Gurugram: Illegal road, construction waste dumping on Aravali land near DLF-3


It is supposed to be a protected area, but illegal construction is rampant in the Aravalli land near the Biodiversity Park and DLF-3. Some residents said that a road and several buildings were constructed illegally and that construction and demolition debris was dumped on the ground. The area is designated as "gair mumkin pahar" (non-arable hill) in the income records and therefore non-forestry activities such as logging and construction are not allowed. After filing a complaint in this regard, the Green National Court (NGT) will hear the case on Wednesday. According to a report in January this year that the illegal road, more than 1.5 kilometers long, was built from the DLF-3 to the forest zone, where hamlets, dairy farms, and slums were built, destroying the natural green roof. Illegal road, construction waste dumping on Aravali land near DLF-3 A DLF-3 resident filed an NGT violation petition last month. According to the petitioner, the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation (MCG) owns the land and, therefore, the company is obliged to ensure that non-forestry activities do not occur on it. At a hearing on August 10, NGT chief Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel noted: “Before considering the matter in more detail, we consider it necessary to request a factual report from a joint committee of the department's forestry officer, Gurgaon, and MCG. , which can be furnished within a month. "And set September 22 as the date for the next meeting. Some DLF-3 residents said the road was built as an extension of Colony Road near the V-10 parcel in V-Block, behind the Aravali B Biodiversity Park. They claimed that villagers also tried to seize land in the park. We have filed a complaint with various agencies regarding the encroachment in the Aravalli area. The DLF Inland Road is used as a highway, with massive traffic of tractors, cars, automobiles, bicycles, and trucks. "The illegal route is being used to dump C&D waste on forest lands and illegal colonies are also being established," said Rohan Singh, a resident. Singh also said that attackers cut and damage trees by dumping waste. Another resident, Sunny, said: “The 200-acre green area that is being invaded has no other access point than the illegal road, which has been paved by some DLF-3 villagers. MCG has issued a tender to build a wall at the end of the road. Close to the V-10, but hangs up. Trees are cut down, the land is leveled and C&D waste is dumped regularly in the area, but so far no action has been taken on the ground. " Also, Read - List Of Best Residential Projects On Dwarka Expressway