The Beauty of Marble in Interior Design: Types, Costs, and Ideas


In the realm of interior design, marble serves as more than just a material; it symbolizes the perfect blend of traditional and modern elements.

By incorporating different design styles, you can introduce a touch of enduring luxury into modern homes, turning ordinary spaces into stunning displays of grandeur. The inclusion of marble in floorings, wall coverings, and countertops elevates our living spaces to a realm of opulence.

Marble not only radiates a sense of refined elegance but also imparts a sense of brightness and a refreshing atmosphere to our interiors. This blog delves into various types of marble, their pricing, and applications, providing insights to help you elevate the visual appeal of your home.

Types of Marble in Home Interiors

Being a highly desirable choice in the Indian construction sector, marble continues to enjoy unwavering popularity thanks to its distinctive appearance, longevity, and the sheer range it offers, featuring various shades and designs. Here are some renowned and distinctive types of marble that find their place in home interiors.

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White marble finds wide application, not only in crafting captivating sculptures and embellishing architectural structures, but its pristine, milky aesthetics also render it a favored selection for many households. It imparts a sense of refinement to any environment. Moreover, its natural property of not absorbing heat contributes to maintaining cool indoor temperatures, making it particularly suitable for regions with sweltering weather.

Uses: Flooring, wall cladding, bathrooms, countertops, etc. 

Price: The price of white marble ranges from INR 70/sq. ft. to INR 900/sq. ft.


Green Marble, with its enchanting features, is a captivating gift from nature that bestows homes with lively tones and intricate designs. Its charm lies in its ability to cultivate a distinctive and sophisticated ambiance within diverse interior settings. The intertwining green and white veins of this marble infuse a dash of organic splendor into your surroundings. Furthermore, its natural cooling property makes it a desirable choice for regions characterized by hot climates.

Uses: Countertops, table tops, wall cladding, flooring, kitchen tops, floorboards, etc.

Price: The price varies from INR 130 per square foot to INR 550 per square foot.

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Black marble radiates an enduring sense of refinement, thanks to its profound, dark shades and distinctive veining patterns. This natural stone is renowned for instilling an opulent and elegant ambiance within interior areas. The lustrous and deep black hues of black marble introduce an element of opulence and theatricality to any environment.

Uses: Tabletops, kitchen countertops, contrasting flooring, wall cladding, etc. 

Price: The price range can vary between INR 90/sq. ft. and INR 500/sq. ft.


Brown marble emanates an inviting and refined ambiance, positioning it as a highly-desired material in the realm of interior design. With its opulent, earthy shades and intricate veining patterns, it introduces an element of luxury to a wide range of living spaces. This adaptable marble harmonizes with various design aesthetics, infusing homes with a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

Uses: Flooring, wall cladding, countertops, etc.

Price: The price varies from INR 90/sq. ft. to INR 500/sq. ft.

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Pink marble embodies grace and allure, enhancing interior spaces with its gentle, rosy tones. With its intricate patterns and timeless allure, it's a choice that infuses various design styles with a touch of sophistication.

Uses: Flooring, wall cladding, countertops, kitchen tops, island kitchens, etc.

Price: The price of pink marble typically ranges from INR 100/sq. ft. to INR 500/sq. ft.

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Beige marble represents enduring beauty with its neutral and adaptable hues. This natural stone radiates elegance and refinement, rendering it a perfect selection for a variety of interior uses. The calming, earthy tones of beige marble instill a feeling of tranquility and sophistication into any area.

Uses: Wall cladding, counter and table tops, interior flooring, bathroom countertops, etc.

Price: Beige marble typically ranges from INR 68/sq. ft. to INR 500/sq. ft.

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Red marble embodies a striking and captivating elegance that enlivens interior spaces. Its rich, fiery hues and elaborate veining patterns make it a bold choice for creating a luxurious and vibrant ambience. 

Uses: Flooring, countertops, wall cladding, etc.

Price: The price varies between INR 80 and INR 300 per square foot.

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Travertine marble is celebrated for its timeless beauty and versatility, bringing natural tones and classic charm to interior spaces. This natural stone is preferred for those seeking an elegant and inviting ambience. Travertine marble adds an enduring touch of sophistication.

Uses: Flooring, wall cladding, kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, etc.

Price: The price of travertine marble typically ranges from INR 200/sq. ft. to INR 500/sq. ft.

How to choose Marble for Home Interiors

Indian homes utilize marble widely because it enhances the visual appeal of the building and increases the durability and resilience of the surface. The color and pattern you like will determine the type of marble you choose. When choosing marble for your home's interior design, there are a few things to consider. The simplest ones are:

  1. The style of your home 
  2. The specific area where you plan to use it
  3. Budget

Wrapping Up Marble in Home Interiors

Marble is more than just a building material; it encapsulates timeless elegance and transcends mere aesthetics. Every type of marble brings durability, longevity, and a sense of luxury to interior spaces. Whether used for creating exquisite flooring, stylish wall cladding, refined countertops, or eye-catching tabletops, marble has the ability to introduce a hint of opulence into contemporary homes. It seamlessly harmonizes with the design elements of newly constructed houses, turning rooms into displays of enduring beauty and sophistication.

In the world of interior design, marble is not just a material but a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity, elevating homes to new heights of style and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. The choice of marble depends on what colour and design you like. Still, there are some points you should keep in mind while selecting marble for flooring and other needs. The most basic ones are: The style of your home The specific area where you plan to use it Budget