This Ganesh Chaturthi decorate your home in an Eco-friendly manner


There are many ways in which you can contribute to the conservation of the environment, by celebrating Eco- friendly celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. This becomes even more important in light of the coronavirus crisis. By following the simple principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, you can create a festive environment in a green way, without compromising the health and safety of your home and those who live in it.

The eco-friendly celebrations of the Ganpati Festival have gradually gained importance over the years as people have chosen eco-friendly Ganesh idols. Besides Ganesha idols, people also wonder about eco-friendly decorations. Instead of using thermal temples, one could use luxurious fabrics for the background. Brightly colored fabrics or rich brocades can be easily stored and reused next year. Also, a clay temple or pagoda can be built out of recycled paper-mâché, covered with cloth, where an eco-friendly Ganesh idol can be kept, without having any negative effect on our environment.

Ganesh chaturthi

New trends in Ganpati decoration for home

In any home, there will surely be many things, from clothing to accessories such as bottles, towels, cardboard, old papers, or napkins that can be reused. Since many of you are still preoccupied with shopping when necessary, this might be your go-to option for bringing the festivities home this year. Also, the above items can be used to teach children at home how to recycle and reuse.

This is a great way to bring the family together during the holiday season. Before you buy something new and expensive, first consider whether you really need it. For example, a simple way to provide more seating for guests during the holidays is to repaint. Old stem and put a mattress or pillow on top. You can also decorate the hem with embroidery or cover it with a cloth of your choice. Old shirts and silk Kurtis can be made into pillowcases. Much can be done with little or no expenses.

When it comes to decoration, plastics, thermocol, and other synthetic accessories can be replaced with natural and biodegradable materials. The traditional clay lamps, fabrics, coconut shells, recycled glass, potted plants, etc. are other eco-friendly options for home decor.

Eco-friendly lights for Ganpati decoration

For lighting, you can use energy-saving LED lamps. You can make a decorative item out of it, using paper and fabric as shadows. With a little creativity, you can also transform everyday items like bottles, fish bowls, coconut shells, cold drink cans, etc, to make display items. of them.

Choose LED string lights to add sparkle to the décor of this eco-friendly décor from Ganpati. Wrap string lights around a floral toran on the front door, on dining table legs, behind sheer curtains, and on plants and trees. Additionally, LED lights can be used in pendants, chandeliers, or wall sconces that come in a variety of designs. Paint old twigs in bright colors, wrap little LED lights around, and place them in a vase, for an ethereal effect.

For a glowing Lord Ganesha background, choose multi-colored LED lights designed in the shape of auspicious symbols such as oms, swastika, or Mangal Kalash.

Eco -friendly ganesh pooja at home

Ways to Add a festive spirit to Ganpati decoration

Another way to add holiday spirit is to arrange fresh flowers like marigolds, mogra, and roses to decorate your home. In the hall, you can place urlis or glass bowls, with floating candles and a fancy painted dais. "Coordinate the décor with color, or select a theme for your temple area. For puja thalis, choose steel plates or mirror trays, which can be easily decorated with colorful accessories and paint. Decorate the puja thalis with flowers and beads. To make rangoli, use geru (red earth soil), turmeric, henna, and rice powder. To welcome it home, freshen it up by rubbing the stain with baking soda and lemon water.

Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration themes

It is better to determine the theme of eco-friendly decoration, based on the space of the house, the size of the idol, its location, etc, and then select the appropriate eco-friendly decoration material. Eco-friendly decoration can be done in different themes, such as peacock theme, lotus theme, cloud and star theme, Ganpati darbar theme, garden theme, Diya and candles theme, the balloon theme, fruit theme, yellow and orange theme (with a simple plush curtain as background), or pink and purple colors, etc.

Dos and don’ts for eco-friendly Ganpati decoration at home

  • Paint dried leaves, twigs, branches, beetle nuts, and small rounded pebbles and use them for decoration.
  • Those inclined to be creative can make origami flowers made from recycled paper or quilling art.
  • Use biodegradable items such as bamboo, jute, cane, cork, colored strings, hay, and coir ropes to decorate and build the temple or throne on which you will place the Ganesha idol. You can make poles using stemmed banana leaves or bamboo plants.
  • A small vertical garden can be created on one of the walls and used as a backdrop for a Ganpati idol. Alternatively, you can place the Ganpati idol under a beautiful bonsai tree placed in a shallow tray illuminated by colored fairy lights.
  • Beads, multi-colored leaves, or old dupatta can be used for decoration.
  • Use coconut shells as days or add turmeric powder to wheat flour dough and make yellow-colored Diyas.
  • Avoid plastic because it cannot be easily recycled. Alternatively, use cane baskets to hold pooja accessories.
  • Use a cloth or small paper bags made from old newspapers and decorate them with dried flowers or fancy ribbons to give prasad.
  • Avoid thermocol plates and go for biodegradable options such as banana leaf plates and bamboo plates. Serve the drinks in clay pots or Kulhads.
  • A table lamp can be made from used bottles. Decoupage (the art of decorating the surface with scraps of paper and using varnish (or glue) to cover the surface) can lighten the bottles for decoration.
  • Make torans and rangolis with boxes of old cards, cloth flowers, discarded costume jewelry, glitter, and pearls.
  • To illuminate the temple area, use colored lights. These lights can also be placed in a corner or in a plain colored glass container to add a unique decorative element.
  • Separate and dispose of waste responsibly. The collected organic matter, such as flowers and leaves, can be used to make compost.
Eco-friendly Ganesh pooja at home

Word of caution

Given the increase in coronavirus cases, cities are banning community celebrations and idol immersion. For example, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has banned direct immersion of idols. This year, the idol immersion will take place through various collection centers that will collect idols from individuals and complete the process. Those who do not want to accept this option will have to immerse the idol in their homes.

To preserve the environment, it is better to immerse the idol in a government-made water tank or artificial ponds or immerse the clay idol in a bucket of water at home. Use thawed clay water for your plants.