PM Kisan Yojana | Step by Step Process | Check Status - Aquireacres


PM Kisan Yojana | Step by Step Process | Check Status - Aquireacres

Hello everyone, today's topic is very interesting and informative. We all know that there are many plans made by the central and state government to improve the lives of the citizens of India. One such plan is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Yojana, also known as PM Kisan Yojana, for the benefit of the backbone of our country. We all know that India is the land of agriculture and farmers are the backbone of our country. More than 60% of the population of India lives in villages and depends on agriculture. When natural disasters strike, farmers are the hardest hit. PM Kisan Yojana has some amazing benefits. Look at the post to the end for information on the schematic.

What is Prime Minister Kisan Yojana's scheme?

Pm kisan Yojna Pradana Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is a central government scheme that provides financial support to farmers and their families. On February 1, 2019, Piyush Goyal announced the implementation of this scheme at the national level in the Federation's budget. This scheme was introduced by the Government of Telangana on behalf of the Rythu Bandhu scheme, whereby a certain amount is awarded to qualified farmers. On February 24, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the PM-KISAN scheme in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The total annual expenditure of this plan is INR 75,000 crore financed by the Union Government. Under this scheme, eligible farmers receive financial support in the amount of Rs 6000 per year in three installments which will be directly deposited into their bank accounts (Indian bank mergers).

Some of the features of this chart are

Scheme Name - PM-KISAN Yojana Full Form - Pradhan Mantri Kisan Saman Nidhi Yojana Release Date: February 24, 2019 Government Ministry - Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Welfare Official Website: Every central government scheme has goals and, similarly, Prime Minister Kisan Yojana has many goals as well. This scheme was introduced to increase the source of income for many small and marginal farmers. The main goals of Prime Minister Kisan Yojana's roster plan are detailed below:
  • Provide income support for all eligible farmers and their families.
  • The PM-KISAN scheme aims to provide financial support to farmers in need and educate farmers on proper crop health and appropriate yields, commensurate with expected farm income.
  • The scheme benefits 14.5 beneficiaries and aims to cover Rs 2 million of new beneficiaries each year.
There are many other goals of the PM Kisan Yojana program, once you enroll in the program, you can take advantage of the full benefits of the program. Like any other scheme, there are some rules and regulations that should apply to the previous scheme. I will mention below your eligibility to apply for the scheme.

The following are some of the categories of beneficiaries who are not eligible to receive benefits under this scheme:

  1. Any institutional landowner.
  2. Both the farmer and any member of the family belong to the following categories
  3. Previous and current constitutional officeholders
  4. Past and current Ministers / Ministers of State
  5. Past or current members of LokSabha / RajyaSabha / state legislatures / state legislatures
  6. Former and current mayors of municipal corporations
  7. Past and present chiefs of the Panchayat district
  8. Any active or retired official, as well as employees of ministries/offices / central / government departments.
  9. All retirees who receive a monthly pension of Rs 10,000 or more and belong to the category mentioned above.
  10. Any individual who has paid income taxes in the last year of assessment is not eligible under this system.
  11. Professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, public accountants, and architects are not eligible.
Verification documents for farmers eligible for the PM-KISAN program
  • Certificate of nationality
  • Landholding papers
  • Aadhaar card
  • Bank account details
Suppose if any of you plan to apply for the PM Kisan Yojana scheme, make sure you are not breaking the rules.

The advantages of the PM-KISAN schemes are shown below.

One of the biggest advantages of this system is the direct transfer of funds to farmers' bank accounts. On December 25, 2020, in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rs 18 billion was transferred directly to Rs 9 million farmers' bank accounts. All farmer-related records are officially registered on a digital platform that makes it easy to register and transfer funds. Digital records led to a new beginning for this social welfare system This scheme alleviates liquidity constraints for farmers PM-KISAN yojana is a big step towards government initiatives to modernize agriculture There is no discrimination in the selection of beneficiaries of the PM-KISAN program The scheme has been extended to all farming families, regardless of the size of their land. These are some of the benefits of PM Kisan Yojana. Suppose that in case of incorrect declaration, the beneficiary is obliged to recover the transferred economic benefit and other criminal actions in accordance with the law. Well, this was a little information about Prime Minister Kisan Yojana, for more details you can visit the official website and register for the same. Also, Read - 6 Posh Apartment Buildings In Delhi That’ll Make You Feel Like Royalty