Best Direction & Things to Keep on Study Table as per Vastu Shastra

Most people buy or rent houses that are built according to Vastu Shastra. However, they tend to forget that many other important things can change the positivity in your home. The study table is one of those things! Students who want high grades and a good career should follow the Vastu Study Room. Placing the study table in the correct place and direction according to Vastu can improve focus and memory. It can also enhance your child's curiosity, interest, and skills. So before you buy a study table and place it in your study room, consider the following guidelines from Vastu shastra.

Place Study Table in North or East Direction

Place Study Table in North or East Direction The best orientation of the study table according to Vastu is the north or east orientation of your home. It should be placed in such a way that the student faces east or north while studying. After all, the correct orientation of the table can cause many changes in the concentration level of any student.

Use Rectangular or Square Shaped Study Table 

Use Rectangular or Square Shaped Study Table One of the most helpful Vastu tips you can get is to choose study tables with a basic layout. Buy a rectangular or square study table. The latter is the best option for a study table, but if you opt for a rectangle, make sure that the ratio of this table is greater than 1: 2.

Quality of Study Table

Quality of Study Table According to Vastu Shastra, you should never use a cracked or damaged study table as it can reduce the positivity of the entire room. When buying a study table, make sure it is made of high-quality wood.

Put a Lamp on Study Table

Put a Lamp on Study Table Vastu for study table dictates that for the sake of positivity, you should always have a well-lit lamp on your table. The direction of the lamp is also important and should be in the southeast corner of the table.

Remove Clutter from Study Table

Remove Clutter from Study Table You should always keep your study table neat, clean, and free of any clutter. The clean study opens the mind of the student and ensures creativity. When the study table is cluttered, it can create stress on the student's mind, leading to unhealthy results.

Avoid Circular Tables

Avoid Circular Tables The shape of the study table should not be irregular. When buying a table, be sure not to buy a round or oval table. These shapes can reduce focus and are not recommended.

Avoid Dark-Colored Table

Avoid Dark-Colored Table A dark-colored study table does not evoke good vibes. Therefore, it is better to avoid this color. In the event that such a table already exists, you can avoid the Vastu dosh by covering it with a light-colored cloth.

Add Motivational Posters on Study Table

Add Motivational Posters on Study Table Adding motivational pictures and posters in front of the study table can go a long way. Doing so can help reduce distractions and encourage students to focus on their goals. These images need to be changed from time to time.

Study Table Should be Against a Wall

Study Table Should be Against a Wall While the best orientation of a study table according to Vastu is east or north, placing it against a wall can help improve focus. However, you must make sure that you do not paint the wall in dark colors as these negative colors can accumulate. Now that you know Vastu's best tips for installing a study table in your home, be sure to follow them. Doing this will help your child focus better and get good grades as a result. Also Read - 20 Wooden False Ceiling Design Ideas for an Apartment