Power of Vastu Shastra with Paintings in homes

Paintings and picture frames play a vital role in the home and office if placed according to Vastu Shastra, so placing them in the right place is important for great benefits. The north, northeast, and east walls, As per Shastra the best place suited for paintings, picture frames, mirrors, and pictures or images of the Gods we worship for real benefits. According to Wide, North-East is best for placing landscape wallpaper in your home. Also, all kinds of pictures and frames have their own location and effects in large areas.

Here is all point by point:
  • To decorate the south, west, or southwest side or wall, you should not use too bright a scenery You must not put a picture or frame of the departed spirits in the rooms of pooja due to the sinister as per Vastu shastra.
  • The east direction is a good place to photograph the living members of the family.
  • Try to avoid images of poverty, old man crying, war, images of people fighting, angry people, eagles, depressing images, battle scenes, and predators in your home or office. This puts negative implications on human behavior.
  • You should place paintings of scenes like a group of running horses, sunrise with the ocean, sea, laughing Buddha or laughing children, flowers, mountains and waterfalls, gold and similar beautiful paintings in your home and office. These paintings provide peace of mind when someone looks at them.
  • You can also have a set of Laughing Buddhas in metallic form in your home. According to Vastu Shastra, if the Buddha is a gift from someone, it is good.
  • In the house, at the entrance, you should place photographs or drawings of mountains facing south. This is good for the home.
  • To calm yourself at home, use the southwest corner of your living room to post good, positive photos. You can also put these pictures in your bedroom also in the same direction as the corner.
  • The south direction is the best direction depending on the situation in the placement of awards, framed certificates for your child.

Important Vastu Tips for Paintings

These were a few important tips on Vastu Shastra for paintings and photos in-home or office.

  • In Vastu, there is a unique provision for god statues and paintings. Here are the Vastu major points you should consider while placing god photos/statues.
  • Place Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji facing southwest in your office and home. According to Vastu Shastra, this is good for home or office security.
  • For prosperity, place the image of Goddess Lakshmi facing east after making a puja. Here you make sure that this place should not be dark during the day. According to Vastu Shastra, the image of Lord Ganesha should be placed in such a way that you take it into account first when you enter the house.
  • The prayer or puja room of the house should be in the northeast corner, in the middle of the house, or in the east corner. This is not the end, the images/images of God in the pooja room must be facing east as he is known for his goodness and prosperity. Never put pictures of God in the bedroom. Not only the image of God, do not put any image that shows death, violence, and the negative aspects of life in the bedroom.
  • Place the swastika or OM on the front door or above the door. According to Vastu shastra, it helps to keep evil spirits and black eyes away from home or office. Vastu brings health and wealth to the house if we follow it correctly and therefore the things described by Vastu Shastra should not be neglected to avoid any kind of negative effects.

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