15 Latest Floor Tiles Designs For Your Home With Pictures In 2021


Who doesn't love the opportunity to represent their taste in their home? We all focus on decoration, room design, furniture, etc., but we all tend to forget about the vital part of our houses, the floors! With the list of tiles designs in this article, you can get a general idea of ​​what you want in your home interiors. The interiors of any home are a representation of our vision and how we hope it will be. The color palette, furniture, and flooring make for a beautiful place that you call home. Take a look at the tiles designs in this article that you can implement in every room in your home.

Best Home Tiles Designs:

Here are 15 simple and modern floor tiles designs with pictures. Let's take a look at them.

1. Bedroom Tiles Design:

Bedroom Tiles Design The space, where you spend more time and represent your feelings, is your bedroom. This is a bedroom floor tiles design that has rectangular-shaped elongated tiles in a color combination of white and gray. This goes perfectly with the color palette of the walls and the decor of the room. The accessories in the room blend in perfectly with the floor tiles and some elements also complement them. Reflective lighting further embellishes the space.

2. Tiles Designs For Living Room:

Tiles designs for living room: The living room is a representation of your taste for all your guests to see and this is one of the best tiles designs for the living room. This is a large living room that has white tiles with a brown border between the large squares. This design looks in sync with the décor of this spacious living space, which only has white walls and wooden furniture. Large tiles represent the space that the room provides, making it appear large.

3.  Hall Floor Tiles Design

Hall Floor Tiles Design This room resembles the perfect floor tiles design for the hallway, making it look classy and elegant. The floors are elegantly finished with a touch of navy green and a beautiful black pattern in the seating area. This design stands out against the background of smooth floors, and the interiors go hand in hand with the entire configuration. Natural light adds to the beauty of the room because there is a large wood-paneled glass window on the side of the room.

4. Kitchen Tiles Design:

Kitchen Tiles Design white Your kitchen floors must resist many things like spills, scratches, etc.! The kitchen floor tiles design is an ideal solution that combines elegance and durability. The floor is a classic white square with black diamonds to match the white dining table and all the kitchen accessories. There are small rectangular tiles on the walls and the divider is easy to clean and does not compete with black and white tiles. Also, Read - Three Simple Home Decor Tips To Beautify Your Space

5. Tiles Design For Dining Room:

Tiles Design For Dining Room: The dining room of every home contains many happy and sad memories related to food; Many of us enjoy it as a family. This dining room tiles design contains imported Italian marble tiles with a beautiful and elegant finish. The natural look of this tile floor makes it suitable for any type of dining room set. Here we have a pure pink hue on the floors, which contrasts with the wooden chairs and the white dining table. The plant on either side of the room adds to the decor along with the vases on the table.

6. Bathroom Tiles Design:

Bathroom Tiles Design: The tiles in your bathroom space need to be stain-resistant so that they can sustain the showering process without leaving stains in the long run. This is a bathroom tiles design that serves the right purpose, the design has bright colors and an attractive design that contrasts with the smooth white tiles on the walls and bathtub. The bathroom wall tiles are the opposite of the colored patterns on the floor, making them an ideal choice for the bathroom area.

7. Balcony Floor Tiles Design:

Balcony Floor Tiles Design The apartment culture has gained popularity not only in urban areas but also in rural areas of our country where small balconies are the best options to breathe fresh air. This wood tile balcony floor tiles design gives you the feeling of being somewhere outside your home. These wood tiles are best suited for rough and tough use and have a unique pattern that makes them stand out. One of the main advantages of using this type of flooring is that it does not require much effort to clean this tile.

8. Tiles Design For Stairs:

Tiles Design For Stairs: The way to any house is the stairs. Twin houses have stairs in the house to access the upper part of the house. It is a tiles design for stairs that fits perfectly into the entire design of the environment, being able to choose it in various colors. This design can also be incorporated anywhere you have stairs. The color you choose has a huge impact on the look of your home space. Choosing brown or black can be beneficial because it hides stains so well!

10. Outdoor Floor Tiles Design:

outdoor-floor-tiles-design This is an outdoor floor tiles design with multi-color tiles, which is more suitable for places that need to withstand the weather conditions. The multi-color option looks gloomy and has gray as a prominent component of the color palette. All the 12. Floral design floor tiles: This is the best example of using wood that has floral patterned tiles for the floor. It is designed in a way that includes intricate details that blend in with the surroundings. Most of the floor tiles are plain and therefore this type of design stands out on its own with an attractive appearance and attractive to anyone. You can find sheets of this design that can be easily installed. Brown, white, and gold are the dominant colors that you can see in this design with many geometric shapes along with beautiful flowers in the middle.

13. 3D Tiles Design:

3D Tiles Design: The 3D tiles design is a perfect example of geometric marble design. It has a 3D effect that makes the ground look different from different directions. This design has a unique look and gives your floors a classy and elegant look. The color scheme of black and white on the floor looks original and feels like the background from an old movie. Complements the antique furniture found throughout the room. It looks like steps from one road and diamonds from another.

14. Garden Tiles Design:

garden-floor-tiles-design People who have a beautiful garden in their backyard or on their deck need this type of tile design that includes both path tiles and some greenery. This is the best garden tile design that beautifies the area with square cement tiles that alternate with a square lawn area. This design makes your garden space look beautiful, as well as clearing the way. The grass area absorbs excess water, which makes it also suitable for conserving water.

15. Pool floor tile designs:

Pool floor tile designs: Relaxation is what comes to mind when you think of a pool. It provides you with a place to relax, making it an ideal place to spend time with friends and family. This is one of the best pool floor tile designs that not only beautify the area but also enhances the appearance of the water. The soils underwater are blue in color, which gives the water a beautiful hue. There is a lounging area raised above the pool with mosaic tiles of gold, gray, and white where there are chairs to relax and enjoy some peace. The floor is an integral part of every home. Unlike in earlier times, the tile material is not limited to ceramic, it is available in various items and can be used throughout the home. With a host of tile designs in this article, you can do your research before you start choosing tiles for your home. Also, Read - 15 sliding wardrobe design ideas to decorate your dream house