East facing house Vastu plan

Houses facing east are the second most preferred (the first ones facing north) by many people. However, there is another fact that most people "tend to think" that all east facing homes are the same when it comes to Shaso's standing, but that is not really the case.

I must tell you that, according to a large area, east-facing houses can be very favorable or unfavorable. In other words, the most basic direction of the house is not what makes it favorable or unfavorable; what matters is the location of all rooms, parts, and entrance to the house; however, great importance is given to the entrance to the house!

East facing house: What Vastu says about them

As we discussed previously, the unfavorable feel (or lack of it) in a home does not depend on the address, and therefore, believing that all east facing homes are good and south homes are not, it is just a "big and bold misconception."

Also, as with everything else in Vastu Shastra, there are rules, guidelines, and principles that you might want to follow when it comes to making Vastu for a house facing east. Since Positioning the front door is so important, I devoted the entire following section of the article to that, so scroll down and keep reading.

East Facing Vastu House - Front Entry/Exit Door

East is a good direction to place a door in your house as per Vastu Shastra, but this in no way means that one can locate the entrance to the house anywhere on the east side.

The entrance should be preferred to be placed only in the "permitted" places and never in the "prohibited" areas. The entrance should be placed only in the "permitted" places and never in the "prohibited" areas. As can be seen from the above image, the eastern part (length from northeast to southeast) is divided into 9 equal parts. Each part is called "pada" or a step in Vastu Shastra.

I am sure you have noticed that only "pada" number 5 is green and that the number pada's above it, i.e, the number pada 1,2, in orange; 3, 4, 6 and 7 are yellow, while the remaining 8 and 9 are red.

This is what all this means

  • The Fifth Pada (green) is the most unfavorable to locate the main door to the east facing house. It is the site of the sun (the god of fame) and blessed the inhabitants with a lot of name, fame and respect in society.
  • Pada 3 and 4 are the ones you can use (for main entrance/gate) if only pada 5 is small. But be sure to include the pada 5 with padas 4 or 3.
  • Padas 1 and 2 are prohibited; however, if you find the entrance to your house here, there is no cause for concern because it will not cause any harm; however, you may not provide any benefits at the same time. Also, if you plan to use the Pada 1 for the front door, make sure to leave an area of ​​at least 6 inches (1/2 feet) from the NE wall; that is, the main door should not touch the angle of NE.
  • Padas 6 and 7 are those that can be used if there is no option to put the main door towards padas 4, 3, 2, or 1. However, it is always best to include pada 5 in this arrangement.
  • Padas 8 and 9 are "prohibited" and should not be used to locate the entrance to the home because it is where the disease enters the home.

Now that you understand the rules and guidelines for the entrance to the east-facing house, you are now ready to know what to do and avoid in an east-facing house...

East Facing House Vastu - 8 Don'ts

  • There should be no bathrooms in the North-East corner.
  • There should be no bedroom in the North-East corner.
  • There should be no septic tank in the North-East corner.
  • The stairs in the northeast of the house is complete no.
  • Avoid having a kitchen in the North-East corner; if there is one, this substance will help you.
  • Avoid big trees in the north and east of the house.
  • Avoid clutter, dirt, trash cans, etc. in the North and North East, it is best to avoid it everywhere.
  • Do not cut at the angle of North East.

East Facing House Vastu - 10 Dos

  • Place the front door on the fifth pada; this will give you the name and fame.
  • You can place the entrance into padas 4 to 1 if pada 5 is small.
  • Make the walls in the north and east slightly shorter and thinner than those in the south and west.
  • Make sure the kitchen is in the southeast or northwest.
  • Face east (in SE kitchen) and west (in NW kitchen) while cooking.
  • Pooja's room in the north-east is very favorable.
  • The living room in NE is also good.
  • You can have a guest bedroom in NW.
  • A plot that slopes from South to North is considered good.