Best Dressing Table Mirror Ideas, For Modern Homes


Best Dressing Table Mirror Ideas, For Modern Homes

Preparing for the day is a necessary part of life. You could be preparing for work, a party, a date, or a movie night. You want to look your best no matter what the occasion is. That is why it is sensible to select a dressing table mirror with care. When the mirror is functional, attractive, and the proper size, you'll enjoy spending time in front of it trying out skincare products, applying cosmetics, or trying out different looks. The good news is that a high-end dressing table or dressing room arrangement doesn't have to be expensive.

10 Top Dressing Table Mirror Ideas

Round dressing table mirror Ideas

Round dressing table mirror Ideas The round dressing table mirror is one of the most classic designs on this list. Round is a popular shape that also provides your area a rounded appearance. A circular table mirror allows you to see from all angles and adds a lot of elegance to a room. For a more classy look, choose plain mirrors with hardwood frames or go all out with ceramic designs.

Square dressing table mirror

Square dressing table mirror The square dressing table mirror, like the round type, is a popular choice for many people's dressing rooms. A square mirror has the advantage of being able to be hung against a wall without the need of fasteners. It is recommended, however, that you use at least one nail to give it more stability. You can choose from a variety of border materials for both square and rectangular dressing table mirrors, so you can match them to the rest of your decor.

Ideas for oval-shaped dressing table mirrors

Oval-shaped dressing table mirror ideas Why should only round and square mirrors be available for dressing tables? Oval-shaped dressing table mirrors are available and will look fantastic in your bedroom or dressing room. Mirrors with no frames, such as the one pictured below, are now popular. Even the tiniest hit, though, can cause them to break. So, think about how you want them to look. The mirror will be safer if the outer frame is thicker.

Full-sized dressing table mirrors Ideas

Full-sized dressing table mirrors Ideas A full-length dressing table mirror allows you to see yourself completely at once, which is useful for checking how your dress fits and whether your footwear matches your outfit. When there is a full-sized mirror in the bedroom or dressing area, draping sarees becomes simple.

Mirrors for dressing tables on the tabletop

Mirrors for dressing tables on the tabletop Let's say you don't have the funds or the space to complement your dressing table with large mirrors. You don't have to be concerned. You can always use a tabletop mirror with normal and zoom-in parts to apply your makeup flawlessly. You can always upgrade to a larger one later. In reality, a tabletop dressing table mirror has the advantage of being able to be lifted and held close to the face for a better view. Also Read - 7 Best Cream Colour Wall Paint Combinations for Your Home

Dressing table mirror with lights Ideas

Oh, who does not love these professional dressing room mirrors we see in theatre setups? These lights help you get a closer and deeper look at your skin, so that you can apply makeup precisely. If you have an existing dressing table mirror, you can easily add lights all around the frame and convert it into a fancy setup. Check this example.

Dressing table mirror attached sets

In some cases, you may be able to buy a dressing table that comes with a mirror frame attached to a table and cabinets. You can also get matching chairs with the same. This single piece of furniture will solve all your dressing room needs and can be placed in a corner of your bedroom. When you buy a dressing table mirror that comes as a set, it becomes more affordable too.

Uniquely shaped dressing table mirror Ideas

Want something different? Then do try uniquely shaped dressing table mirrors that would be the first thing people will notice when they step inside your room. You can choose arch-shaped mirror frames, hexagon or polygon-shaped ones, or ones with uneven finishes. If you love things that stand out, then these mirrors are for you.

Multi-set dressing table mirror

Sometimes, just one mirror will not serve the purpose, and when two or more people get ready at the same time, a multi-set dressing table mirror can be perfect. This includes a single setup with two or more mirror fixtures that can be used by more than one person. Such a multi-set dressing table mirror is a smart investment in houses where multiple siblings want to have their own dressing table.

Wall-mounted dressing table mirror Ideas

If you want to save space, then a wall-mounted dressing table mirror is a great idea. This way, you don’t need to dedicate the carpet area for the dressing unit. These wall-hanging mirrors can come with open or closed shelves to keep your grooming stuff in. Check out this wonderful example. If you think the shelves will get messy over time, then it is better to choose ones with doors that close. Open shelves may require you to constantly clean and maintain.

Semi round dressing table mirrors Ideas

Yes, round is classic. However, if you want your dressing room to have an edge, how about a semi-round dressing table mirror? For this model, smaller sizes won’t be practical. You need to pick up large designs so you can see your entire self in a semi-circle shape. These semi-round dressing table mirrors are best kept affixed to the walls.

Triple dressing table mirror

What if one full-sized mirror is not enough to catch different angles? Then pick up a three-angled dressing table mirror set! With three full-sized mirrors connected to one another at different angles, you can put on your clothes and check yourself out from different sides. This is such a fun addition to your dressing room.

How to pick up the perfect dressing table mirror?

There are three factors that you need to check when you pick up a dressing table mirror.

  1. Quality of the glass

  2. Silvering in the mirror

  3. Thickness of the glass

The quality of the glass can be checked by touching and feeling the surface. It should be flat without bulges or dips. The glass should not make you look taller, shorter, leaner, or bigger than you are. The mirroring is the coating of silver nitrate and other chemicals on the surface of the glass to convert it into a reflecting surface. The more the coating, the better it is. Very thin mirrors don’t last long, and the surface doesn’t reflect effectively too.

Which is better – square or round dressing table mirror?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both square and round dressing table mirrors ideas. You need to know what works for your space to pick them right.

Round dressing table mirrors advantages:

  • Gives a softness or relaxed feeling to the room

  • If your room has curved edges or arches, this shape is the best to complement them

  • Round mirrors accentuate the background

  • Round mirrors can leave negative spaces in the corners of the frame

  • Round mirrors need to be hung very carefully

Square dressing table mirrors advantages:

  • Easy and fuss-free shape that can fit anywhere

  • Gives a sense of dimension to the room

  • Square/rectangular mirrors can be set up against walls, fixed, or hung

  • Can be easily customised into specific sizes

Conclusion to Dressing Table Mirrors Ideas

We are sure you didn’t know there was so much to discuss about dressing table mirrors. If chosen right, these can be one-time investments, can lift your spirits in a jiffy, and can lend class to your bedroom or dressing room. That is why it is a good idea to pick the right size, style and shape. You can also strategically place such mirrors as per Vastu to encourage the influx of positive energy.

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