DTCP to act against builders delaying affordable housing projects in Gurugram


The Department of Urban and Rural Planning (DTCP) is ready to crack down on developers falling behind on schedule to complete affordable housing projects and has asked its compliance wing to take action against them.

A list of 11 overdue projects has been prepared. Builders include Pivotal Infrastructure (project in Sector 99), Asar Housing (Sohna Sector 31), Breez Housing (Sohna Sector 33), Tulsiani Construction and Developers (Sohna Sector 35), Arete India Projects (Sohna Sector 6), Sunrays Heights (Sector 63A), Revital Reality (Sectors 79-79B), Alton Builtech India (Sectors 88A and 89A), Shyam Kripa Infra Infra Homes (Sector 90).

Affordable Housing Projects

The licenses for these projects were issued in 2014 but expired in 2019-20.

"Actions will be taken against several builders for violating the terms imposed in the licenses granted to develop affordable group housing colonies in the area," said Chief Urban Planning Officer (STP) Sanjeev Mann.

During a review of the construction status of these societies, officials said that the pace of construction of some projects was observed to be very slow. "The administration found that the license for 11 projects had expired," Mann said.

He added that the licenses were granted on the condition that the builders adhere to the provisions of the affordable housing policy and other department standards. An important condition was the completion of the project within four years from the date of issuance of the license.

The projects did not meet the terms and also violated the bilateral agreement and the 2013 Affordable Housing Policy Standards," as told by Mann

One developer said that the delay was unintentional. “The projects have been delayed for various reasons. The timeline set by management for completion is very tight and sometimes there are factors beyond anyone’s control, he said, adding that delays only hurt the interests of the originator. Over the past year, delayed affordable housing projects have been under the DTCP's radar.

The department began the regular review after receiving several complaints from homebuyers about the slow progress on the projects, and in some cases, work did not even begin after payments were received.

Around 80 licenses have been issued in the city, but construction has yet to begin on 40 projects, which are already behind schedule.

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