Everything about MAHA RERA

What is MAHA RERA?

Under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, each Indian state must have its own real estate regulator.

RERA Overseas protocols in the real estate industry begins with a quick settlement of a dispute. Maharashtra is the first state to implement RERA at its height through the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority or Maha RERA.


1. Achieve optimal transparency in the sale of plots of land, apartments and buildings.

2. Protecting customer interest in real estate transactions.

3. Begin a quick dispute resolution using the solution method.

4. Form an appeals court to receive complaints from buyers.


• Maharashtra was the first state to implement RERA

• Manage over 60% of all RERA orders in India

Dadra, Nagar, Haveli, Daman, and Diu under Maha Rira

Maha RERA's website is easy to navigate

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 became effective as of May 2017. Among the main objectives of the law is the regulation of the real estate sector throughout the country. Every state in India has its own RERA authority that oversees and regulates the state's real estate sector. RERA or Maha RERA in Maharashtra, as it is called, has been very active since its launch.

Is approval for RERA mandatory?

RERA started at the initiative of the Indian government, supervises regulations in the real estate sector and rapid resolution of disputes. By law, each state and territory of a union in India must establish its own RERA to protect consumer interests and improve transparency in this sector.

It is necessary for each developer and builder of their projects to register under RERA for their state. Consumers should also make sure to purchase only registered properties from RERA for important reasons.

• Unregistered real estate projects are illegal and buyers may face difficulties in the future.

• When approaching the repair regulator, these buyers can be questioned about purchasing an unregistered property.

Promoters must pay a fine for not registering with prison in extreme cases.

Developers should mention their project registration numbers in all of their promotions, confirming their compliance with the regulatory authority. These mandates are necessary to achieve the RERA goals: sector transparency, benefit protection, prompt settlement of disputes, reduced project delay, etc.

In addition to being the first state to implement RERA at its climax, this is what makes MahaRERA behave uniquely.

Next challenges for Maha RERA

MahaRERA has gone a long way in rationalizing and regulating the real estate sector in Maharashtra, Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu. For example, it lacks information about the price of the apartment or escrow accounts. Being the first to manage this major change, RERA's impact on real estate in Maharashtra definitely increases investor and home buyer confidence.

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