Smart City Slogan: Invest in Infrastructure and Update Laws


Bengaluru, which failed to spot the center's smart city to-do list twice, is making a final bid this time with plenty of competition and money left. The city advocates developing its own central business district, rather than fully developing it, to be eligible for a Rs 500 crore fund. Fix roads and break the garbage mafia According to Misra, the word "smart" means livability, and Bengaluru must address three major issues to become a smart city: traffic, garbage, water, and sanitation. "This is an opportunity to make a major investment in transformational change." Smart City Steps: Invest in automated traffic management. Signals should sync and sync automatically and cameras on every signal to catch violations. Fix broken roads, close distances, and only allow back-and-forth turns or right turns at a traffic light Design systems that will end the waste mafia. Encouraging waste reduction and smart management. Payment should not be made on the basis of the number of truck trips and the distance but on the basis of the cleanliness of the area. It can be monitored through cameras or through the collective use of citizens' photos with geotags and time stamps. Likewise, to manage debris. Rainwater drains should not carry wastewater into lakes. They must walk around the lake. Only allow a small amount of treated water to enter the lake each day. Smart City Engaging citizens in civic action Sudhira said, regardless of whether Bengaluru made it to the list of smart cities under the primary mission, it could become a smart city by making some changes, adding that people also play an important role. Steps: Bengaluru has had a poor voter turnout compared to smaller counties. A focused commitment is needed in which all people work in a group activity, starting with something as simple as the Niralo Tree Festival. We need smart organizational structures. Agencies like BBMP, BDA, and Bescom were created decades ago and need a revamp to function effectively. It is essential to review our funding mechanisms. If we build on the Bengaluru brand and present it as a comprehensive suite, instead of individual entities such as Bescom and BMTC, then anyone, even private entities, would be willing to fund your projects. Take, for example, the Karnataka State Planning Act of 1961. To be dynamic, we need smarter laws. Smart city Official line TS Moralidar, Node Officer, Smart City Project, said that Bengaluru's proposal for inclusion in the smart city list only needs fine-tuning two months before the deadline. "We are focusing on the central areas in the central business district and displaying all the developmental and smart solutions that we have planned on the main roads and sites," he said, adding that public transportation and the scientific method for water distribution were also included. Also Read: Realtors rely on NRI's for sale during lockdown