Russia: An entire apartment design inspired by a beautiful carpet?


Designing a family home is not easy: children and parents often have conflicting opinions. This is where designers come in. Natela Mankaeva, the founder of Studio Decorator N, is invited on board to breathe new life into this apartment in Russia. Although the main clients were the parents, one of their children will soon settle in the house as well. That is why it was so important to design an interior that everyone loved. While the young man wanted to simplify, the parents wanted, says Mankayfa, "something more wonderful." Home Design

Basic design

Mancayva says architect Frank Gehry came to the rescue. “I'm a fan. I was lucky enough to go on a field trip to his studio in Los Angeles. Shortly after the Louis Vuitton Foundation opened, I saw a collection of his simplicity at Maison & Objet; the design was very similar to their architectural drawings,” he says. She also suggested such a rug for this project. Usually, designers choose the rug after finishing the interior, but we went in the exact opposite direction: the entire design was inspired by the rug that added texture, color, and geometric precision to the interior, "he shares. Home Design

Sparse tones

Inspired by the rug, various shades of red are dotted throughout the home, whether it's on the curtains in the living room, the painting in the dining room, or the banquet in the hall. Along the perimeter of the rooms, Mancayva installed black friezes and black panels. The walls are kept clean. "Even if you make a modern interior, it still feels warm," says the designer. The furniture in the apartment is elegant but expressive. Home Design   Also Read: 10 best buildings in the world designed by the best architects