18 Vastu Tips for Home To Welcoming Positive Energy


18 Vastu Tips for Home To Welcoming Positive Energy

Surrounding your home with positive energy is on the to-do list of most of us when we move to a new location. From placing the decorative elements to changing the color scheme, we put a lot of thought into how to get the look of the place right. This is where Vastu Shashtra comes in. Making changes according to the Vastu Tips can help you increase the positive energy of your home and improve the health, financial and professional stability of the residents. Following the proper advice from Vastu leads to positive and therapeutic effects that can work wonders in both personal and professional life. Vastu Tips for Home To Get Positive Energy Currently, the principles of Vastu Shastra are spreading in all modern farms to create the right environment. So, whether it is a supervised house or a move-in property, you can still improve your Vastu house by following the tips below:

Vastu Tips For Home Gate Entrance for Positive Energy

  1. No masterpiece or decorative element, be it’s a fountain or an artificial tree, should be placed directly in front of the entrance, as it can obstruct the positive energy from entering the house
fountain or an artificial tree On the entrance of your home
  1. The Buddha statue is said to help expel evil spirits and negative energy. Therefore, you can place a Buddha statue near the entrance to banish all the negative energies that seek to dislodge the harmony between your home and your family.
Buddha statue is said to help expel evil spirits and negative energy
  1. The entrance to the house should always be kept clean, it is the entrance to the energies of the house. A clean entrance and a well decorated gate will attract positive energies and will also attract wealth.
Entrance Gate Vastu Tips for Positive Energy  

Vastu Tips For Living Room For Positive Energy

  1. It is important to correctly set the atmosphere of the living room. It is also where we first welcome the guest, providing visitors with constant feedback on her style. The living room should be painted in lighter shades, such as light pink, white, cream, beige, white-pink and others according to Vastu Shastra. Each color has its positive effects. For example, light pink enhances purity while white brings warmth. Likewise, cream, beige and floral white are associated with calm, perfection and beauty, respectively.
  1. In addition, cacti should not be placed inside the house they live in, as the plant is said to have a negative atmosphere that can affect the health of people living in the house. If the plant is kept in the living room, it can bring apathy in the relationships of the members.
Vastu Tips For Living Room For Positive Energy

Vastu Tips For Bedroom  For Positive Energy

  1. The bed in the bedroom should be kept facing south or west, according to the principles of vastu shastra, it helps improve mental health and quality of sleep. Also, you should try to keep the bedding in pink or shades of red to indicate romance or passion.
  1. Another Vastu tips for the bedroom is that the mirror or TV should not face the bed. The reason behind this is that the human reflection in the mirror during sleep can push negative energy into the home and increase the differences between family members.

Vastu Tips For Kitchen For Positive Energy

  1. The kitchen is where we prepare our food, and it is one of the main sources of energy for humans. It goes without saying that it is very important to get the Vastu tips for the right kitchen. To begin with, the kitchen should be painted in bright colors such as yellow, pink or brown to support the revitalization of the fiery elements and spread the warmth of feelings in the house.
  1. Another great Vastu Tips for Home kitchen is that gas stoves, microwaves, and other appliances should face east or southeast with the person working in the kitchen facing east, the direction from which the positive energy of the sun flows into the kitchen.

Vastu Tips For Bathroom For Positive Energy

  1. The walls of the bathroom or toilet must be painted in light shades. Colors such as pink, light white and light blue are the most suitable to start your day with bright colors and a positive atmosphere.
  1. The bathroom should have a small window to allow negative energies to escape from the house while ensuring positive sunlight enters the house. Windows must open outwards. If there is no room for a window, then there must be at least provision for adequate ventilation.

Vastu Tips For Pooja Room For Positive Energy

  1. The principles of Vastu Shastra suggest that idols should not look at others and should keep them at a distance to ensure that there is a constant flow of air and the scent of incense sticks around them
  1. Regarding the color scheme of the pooja room, the room should be painted in light colors such as white, blue and yellow, among others, to relax and calm the atmosphere of worship and receive positive energy in your home.

General Vastu Tips for home for  Positive Energy

Vastu Tips For Pooja Room For Positive Energy
  1. Avoid having a trash can or shoe rack by the front door, as a terrible entryway can block positive energies from entering your home. Also, garbage should not be placed in the northeast or east area, as it can hamper your mental health and thought process, making you feel stressed most of the time. Similarly, a sandbox in the southeast can hinder your chances of amassing wealth, while one in the north can hurt your career. Therefore, the ideal location for a litter box is the southwestern region. Other places where you can store your trash can are south of the southwest, east of the southeast, southeast, and west of the northwest.
  1. Consider keeping the study table on the east or north side of the study room. In addition, there should not be any reflection of books in the mirrors, according to Vastu tips, it increases the burden for students.
  1. All fun family photos should be hung on the northeast wall of the house to ensure your bond stays the same in the photos and keep the house positive vibe.
  1. You should always keep sandalwood in a place in your home where family members will see it frequently. Sandalwood, the second most expensive wood in the world, has a relaxing scent that is said to ease tensions, if any, in the home, ensuring healthy relationships.
  1. Consider putting a blue eye on your front porch. Blue eye, one of the most common evil eyes, are said to be able to protect the house from jealousy and protect your family members. The object also prevents all negative energies from entering the house.

Benefits of Vastu Tips For Home For Positive Energy

Benefits of Vastu Tips For Home For Positive Energy Here are the positive energy benefits that come from following Vastu tips:
  • Eliminate negative thoughts from the minds of building residents.
  • It improves the financial situation and achieves financial stability in the life of the population.
  • Improve the relationship between family members living under one roof.
  • In terms of professional occupations, Vastu Shastra helps the breadwinner to adjust to their work.
  • For students too, the Vastu principles help them improve focus and excellence in academics and extracurriculars.
  • Finally, Vastu science is also said to be useful in ensuring that passengers maintain good physical and mental health.

Conclusion - Vastu Tips for positivity

Vastu's role in creating a positive and playful atmosphere in the home is of paramount importance. Now, you have also understood its benefits. So, if you are planning to buy a new house or want to improve Vastu in your home, you should contact one of the Vastu experts now. Also Read - Floor Carpet Designs for home to complete your interior decoration