8 Smart Cities in India that are Best for Living 2024


India is experiencing a surge in development efforts to align itself with first-world countries. One notable initiative is the implementation of the smart city mission. A smart city in India aims to provide optimal facilities to its residents while utilizing available land efficiently. The Government of India initially set a target of establishing 100 smart cities, a goal that is nearing completion. The list of smart cities in India spans across various regions, with states and union territories actively involved in implementing the plan.

The fundamental idea behind a smart city in India is to leverage technological advancements for the benefit of the growing urban population. This involves improving services such as utility supply, waste management, and social services. Technology integration extends to areas like mobility, environmental management, and law and order. Many locations included in the list of smart cities in India prioritize the goal of achieving sustainable living.

Elements of a Smart City in India

A smart city in India must display a few parameters. They are:

  • Great internet connectivity

  • Good infrastructure 

  • Smooth transport and

  • Secure law & order

The infrastructure of such a smart city in India must include both physical and social components. Devices, applications, and transport have to be connected to IoT. Smart cities should also be aware of cyber efficiency and data security. This would help better management of the influx of citizens in the city. The involvement of the community in this project is important. This promises better amenities, a boost in the economy and resilience to climate change.

List of Smart Cities in India – 8 Investment-Worthy Places

Being a resident of one of India's top 10 smart cities is a privilege, allowing you to witness the nation's 21st-century advancements and contribute to its progress. If you don't currently reside in any smart city in India, consider investing in property in one of them. Explore the list of smart cities in India and plan for an improved lifestyle in any of these. Below, you will find 8 smart cities in India listed in no particular order.


Smart cities in India

As the capital of the state of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar stands out as a socially smart city in India. The city is actively enhancing its social environment, focusing on efficient traffic management and area-based development. Notably, Bhubaneshwar has undergone changes in its social structure, exemplified by the establishment of functional parks for children. The presence of educational institutions and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the region further contributes to the accelerated urbanization of the suburbs.

Projects such as the IT Incubation Centre, Convention and Trade Zone and Golden Quadrangle NH-5 are big draws. Areas like Kalinga Nagar, Jatni, Sailashree Vihar, Neeladri Vihar and Chandrashekharpur are seeing a boom in the market for residential properties.


This city in Madhya Pradesh stands out as a top-ranking smart city in India, earning accolades for its achievements in waste management and heritage conservation. The implementation of retrofitting ideas has enhanced its sustainability and efficiency. Indore showcases innovative initiatives such as the Carbon Credit Financing Mechanism and the introduction of smart classrooms. The city has witnessed improvements in healthcare, contributing to its enhanced livability. Additionally, upgraded roads and efficient traffic management have led to a reduction in accidents.

The presence of esteemed institutions like IIT and IIM has attracted students and created employment opportunities, thereby driving property development. Explore excellent residential plot developments in areas such as Airport Road, Premium Park Colony, Sheetal Nagar, Alok Nagar, Ujjain Road, MR10, and many more.


Smart cities in India

Pune has become a magnet for people from across the country, thanks to its educational institutions and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). This rapidly expanding city secured a spot on the list of smart cities in India, owing to strategic smart city planning. The introduction of smart buses, planned metro rail systems, and the construction of flyovers and bypasses have significantly improved commuting experiences. Notable advancements in garbage disposal and civic facilities in residential areas contribute to promising enhancements. The overall improvement encompasses both residential and commercial spaces.

The upcoming smart city in India is experiencing notable development in localities near the SEZs. The twin city of Pimpri-Chinchwad, with its well-planned infrastructure, is an integral part of the smart city proposal. Areas such as Hadapsar, Wagholi, Airport Road, Baner, Wakad, and Pimple-Saudagar are among those reaping the benefits of the smart city project.


Smart cities in India

Great tourism and safety are two of the major reasons for Ahmedabad to feature in the list of smart cities in India. Architecture, cultural heritage and local vibes make Ahmedabad an inviting place to live. Add to that the IT and other industrial growth, and you have all the attributes of an enlarging city. Convenient housing options in this smart city in India, along with waste and sanitation management, are part of the smart planning. Ahmedabad has also installed systems of e-governance, city surveillance, digital payments and integrated command and control centres.

Here is a smart city in India that is UNESCO certified heritage city yet blends with the contemporary atmosphere. The Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, Dholera Special Investment Region and the Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway are the current boosts in the smart city development. Sanand, Nalsarovar, Bavla, Kolat, Paramdham Society and many other places are getting transformed.


Coimbatore, a smart city in India, stands out for its innovative solutions in sustainable energy and energy conservation, making it one of the top 10 smart cities in the country. Alongside its success in energy conservation, Coimbatore excels in water conservation and restoration initiatives, highlighting its commitment to holistic development. The city boasts a robust infrastructure, efficient waste management, widespread use of solar technology, and advanced smart surveillance systems. Additionally, Coimbatore features a well-planned traffic system, expansive open parks, and comprehensive CCTV surveillance.

Known as the 'Manchester of South India' due to its thriving textile industries, Coimbatore has witnessed substantial growth in the IT sector, elevating its status to the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu. This economic development has spurred a booming real estate market. Notable projects such as the Coimbatore metro, ring road, and various public transportation services enhance the city's appeal as a desirable and lucrative place to reside. Areas like Vadavalli, Trichy Road, Avinashi Road, and Saravanampatty have experienced significant growth, further contributing to Coimbatore's status as a smart and progressive city.

Recent Update 

Second National-Level Workshop Under Smart Cities Mission to be Held in Coimbatore on 16th Dec 2023

Dec 14, 2023: The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has chosen Coimbatore out of all the smart cities to organise the second National-Level smart cities workshop. Various authorised officials from different smart cities in India including a delegation of mayors, chief secretaries, and mayors will be attending the event. 

The first National-Level smart cities workshop was held in Kashmir. Smart Cities Project officials have confirmed that as a part of this Smart Cities Project workshop a field visit will also be organised. However, the workshop will be majorly focused on Lakes and water bodies development in different smart cities covered under the Smart Cities Mission. 

In September, Coimbatore won the first prize under the Built Environment category during an event organised by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. The authority awarded various smart cities in India for their outstanding implementation of smart city projects.


Smart cities in India

Kochi, a captivating addition to the roster of smart cities in India, seamlessly combines heritage and modernity. Positioned as the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Kerala, Kochi endeavors to foster sustainable living in conjunction with its industrial growth. The city's comprehensive plan encompasses initiatives such as canal restoration, housing developments, healthcare centers, waste management, and water supply, all aimed at promoting a balanced and sustainable urban lifestyle. Furthermore, the implementation of integrated traffic management and control centers has significantly enhanced safety and security measures.

Key projects like the Vallarpadam International Container Trans-shipment Terminal and the Kochi metro have become focal points for real estate development. The city's growth is further fueled by the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Coastal Economic Zones (CEZs), ports, and IT parks. Prominent areas like Kakkanad, Angamali, Kangarappady, Thrikkakara, and Vazhakkala emerge as prime locations for property investment, reflecting the city's dynamic and promising real estate landscape.


A city steeped in history has risen to prominence as a distinguished smart city in India. The city's well-laid infrastructure, coupled with technological advancements, reflects the synergy between past planning efforts and contemporary innovations. The presence of IT hubs and the availability of affordable land have significantly contributed to the success of smart city initiatives. Serving as the capital of Telangana state, this city offers an ideal environment for comfortable and convenient living, marked by notable advancements in education, healthcare, hospitality, and employment opportunities.

Efforts to enhance transportation include the implementation of 135 link roads and the Strategic Road Development Plan, aimed at fostering hassle-free and seamless travel. Numerous real estate projects are aligning with corridor-wise smart development strategies. Investors seeking promising opportunities can explore investments in corridors such as the Patancheru Industrial Corridor, Hyderabad Airport Corridor, Aerospace Corridor, Pharma City Corridor, Warangal Highway Corridor, and more, as part of the city's dynamic and forward-looking development landscape.


Smart cities in India

The capital of Rajasthan has earned a place on the list of smart cities in India, adding another accolade to its rich historical legacy. Known as the Pink City, Jaipur continues to be a welcoming destination for tourists, offering a glimpse into its vibrant heritage and culture. The smart initiatives in this city revolve around the strategic reuse and revitalization of land. Implemented ideas encompass intelligent auto and taxi stands, information kiosks at heritage sites, and underground metro stations with multimodal integration. Notable additions to the plan include wastewater recycling and automated water quality management.

For those considering real estate investments in Jaipur, key areas to explore include the Sikar Road Corridor, Jagatpura, Ajmer Road, and Agra Road. These locations present promising opportunities within the city's dynamic development landscape.

Smart Cities in India – The Final Statement

India is undergoing rapid development, presenting an opportune moment to be a part of this progress. Numerous cities on the list of smart cities in India offer attractive living options. Cities like Bhopal, Lucknow, Amritsar, Visakhapatnam, and Nagpur are swiftly evolving into model cities. Investing in real estate in these smart cities not only provides value for money but also ensures a comfortable living experience. Most smart cities are meticulously planned to prioritize sustainability, safety, and convenience. By investing in a property in a smart city, you not only secure an asset but also contribute to the nation's development, becoming a part of its remarkable journey.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Living in a smart city in India has many benefits. Better sanitation, Better medical care, Good traffic management and Connectivity.

Ans 2. A smart city in India uses integrated systems with other civic facilities. Some examples are: Smart traffic control systems, Automated water quality control systems, Digital payment for utilities etc.

Ans 3. Investing in real estate in a smart city in India is always a good idea. Even if you do not live there now, you may do so later. Also, you may hold the asset from an investment point of view and gain from it later. You will have the satisfaction of being part of Indi`�s mega growth.

Ans 4. Indore “India Smart Cities Conclave 2023: Indore wins the Best Smart City award in the country. Surat, Gujarat was awarded second place and Agra secured the third spot in the country.

Ans 5. The correct answer is Shillong. Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, has been selected as the 100th Smart City of India by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs after evaluating the proposal submitted by it.

Ans 6. As the Smart Cities Mission approaches the June 2024 deadline, cities in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan account for the top 10 in terms of completion of projects and financial progress, while UTs and cities in Northeastern states are in the lowest 10 of the 100, The Indian ...