Luxury Bedroom Ideas To upscale your space


You'll appreciate our selection of beautiful and reasonably priced luxury bedroom ideas at Aquire Acres. The styles, color schemes, and décor ideas in our carefully chosen master bedroom designs can all be altered to suit your preferences. Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Style: Contemporary

  • Room Dimension: 12x11 feet
  • Furniture Highlights:
  1. Queen bed with a grey tufted headboard
  2. Side tables with three drawers each
  3. Light grey bean bag
  • Wall Features: Wooden rafters with a cream textured laminate and brass patti design highlight the bed back wall
  • Lighting: Designer hanging pendant lights
  • Storage Features: Side tables with drawer storage
  • Room Highlights: Spacious bedroom design with ample space around the bed for easy movement.
  • Size: 12x11 feetLuxury Bedroom Ideas

Style : Modern

Room Dimension : 13x12 Feet Furniture highlight :
  1. King size bed with a beige back rest
  2. Two bedside tables
  3. White wardrobe with loft storage
Wall features : Wooden fluted wall panelling Lighting : Hanging pendant lamp Storage features : Side table and wardrobe Room highlights : Wooden grain laminate finish for the bed back panel is the focal point of the room Size: 13x12 feet Read More: Bedroom Wall Color Combination Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Style: Modern

  • Room Dimension: 15x14 feet
  • Furniture Highlights:
  1. Grey upholstered platform bed
  2. Wooden side tables
  3. Wall-mounted dresser
  • Wall Features: Light grey painted wall with grey vertical panels
  • Lighting: Pendant lights on one side of the bed
  • Storage Features: Swing wardrobe with glossy grey finish and gold handles
  • Room Highlights: Light colour palette adds a spacious touch to the room
Size: 15x14 feet Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Style: Classic

  • Room Dimension: 12x10 feet
  • Furniture Highlights:
  1. Grey upholstered bed with a tufted headboard and grey nightstands
  2. A beige accent chair
  • Wall Features:
  1. Accent wall with an arched golden inlay and wooden panelling
  2. 3D wall design with profile lighting
  • Lighting: Ceiling lights, wall lights, and cove lighting
  • Storage Features: Nightstands with drawer storage
  • Room Highlights:
  1. Bright and stylish design for the headboard wall
  2. Dark wooden flooring goes well with the floor rug
Size: 12x10 feet Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Style: Modern

  • Room Dimension: 14x14 feet
  • Furniture Highlights:
  1. White finish double size bed
  2. Bedside table in white finish
  • Wall Features: light textured wallpaper
  • Lighting: white finish pendant light
  • Storage Features: Good amount of storage provided
  • Room Highlights: Ceiling profile lights
Size: 14x14 feet   Also Read: Small pooja room designs