diffusers, and essential oils. Be sure to take advantage of this wisdom for your next decorating project. Also Read - Vastu Tips- 15 Vastu For Home Decor Tips To Bring Good Luck